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Explore Tua Chua stone plateau – a land of stone on all sides

Tua Chua stone plateau is a special destination of Dien Bien province, known as “Little Ha Giang” in a remote and desolate land.

Where is the Tua Chua stone plateau?

Tua Chua stone plateau is a limestone mountain area in the Tua Chua district, about 130 km from the center of Dien Bien Phu city. To get here, visitors need to travel 130 km to the northeast. The entire plateau is located in the communes of Sinh Phinh, Ta Phin, Ta Sin Thang, Sin Chai, and Tua Chua district.

Explore Tua Chua stone plateau – a land of stone on all sides
Tua Chua stone plateau is located in Tua Chua district, Dien Bien province. Photo: @trangrose21693

Those who have traveled to Ha Giang and then returned to the Tua Chua district have said that this place has a beautiful scene like the Dong Van rock plateau. The journey to this place is full of arduous when visitors have to go through steep winding passes, rugged mountain roads and deep abyss waiting. 

From the city center to here about 130 km. Photo: @ryannguyen_offical

This land is the residence of the Mong people. They live on rocks, in harmony with the unique and different picture of nature. Coming here, you will truly feel the impressive landscape of the rocky plateau, learn about the culture imbued with national identity. Surely you will have many special memories when traveling here.

Discover the beauty of the Tua Chua stone plateau

Tua Chua stone plateau is located at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level, blessed with a very special terrain by mother nature. Up to 70% of the district area is limestone mountains. So coming here, you will be lost in a space full of rocks. The higher you move, the more deserted the scene appears.

Here, everywhere is stone. Photo: @_hngtthii_

First-time visitors to Dien Bien share that coming to this rocky plateau feels like entering another world. There, the black rocky outcrops are nestled against the cliffs, covering the ground and covering the simple houses of the Mong ethnic people living here.

Small rice fields are interspersed between extremely unique rocky beaches in Tua Chua. Photo: @chinyo

Explore Tua Chua rock plateau, the best thing is to drive a motorbike on the roads. Curved bends lead deep into a “stone forest” that is both mysterious, magical, and irresistibly beautiful. On the way, you will see the wooden stilt houses of the Mong people built on stone, they live in a land where all sides are stone. 

The scene here is somewhat similar to Dong Van – Ha Giang. Photo: @cagotcheesecake

The scenery in the Tua Chua rock plateau is really similar to Dong Van Stone Plateau Global Geopark . If you choose any place to take pictures, it will be difficult for you to distinguish between Tua Chua and Dong Van. However, in fact, this place also has many different things that visitors must come here to explore to fully feel. [/b]

Beautiful scenery along the way to Tua Chua rocky plateau. Photo: @hungtaxixuan

Tua Chua district not only attracts tourists to its pristine and wild nature, but also a place where photography enthusiasts love it. Here, you will be saved beautiful moments with images of limestone mountains of all shapes and sizes. There are cat ear stones stacked into ramparts, there are places with sharp rocks like skyscrapers, making visitors fascinated.

Lost in the scenery all four sides are rocks. Photo: @bienontheroad

Discovering this [b]destination in Dien Bien
 , in addition to seeing a unique rocky plateau, visitors also have the opportunity to learn more about the life and activities of the Mong people here. It seemed that in this place of only rocks, there was nothing that could be done, but the Mong people knew how to take advantage of pouring soil on rock holes to grow vegetables, grass and fruit trees.

Here, you will have many beautiful and impressive memories. Photo: @thaothinhung86

In the small flat valleys without rocks, indigenous people also take advantage of planting more rice to increase the source of agricultural products for life. Looking at the way that the Mong people take advantage of every inch of land to cultivate, they really admire their spirit of overcoming difficulties.  

A little stop to enjoy the beautiful scenery at Tua Chua Dien Bien. Photo: @nhuhoa_phan

About the Tua Chua stone plateau, visitors also have the opportunity to explore caves deep in the rock. In which, Tham Khe cave in Na Xa village, Muong Dun commune is visited by many tourists. Entering this cave, you will admire the stalactites with yellow, blue, gray colors with all kinds of images such as chandeliers, bunches of rice, banyan trees, terraced fields… very special.

Note when traveling to Tua Pagoda Dien Bien 

Tua Chua stone plateau is located in a remote land of Dien Bien province, possessing an extremely unique and impressive beauty. This place is a poor district of the province, so tourism has not been developed. There are not many services here, so it’s best to explore and go back during the day, avoid staying overnight.

Any season of the year is suitable for traveling to Tua Chua. Photo: @h.bap

Any season of the year is suitable for tourists to visit Tua Chua, but spring is the most beautiful. Coming here on the first days of the year, you will see cherry blossoms in full bloom, see red rice flowers on the roads and enjoy the fresh, cool and pleasant air of this place.

Dien Bien has many beautiful destinations waiting for tourists to explore. Photo: @hudinolove

Tua Chua stone plateau is one of the tourist attractions worth exploring in Dien Bien. This place opens up a different picture for visitors to have the most memorable travel experiences when visiting the historical land called Dien Bien.  

Photo : Instagram

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