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The difference between the Tet tray in the 3 regions

Hanoi has frozen meat, Hue has boiled meat with sour shrimp and the Southern provinces are indispensable for braised meat on Tet holiday.

Tet trays in the provinces of Vietnam each place a feature, depending on the culture, geography or cuisine of each region. When traveling at the beginning of the year, you can enjoy and understand the culinary culture through a traditional tray in each locality.


Culinary artist Anh Tuyet said that traditional Tet trays of Hanoi or the North people generally have gac sticky rice, banh chung, pickled onion, spring rolls (spring rolls), spring rolls and frozen meat. 

These dishes are chosen because the Northern people welcome spring in cold weather. In particular, winter meat is a typical dish of the winter-spring that other regions often do not have.

Each family often reduces a number of dishes such as mixed stir-fried squash, boiled chicken, bamboo shoot soup, fried vermicelli with chicken gizzard … . Those who are well off or do mandarins make 6 bowls, 6 dishes, even 8 bowls and 8 plates.

The difference between the Tet tray in the 3 regions
The Northern Tet tray. Photo: Shutterstock


In Hue, the dishes for the Year End tray usually have a minimum of 7 dishes. Hue people still cook dishes in everyday life. According to Hue culinary artist Mai Thi Tra, excluding whole boiled chicken, sticky rice, tea …, the tray usually consists of banh chung or banh Tet, stew, boiled meat with sour shrimp, shrimp and pork, fried fish, one stir-fried dishes, pickles. 

Besides, rolls, spring rolls, Hue ram, salad … are also some dishes to be eaten on Tet, depending on the conditions of each family. These dishes are on the tray of the people, and the New Year banquet of the Nguyen Dynasty king will have enough seafood and delicacies to be processed.

Cong rolls pho pho is a symbolic dish of Hue royal cuisine. Photo: Bao Ngan


The indispensable items in the Southern Tet holiday are banh Tet, bitter melon stuffed with meat and braised duck. Chef Tran Ngoc Sang (Ho Chi Minh City) explains, folk say that eating bitter soup to “pass through”, dispelling bad things in the old year. 

The meat dish with duck seeds with square meat, the round egg symbolizes heaven and earth, square, full, and complete New Year. In addition, each house changes other dishes such as chicken shredded, dried shrimp of the palanquin … There are many kinds of fruit jams and sweet candies such as coconut jam, tamarind, custard apple …

Southern New Year dishes. Photo: Shutterstock

For a more meaningful travel itinerary, visitors can both travel spring and experience the typical cuisine on Tet holiday of each region. The menu is selected and integrated to bring visitors in the first spring trip a special feeling. 

This is the highlight that Vietravel wants to bring to visitors through the product set “Spring festival tray”. Before eating, visitors can hear the culinary artists or chefs introduce the dishes, learn about the differences in the layout of each local tray.

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