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Hoa Da rice paper – a specialty dish with a country flavor of Phu Yen

Hoa Da rice paper is famous for its unique flavor of processed materials, and the products are made not only in Phu Yen province but also throughout the South and the North.

Hoa Da rice paper – a specialty dish with a country flavor of Phu Yen

People in Hoa Da village (An My commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province) live mainly on rice. It is also from this abundant source of raw materials that the profession of making rice paper here was born very early and has become a traditional profession handed down for generations until now.

When taking the cake from the oven to the griddle, the baker must be very skillful otherwise the cake is easily rolled or torn in half

Rice paper makers in Hoa Da have family secrets and experience, so their cakes are made to meet consumer tastes. Therefore, more than 20% of households here choose the profession of making rice paper to make a living. Hoa Da rice paper becomes a famous brand.

To get delicious rice paper, bakers must have high skills and a few family secrets. The main raw material for making rice paper is rice flour taken from rice plants grown in Tuy An land. The baker will not use rice that is hooked or damaged and in order to remove all weevils, it must be sieved to screen the rice. The rice will be soaked in water for 3-4 hours to soften, then grind it into a powder, then spread the flour to separate the sour water in the rice and increase the stickiness of the dough.

After the cake is coated, it is brought to dry in the sun

Next is the powder phase. The baker will add seasoning, maybe a little salt or some other esoteric recipe. This is the stage that makes the difference of each bakery because each oven will produce a different blend recipe, helping each production facility to have a unique and different flavor that can’t be found anywhere else. mixable.

Then, the baker uses a large stainless steel pot to cook the water and will stretch a cloth mold over the mouth of the pot to prepare the cake. In addition, there is a ladle used to scoop rice flour, a specialized roller used to take cakes.

When rolling the cake, the dough for each cake must be just enough. At the same time, the baker must coat the dough evenly to avoid the thick and thin and must calculate the balance of the cake to get a round shape. When taking the cake from the oven to the griddle, the baker must be very gentle and careful because at this time the cake is still wet, it is easy to fold or be torn in half if not skillful.

Thin rolls dipped in rolls with boiled meat, pork intestines, dumplings with raw vegetables dipped in fish sauce

The rice paper is then dried in the sun. Dry until the cake is dry enough, then bring the whole tray in to cool. This is to avoid leaving it out in the sun for too long because that way the cake will shrivel, no longer have the original coated round shape and easily break. Let the cake pan cool for a while, then the cake will pop out of the tray. At this time, it will be easier to take the cake and arrange the cake.

Hoa Da rice paper is chosen by consumers because of its uniformity, aromatic quality, no sour taste, and no breakage when dipped in water. Besides, the plasticity of rice paper is tested using only rice flour, not mixed with cassava flour as in some other localities. In addition to rice paper made from rice flour, the maker also mixes rice flour with sesame, coconut milk … to coat the cake, similar to the name sesame rice paper, coconut milk rice paper.

The fragrant rice cakes and the sunshine of the country atmosphere can be eaten with many dishes. Thin rolls dipped with boiled meat, pork intestines, rice cakes, boiled squid, steamed fish, fried shrimp or spring rolls with raw vegetables dipped with ear fish sauce, seasoning sauce, squid sauce, fish sauce. Grilled rice cake eaten with salads, stir-fries, mannequins is very delicious.

Many groups of tourists come to visit Hoa Da traditional rice paper craft village and buy them as gifts

Hoa Da rice paper is present from the poor family’s rice tray to the luxurious banquet table. Rice paper here is a rustic gift that is carefully wrapped as a gift for relatives and friends to show affection and gratitude. Hoa Da rice paper is also often bought by parents and grandparents, then packed and transferred to their children when they go to school or work far away as a gift to encourage their children to go away to study and do business.

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