19.10.2022, 15:06

Inside one of the most expensive resorts in Vietnam

I spent 10 million VND for a night stay in the lowest room class in the resort in Phu Yen, where the price is up to 85 million VND.

An Lap, 29 years old, Hanoi, resorted to the most luxurious resort in Phu Yen at the end of August. He shared details about his experiences at this place.

Instead of going on a long vacation and staying at a mid-range resort like every year, last summer, I decided to shorten my time and spend more money to try at a high-class resort. The location of my choice is Zannier Hotels at Coral Beach in Song Cau town, Phu Yen .

The big plus point of the resort in my opinion is privacy and quiet. Instead of the crowd and noise when eating buffet every morning like in mid-range resorts, I feel more relaxed when listening to sounds from nature such as the sound of the sea and the wind.

I stayed in the lowest price room, the rice field villa – Paddy Field Villa, for nearly 10 million VND a night. This villa is located in the middle of a forest of five-clawed trees, overlooking the lotus lake and rice fields. What I appreciate is that the villas in Zannier are very tasteful, rustic, bold with local colors but still luxurious, without the need for superficiality or gold. The most expensive is the high-quality materials from the fabrics and the arrangement of the lights in the room, creating a lot of visual effects with deliberately placed artifacts. The resort also uses precious carpets, displaying a collection of more than 5,000 antiques throughout the campus.

The Villa has plenty of places to sit and lie down, making it possible to stay in your room all day without getting bored. In the room and balcony there are 2 sofas, 4 single chairs in different styles, many pillows and cushions. The window is placed in such a position that if you look at it from your bed, you will feel like you are looking at a picture of a village landscape.

If you have more conditions, you should experience the villa on the hill (Hill Pool Villa) or the villa on the beach (Beach Pool Villa), costing about 25-35 million VND, with a private swimming pool. These villas have a very beautiful and windy view, if you are on the hill, you can see the whole beach from above, while the villa on the beach is larger and only a few steps away from the white sand beach.

I see shampoo and shower gel here are rare, but when I look online, there is nowhere to import Vietnam. After washing, the hair is smooth, and fluffy but still retains its style. Shower gel provides high moisture to the skin. In addition, the thing that captivated me from the moment I entered the reception hall room was the very pleasant scent, the smell of wood but sweetly scented. I think this is a plus point compared to other resorts when it comes to making a difference from such small details. However, Zannier’s brush and razor kits are somewhat plain looking.

Regarding the general landscape, everything keeps the wild character as a nature reserve. In the campus are the yards of five-clawed trees that grow as tall as people. Every time the wind blows, you will smell a characteristic scent from this plant. Arc-shaped beach, about a kilometer. There are strangely shaped rocks here, so some bloggers liken it to “Vietnam’s Little Seychelles”. The resort offers free tours for climbing, kayaking and snorkeling. An experience not all resorts have on site is kayaking out to the middle of the sea to snorkel and see corals in the clear water or up the mountain to see the entire resort from above and pristine beaches. or a nearby fishing village.

The most famous for the check-in corner is the stairs going down to the Instagram fever spa, painted red, feels like stepping into a ceramic kiln, capturing natural light from a circle on the ceiling.

Minus point

The resort is located at the beginning of Phu Yen, a location that is not too convenient to move to, it takes about 1.5 hours to go from Phu Cat airport (Quy Nhon) or Tuy Hoa (Phu Yen). In my opinion, the time is quite challenging for the impatient person, after being tired from the plane ride.

The nameplates are designed in a woodcarving style, but this makes the lines blurry, the letters are small, you have to look closely to see. For example, the nameplate to distinguish male and female toilets in the common areas is slightly blurred, if anyone is in a hurry, it can be confusing. Outdoor nameplates are difficult to see at night when there are lights shining directly on them. From a distance, they only see glare, difficult-to-read numbers.

Regarding the play area at the beach, I am not satisfied that there is a lack of changing rooms and few fresh water showers. It’s quite annoying to have to go to the room with a sandy foot and soaked swimming trunks. And if you want to change to eat at the restaurant next to the beach, you only have to change in the shared bathroom, which is quite inconvenient.

The last minus point is that the resort does not have… spray nozzles. Having traveled abroad many times, I know that European countries do not use sprinklers and the resort can simply be built according to Western standards. Quite delicate, but using a spray nozzle to clean is a habit of many Vietnamese, otherwise it would be very “lack”. Later, I mentioned it to the manager and learned that the resort was installing more sprinklers, currently about 20% complete of the total.

Inside one of the most expensive resorts in Vietnam

Based on the above comments, I appreciate the experience here. If I have a chance, I will come back. The cost is quite high, but in return, I have the experience of being alone in the middle of the large beach, diving to see the corals right next to the coast without having to go far, sinking in the art room space, smelling pleasant scents, Cycle around deserted streets but know for sure you’re safe, or listen to resort staff tell passionate stories about their work. Or simply find a sense of luxury in a room boldly local. There’s the creaking of wooden floors as I walk through the room, but it’s such small details that make me miss it.

photo: An Lap