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Travel to Nhat Tu Son island to visit the most beautiful sea paradise in Phu Yen 

As the most beautiful island in Xuan Dai Bay, Nhat Tu Son is always a great destination for those who are passionate about exploring unspoiled nature as well as enjoying peaceful spaces to the fullest. 

Phu Yen , the central land full of sunshine and wild wind but also very poetic, the lovely beauty of Nau always makes the footsteps of travelers stop. Coming to Phu Yen, if you want to listen to the salty taste of the sea, immerse in the clear blue sea and discover the unique wilderness, then visit Nhat Tu Son island, one of the most beautiful islands of the country. yellow flowers green grass. The simple Nhat Tu Son hidden in the sunny Xuan Dai Bay will definitely be a great destination for your adventure journey. 

Nhat Tu Son Island is one of the most beautiful sea paradises in Phu Yen. Photo:@duyenlee

Locating Nhat Tu Son island, Phu Yen 

Nhat Tu Son Island is located in Xuan Dai Bay, in the territory of Xuan Tho Commune, Song Cau Town, Phu Yen Province. This island is only 48km from Tuy Hoa city center and 5km south of Song Cau town, so it is very convenient to check-in. To travel to Nhat Tu Son island , you can move in two different ways. Accordingly, if you move from Song Cau town, you just need to go through Tam Giang bridge and then turn left to Nguyen Hong Son road along the coast to be able to check-in at Nhat Tu Son. 

Nhat Tu Son Island Phu Yen is located very close to Song Cau town, so it is very convenient to move. Photo: @12.uyenthanh

If you come from Tuy Hoa city, then you should move along National Highway 1A, pass the People’s Committee of Xuan Tho 1 commune and then move 500m more, turn right about 1km to be able to check-in Nhat Tu Son.

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To fully enjoy the beauty of Nhat Tu Son, you should determine the most appropriate time to visit. Accordingly, from February to August is the ideal time to visit Nhat Tu Son because this is the dry season in Phu Yen, it is sunny but not harsh, the sky is blue and airy. In particular, from the 1st to the 15th of the lunar month, the tide here will recede in the afternoon from the 15th of the lunar calendar to the end of the month, the tide will recede in the morning, so you can time your check-in to the island. look at this wonderful sea lane. 

The ideal time to visit Nhat Tu Son is from February to August. Photo: @heiyeen__

Nhat Tu Son island tour immerses yourself in the wild space of the mountains and the sea

Traveling to Nhat Tu Son island , if you look from afar, you will see that the island has a very unique shape of the word Nhat in Chinese along with the thousand green colors of the forest and the sea. The closer you get, the more you will feel the wild appearance. 

and the peace of the island. Nhat Tu Son is considered as a screen to block the wind, saying that the fishing villages are My Thanh and Hai My, also thanks to the windbreak terrain of this island, the fishing villages are not affected too much during storms. Not only outstanding by the green forest carpets, but Nhat Tu Son island also makes visitors fascinated by mysterious deep caves formed by the erosion of the sea, the very appearance that makes visitors feel more comfortable. Exciting and exciting like being a real adventurer and immersing yourself in the wild space of this place. 

Travel to Nhat Tu Son island to visit the most beautiful sea paradise in Phu Yen 
The green color reigning on Nhat Tu Son island makes visitors fascinated. Photo: @thailand__vietnam

To the west of Nhat Tu Son island, there are many luxuriant rosemary and mausoleum trees, in the south are craggy cliffs with ancient apricot trees. To the east are natural rock formations that protrude out of the water and form very unique small slits. Traveling to Nhat Tu Son island, you can not only immerse yourself in the wild and fresh space, but also check-in many interesting places, especially the heavenly temple built a long time ago here. This temple is like a god guarding the sea, so the local residents worship it very much.

There are many interesting things waiting for you to discover in Nhat Tu Son. Photo:@cherryk_19

Climbing the high cliffs in Nhat Tu Son, you can see the whole scene of clouds, sky, and immense sea, in the distance are looming villages of lobster-raising rafts of indigenous people, boats going up and down, farther away. Another is the rolling blue mountains in the middle of the ocean.

In particular, if you have ever been fascinated with the road in the middle of the sea in Diep Son, when you come to Nhat Tu Son, you will certainly find it difficult to ignore the 300m long road in the middle of the sea, this is a beautiful white sand road that only appears when the water is clear. The tide recedes and makes the sea surface like split in two very impressive.

The road in the middle of the sea is a tourist attraction in Nhat Tu Son. Photo: @centralvietnamguide

Not only exploring and admiring the scenery, but when traveling to Nhat Tu Son island, you can also enjoy the most delicious seafood dishes because this is the largest seafood bowl in Phu Yen.

With beautiful scenery, fresh space, tourism services in Nhat Tu Son are also gradually developing with the appearance of beautiful tourist areas designed in a close-knit style, blending in with nature with other tourist attractions. wooden corridors, thatched houses on the sea.

Nhat Tu Son is also an attractive seafood bowl in Phu Yen. Photo: eat.withjoy_

Many tourist resorts have also begun to appear. Photo: -nhu_mieu

Nhat Tu Son will take you on a wonderful journey and discover a lot of new and interesting things, but on the island there are also separate rules that you need to follow such as not allowing overnight camping so you have to go home during the day. Absolutely do not litter on the island because if you are detected, you will be severely punished. In addition, because the journey to discover Nhat Tu Son is mainly exploration and discovery, the experience for you is to bring light luggage, and bring food and water for convenient use during the journey. break

Travel to Nhat Tu Son island to see the immense sea forest and get lost in the beautiful sea walking path that is not inferior to Diep Son and let your soul sob, open to the endless beauty of the sea and nature. It will be a great experience for anyone who loves and loves the sea, don’t forget to check-in this island when coming to Phu Yen. 

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