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Discover the ancient Chieng So tower with a special architectural mark in Dien Bien 

Chieng So ancient tower is an ancient work bearing a unique architectural mark, showing the friendly relationship between the two countries Vietnam – Laos and an impressive check-in point in Dien Bien province.

Where is Chieng So ancient tower?

Chieng So ancient tower is a tower located in Na Muong village, Chieng So commune, Dien Bien Dong district. This is an ancient tower estimated to have a history of construction in the 15th – 16th centuries. Although there is no document recording the exact time of construction of the tower, but studies show that this work has existed for many centuries. 

Chieng So ancient tower is located in Dien Bien Dong district. Photo: @nguyenkhaitrung

Not only in central Vietnam, there are ancient towers, but in the far northwest region like Dien Bien, there are also old towers. This is an artistic work imbued with creative imprints of Vietnamese and Laotian culture. Therefore, Chieng So tower contains many important historical, cultural and architectural values. 

Discover the ancient Chieng So tower with a special architectural mark in Dien Bien 
This ancient tower was built from the 15th – 16th centuries. Photo: vietnamtourism

In your Dien Bien travel itinerary , take some time to explore this beautiful ancient tower. From Dien Bien city center, visitors go in the direction of National Highway 279 to Pom Lot junction, turn left onto provincial road 130. From here you continue to go east through Na Sang, cross Keo Lom pass to the junction in Suoi Lu village. Then continue to go to Muong Luan tower, from this tower go further 6 km to Chieng So tower.

Ancient beauty of Chieng So ancient tower

Chieng So ancient tower is a work that has been ranked as a national historical relic on April 14, 2011. This is an ancient architectural work left in the Northwest region, bearing an artistic and architectural value. very tall bamboo. The tower is a masterpiece built by the spirit of solidarity and friendship between the two peoples of Vietnam and Laos.

The ancient towers of Chieng So, Muong Luan, Muong Va,… are beautiful towers in the Northwest. Photo: luhanhchaua

Visiting Dien Bien and coming to this tower, visitors will admire an impressive construction with unique design and pattern details. Artistic thoughts and creative thinking are expressed through the majestic, elaborate and characteristic architectural imprint of the ancient tower. 

The work was built in the 15th – 16th centuries. Photo: Mapio 

Chieng So ancient tower was built in the shape of a wine bottle with a large lower body and a smaller upper body. The total height of the tower is 10.5 meters, built of brick and lime mortar. The type of brick used to build the base of the tower is a large brick, while the smaller and thinner bricks will be built for the body and the tower to create a solid support. 

The ancient tower is very unique and creative. Photo: Ximgo

Built many centuries ago, but this ancient tower has a very elaborate beauty, reflected in the tower’s square structure, many floors overlapping each other to increase certainty. Four sides around the base of the tower are placed 2 elephants in front, behind are 2 dogs like to guard. 

If the base of the tower is not decorated with patterns, the body of the tower is decorated with the details of a 6-layer lotus building on top of each other. Along with that, there are embossed patterns of flowers, birds and dragons winding around the tower body, extremely beautiful and beautiful. 

This ancient tower work is recognized as a national monument. Photo: Vu Quang Du

It is the representation of the dragon image with its special scales, moderate size and unique patterns that have confirmed the architectural level of our ancestors’ generation of this period. That is also the reason that Chieng So ancient tower has been tinged with time but still has an attractive beauty.

6 km from Chieng So, there is Muong Luan ancient tower with similar architecture. Photo: Dien Bien Online

The body of this tower has a structure of 3 floors, each floor is built in the style of a hexagonal tubular, the sides of each floor are plastered flat and the middle part connecting the floors is decorated with patterns such as lotus petals, flowers, leaves, sun, etc. .. very special. Finally, the spire is decorated similarly to the lower floor, but smaller in size. 

Visitors must directly come here and see the beauty of Chieng So ancient tower to fully feel the sophisticated and sophisticated beauty that this work brings. Although not too large in size, the thpa1 mountain has an important historical and cultural value. Today, this is also a very unique check-in place in Dien Bien that visitors cannot ignore.

Coming to Chieng Muong commune, you will have many memorable experiences. Photo: duminhtam2101

This ancient spire has stood proudly over the centuries as a testament to the great work of our ancestors. It is not only a tower but also contains intelligent and creative calculations to keep the building stable after hundreds of years.

Other ancient towers in the Northwest 

In addition to Chieng So ancient tower, visitors can also visit Muong Luan ancient tower about 6km away. This tower was also built in the 16th century, jointly implemented by Lao people and local Vietnamese. Muong Luan tower is also divided into 3 parts at the foot of the tower, the tower body and the tower similar to Chieng So tower.

Ancient beauty of Muong Luan ancient tower. Photo: redsvn

There are not only two towers in Dien Bien province, but also in Son La province , another ancient tower named Muong Va. This tower was built in the 17th century and is located in the system of historical – cultural relics and scenic spots of Son La province. The ancient tower also possesses the same beauty as the Chieng Son and Muong Luan towers.

Muong And Ancient Tower is also a beautiful destination in Son La. Photo: sonlagov

It can be said that Chieng So ancient tower is a very beautiful and special ancient tower work in Dien Bien province. This is not only an ancient architectural mark that has existed for centuries but also marks the friendly relationship between Vietnam and Laos. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Dien Bien, remember to visit this hundred-year-old ancient tower. 

Photo : Internet 

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