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Western river view from above

Nga Nam floating market, Can Tho bridge, Chau Doc floating fish village are lively and colorful through the camera angle of the engineer who loves photography.

Tran Minh Luong (1990), a native of Thai Binh, is currently an electrical engineer in Can Tho. He has been passionate about photography for a long time and often travels to the western provinces on weekends to explore and capture the scenery of the West.

Minh Luong is impressed with Dong Hai and Bac Lieu salt fields at dawn, with successive and stretching salt fields. Bac Lieu salt making is concentrated in two districts of Dong Hai and Hoa Binh, producing one crop a year, starting around December to April next year, before the rainy season begins.

During the journey to the West, Minh Luong visited Nga Nam floating market, Soc Trang province. The photo was taken at dawn on February 6, bordering Tet 2021, with the scene of bustling boats, buying and selling of goods and food taking place on the river. This floating market is located in Nga Nam town, about 60 km from Soc Trang city. The market usually starts meeting from 4 to 5 am, the most crowded usually at 6 am-7 pm.

60 km from Soc Trang is Hau Giang. The electrical engineer carried the camera to Hau Giang right in the red phoenix flower season on both sides of the road in Vi Thuy district.

Can Tho is where the author works closely, so there are many photos of Tay Do land from above?

Pictured is the sunset on Can Tho bridge, one of the symbols of Tay Do. Across the Hau River, connecting the banks of Can Tho – Vinh Long, this cable-stayed bridge was completed in 2010, with a total length of 15.85 km, of which the main bridge is 2.75 km long.

The scene of Can Tho city is brilliant at night, with the highlight being the Ninh Kieu pedestrian bridge at the Ninh Kieu wharf area. Ninh Kieu pedestrian bridge is 199 m long, 7.2 m wide, and curved in the shape of an S, with the body of the bridge expanding to build two lotus petals. This is a tourist destination to serve the needs of taking photos and enjoying the fresh air of local people, domestic and foreign tourists.

Coming to Can Tho, visitors cannot ignore Phong Dien floating market, about 17 km southeast of the city center. This place sells a full range of agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, and food. Although not as bustling as in the past, Phong Dien floating market still attracts many visitors. The above photo, titled “Early Market”, helped author Minh Luong win a bronze medal at the 34th Mekong Delta Art Photo Festival in 2019.

Farmers rushed to reap as high winds knocked down their golden rice fields in March 2021. The photo was taken by the author during a wandering trip in Co Do district, Can Tho.

The power system connects to the O Mon Thermal Power Plant, Can Tho across the rice fields in the golden season.

“With my main profession as an electrical engineer, I am also doing a series of photos to record the beauty of overhead electromagnetic works, as a souvenir and as a document for the work,” the author shared.

Vam Cong Bridge in the sunrise. This cable-stayed bridge was inaugurated in May 2019, with a length of 2.97 km, the bridge over the river is 870 m long and the path is 2 km long. The bridge connects the two banks of the Hau River between Thot Not District, Can Tho City and Lap Vo District, Dong Thap Province, contributing to completing the transport network in the Mekong Delta.

One of Minh Luong’s favorite places to visit in Dong Thap is the raspberry chrysanthemum fields in Tan Khanh Dong commune, from Sa Dec to Cao Lanh. This is the place to focus on growing raspberry chrysanthemums, supplying the market in the western provinces on Tet. This type of flower is popular with people during Tet, because the bright yellow color and the radiating shape of the flower symbolize prosperity and reunion.

The floating village of fish in Chau Doc, An Giang appears in the morning sunlight. From the center of Chau Doc city, upstream of the Hau river, visitors will see Chau Doc floating fish village, the highlight is floating houses and fish rafts nestled close together to form a “village” stretching several kilometers. This raft fishing village was built to raise a variety of fish from pangasius, export basa to cotton fish, cobia, scad, grouper, and pomfret.

A small island corner of Nam Du archipelago, Kien Giang. Nam Du consists of 21 large and small islands, of which Nam Du island, also known as Cu Tron island or Lon island is the largest island. Coming here, visitors can swim at Cay Men beach, a beautiful and pristine beach with coconut trees embracing the long coastline, or join a snorkeling tour to see corals and explore the life of fishermen.

“The set of photos is an incomplete piece of the landscape, works, and typical tourist attractions in the Mekong Delta provinces, so I will definitely continue to work to improve and introduce visitors to the river region. Cuu Long has nine alluvial branches, everyone who travels far also remembers home,” shared Minh Luong. Follow vnexpress /Photo: Tran Minh Luong

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