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Where a rooster crows 3 countries together

Vietnam has two places that are considered border crossings, in which the westernmost part of the country – A Pa Chai associated with milestone zero is the dream destination of many young people.

A Pa Chai is the junction of the borders of Vietnam, Laos, and China, belonging to Sin Thau commune, Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province. This is a place known as “a rooster crows all three countries can hear”, located on the top of Khoang La San, more than 750 km from Hanoi.

From Dien Bien Phu city, there are many ways to reach A Pa Chai. The most chosen route is going through Muong Cha – Muong Nhe – Chung Chai – Border post 405 Leng Su Sin – Ta Kho Khu – Border post 317 A Pa Chai. This route has a total length of nearly 280 km and cars go straight.

Where a rooster crows 3 countries together
The procedure takes about 2 hours. The working time of the Border Guard Command in Dien Bien is 8 am. Photo: Ngoc Vien Nguyen .

From here to get to the border junction, in addition to equipping the necessary equipment and supplies, you need to get the consent and license of the Dien Bien border guard command. The interesting thing about conquering the western pole of the country is that instead of having to hire local people to guide you like when climbing to the top of the roof of Indochina, you will be guided by soldiers from border post 317 as navigators.

Follow the crow’s flight from Fort 317 to the landmark number 0 1,864 m high, only about 5 km, but you have to walk more than 15 km with 4 hours crossing the forest, crossing streams to get there. This is not only a journey to challenge the health but also the will of the conqueror.

The uphill road is full of gravel, sometimes through the sharp, sharp thatched grass hills, sometimes it goes straight into the deep old forest, thousands of thorns are always waiting to attack strangers. through. Currently, at the beginning of the dry season, the road to A Pa Chai is somewhat easier to go, because in the rainy season the road will quickly become slippery. However, this season is flooded with clouds, always feeling the dark, wet feeling of the old forest. Therefore, no rain, but the narrow, winding, bumpy road to the zero milestones becomes a formidable challenge for anyone who loves to conquer. With a steep slope, you have to go straight, but you can’t just go and rest, sometimes you have to pick up a stick as a stick, cling to vines to try to swing up.

The gravel road passes through the sharp grassy hills. Photo:  Ngoc Vien Nguyen

If you do not have a strong will and determination to conquer, you will probably succumb to the cold of the Northwest mountains and the soft fatigue after many hours of mountain climbing. To regain strength among the wild mountains, nothing is better than drinking a few sips of spring water by the roadside. The sweet, cool taste of the clear natural water will somewhat soften the cuts of the forest trees and the fall caused by the uphill road. Along with that is the brilliant color of the forest orchid branch, the musty silver color of the old tree and the faint fragrance of the exotic flowers in the mountains and forests… all makeup for you for the hard work you’ve been through.

Throughout the journey, it is indispensable for the unending stories of the navigator to travel, and then while still wandering according to the narrative, the border fork is right in front of his eyes. Joy burst and all fatigue disappeared when facing the 3-sided zero milestone on the majestic Khoan La San peak.

Milestone zero faces Vietnam. Photo: Ngoc Vien Nguyen.

The landmark is covered with marble, in the middle is a 2m high triangular column with three sides facing the three countries, each side is engraved with the country’s name in the national language and the national emblem of each country. Here you will witness the ceremony of greeting and checking the zero mark of the soldiers of the A Pa Chai border station.

For each young person, wearing a shirt with a red national flag, taking pictures with the zero milestones seems to be a way to show love for the country and national sovereignty in the westernmost land. The two Vietnamese words chanted at the crossroads of the border not only satisfy the dream but also come from the national pride that urges in the heart. Follow vnexpress

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