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To the West: Try out the fancy dragon fruit cake

Wanting to create rice paper to meet the tastes of customers, Ms. Tran Thi Thuy Lieu (60 years old, in the village of rice paper on May Island or also called Luc Si Thanh Island, Tra On, Vinh Long) launched the cake. Dragon fruit dessert is very strange.

To the West: Try out the fancy dragon fruit cake

Compared to other types of rice paper, dragon fruit rice paper is more difficult to roll than even turning the cake round to getting it because the cake is easy to tear.PHOTO: MINH CHON

Ms. Lieu has nearly 50 years of experience in the profession, the owner of Thuy Lieu has a reputation here and is also the creator of many kinds of rice paper such as chili rice paper, shrimp rice paper, ginger milk rice paper … In April 2020, Ms. Lieu decided to make dragon fruit rice paper. “On a hot afternoon, I sat down to eat dragon fruit and found the cool taste and the purple color of the dragon fruit was very beautiful. So I think about turning dragon fruit into a new flavor of rice paper.

Thinking so, I started to work, at first, I took white dragon fruit but the color was not good, then I switched to red flesh dragon fruit. It took me a whole month to make a satisfying dragon fruit cake “, Lieu revealed.Through many failures to the end, dragon paper rice paper was born, eye-catching in color and quite an attractive flavor. Also according to Ms. Lieu, although following the recipe as milk rice paper, dragon fruit rice paper cake is more difficult to do technically.

The raw materials for making dragon fruit rice paper are red flesh dragon fruit, large left and right, weighing from 1 kg / left to make the dragon fruit rice paper with the most beautiful color.PHOTO: MINH CHON
Dragon fruit is peeled and chopped, then pureed and mixed with sugar water prepared by Mrs. Lieu. The mixture is boiled for about 5 minutes so that the dragon fruit juice is cooked, and the batch made is not hard.PHOTO: MINH CHON

Fresh dragon fruit after peeling will be chopped mixed with sugar water and pureed, then boiled again to preserve the rice paper for longer. With 3kg of flour, she will mix with 2 – 2.2kg of fresh dragon fruit. Dragon fruit selected has big fruit, weight from 1kg / fruit, the cake will be delicious and beautiful. The dough is carefully mixed and then coated with the cake .

Finished rice paper must be dried immediately, depending on the weather , the drying time is also different. To make the cake when drying is finished, it is necessary to pay attention that the coating stage needs enough fire or the finished product will be hard and crunchy, difficult to eat.

Mr. Le Ngoc Nha (Ms. Lieu’s husband) said dragon fruit rice paper was dried for about 3 hours, if the sun was strong, it would only be dry for 2 hours.

Ms. Lieu and her husband are kneading the dough to prepare the cake.PHOTO: MINH CHON
So voi cac loại banh trang khac, banh trang thanh long khó trang hơn.PHOTO: MINH CHON

Ms. Lieu said that every day she coated from 300 cakes, of which, dragon fruit rice paper about 100 pieces. Her clients are mainly in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. Because the price of red flesh dragon fruit is quite high and “sometimes, sometimes not”, Ms. Lieu is mainly accepted by orders, initially considered only to introduce new products , but almost nothing.  

Mrs. Pham Thi Cuc (a regular customer of Ms. Lieu’s facility) said that eating dragon rice paper was very strange. The cake has a moderate sweetness, aromas of dragon fruit and milk. “Every time I come to buy a few dozen cakes to eat gradually. My grandchildren love to eat this cake,” Mrs. Cuc said.

At the age of 60, Ms. Lieu still diligently coated cakes every day because she loved her job.PHOTO: MINH CHON
Dragon fruit rice paper is added with sesame seeds to increase the flavor of the cake.PHOTO: MINH CHON
Every day, there are about 100 dragon fruit cakes “coming to the oven”.PHOTO: MINH CHON
Dragon fruit rice paper has an eye-catching color and taste that is quite appealing.PHOTO: MINH CHON

The rice paper oven of the island couple is always crowded with customers buying every day.PHOTO: MINH CHON

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