10.05.2022, 14:05

Experience the ‘Ede house’ in Phu Yen for 65 million VND

PHU YEN – Tran Hieu and a group of close friends stayed in a resort with the style of ethnic houses, located on a remote peninsula with hills and bays.

At the end of April, Tran Hieu, 34 years old, had a three-day and two-night stay at a newly opened resort during the pandemic. He shared that he has been to many luxury resorts in Vietnam, this time he chose a new name. Thanks to that, his trip also had many different experiences. For a three-day trip, the group spent about 150 million VND. Including two nights stay, each night 65 million.

Experience the ‘Ede house’ in Phu Yen for 65 million VND
The view from the villa overlooks the sea and forest. Photo: NVCC

The first difference, the resort is located on a peninsula in Song Cau, far away from many famous tourist attractions and seems to be surrounded by only sea, forest, fishing village, rice fields… 71 villas seem to be submerged. in the middle of the forest, helping Hieu feel that “nature is cherished”.

Next, the resort has the combined beauty of many regions. Right from the lobby, the space is European-style, making him think of hotels in France or Spain. However, around, the scene is in “standard” Phu Yen , with pristine beaches, rapids and surrounded by natural forests.

The design style here is also different by the rustic look. He chose a 3-bedroom villa on the hill, built based on a long house of the Ede people, very long and with low ceilings. Villa area is about 500 m2, with large terrace, full of sunshine. Three separate rooms are located on two floors but ensure the connection by large living room, kitchen and dining room. The living room connects to the swimming pool overlooking the large bay and right below is the soaring reed garden.

“No matter where we are, we can lie down, close our eyes to enjoy the space, hear the birds sing and inhale the scent of the sea. The whole day seems to just move from one place to another in the villa,” he said. . Another point he loves is that the resort is built entirely from stone, wood, bamboo, and thatched roof. The interior is a collection of antiques, which is very strange between the apartments.

Other villas are scattered in the campus of hundreds of hectares, built in the style of traditional stilt houses by the rice fields, Cham houses by the beach, etc. There are also tent-style restaurants in fishing villages and houses. the Central Highlands. “The resort is surrounded by a rustic and peaceful look. This is not a popular style but suitable for tourists from far away who love cultural experiences,” he said.

This is also one of the few resorts in Vietnam with a hydro board experience, which requires players’ health and ingenuity. During his stay here, he and his friends often experience this activity every afternoon. His other favorite experiences are climbing in the early morning, about a few hundred meters to the top of Mo, where you can breathe in the fresh air that fills your chest and enjoy the panoramic view of the vast bay. Here, the group also dives to see the coral or gathers at the beach campfire in the evening.

The last point he loves, and also feels the most different is the service style of the staff. Most of them are locals, so besides professionalism, they are rustic, smiley and very knowledgeable about local culture, terrain, and experiences.

“For us, a luxury resort, comfortable but not ostentatious and sophisticated. It is the warmth, friendliness and not a bit of hustle that makes the trip memorable, you have to be attached when you leave”, he said and said. know the desire with family and friends to come back here not too far away.

The group gathered around the campfire.