24.01.2023, 14:42

Thousand-year-old Nhan Tower hides many mysteries in Phu Yen

Nhan tower was built on the eastern slope of Nhan mountain in the center of Tuy Hoa city (Phu Yen). This is an architectural monument of ancient Champa temples, built around the 11th century.

This work is built at an altitude of 64m above sea level. The tower has a square shape, each side is about 10m, the height is 23.5m, the proportion is proportional to the base, body and roof.

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The main face of the tower faces the east, the direction of vitality, the remaining 2 sides and the back are closed, the tower leans back against the mountainside, has a stable position.

At the top of the tower is an elaborately sculpted stone Linga image.

Experiencing about 10 centuries and the destruction of war, some items of Nhan tower were damaged and degraded, so the work was restored twice in 1960, 1994.

Symmetrical construction layout of Nhan tower seen from above.

Thousands of households in Tuy Hoa City built houses and lived around the green space in Nhan tower.

A special feature in Nhan tower is the building material made of baked bricks with an average length of 40cm, a width of 20cm and arranged closely, without seeing any lakes. 

In 2018, the Nhan tower was ranked as a special national architectural and artistic relic according to the Prime Minister’s Decision 1820/QD-TTG.

When traveling to Phu Yen, many tourists choose Nhan tower as a destination that is difficult to ignore because it is here to discover the beauty of ancient Champa architecture, containing many mysteries about the construction process of the ancient Cham people. Besides, standing at the tower area, you can see a beautiful overview of the young city of Tuy Hoa.

According (Dan Tri)