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Visit Thoi Long Can Tho knitting village to learn about the typical culture of the West River region

Besides the eco-tourism areas, luxuriant fruit gardens … when coming to Can Tho, visitors can also learn about traditional craft villages. Among them, the most famous is Thoi Long Can Tho weaving village, which is becoming a tourist attraction when coming to the country of white rice and clear water.

Where is Thoi Long weaving village in Can Tho? 

To visit Thoi Long Can Tho knitting village, you first need to determine the specific address of this sightseeing place. Knitting village in Thoi Long ward, O Mon district, Can Tho city. People here make pots to serve the needs of fishing and seafood in the flood season of the people of the Mekong Delta. This is also one of the traditional craft villages in Can Tho with bold cultural characteristics of the river and has become a tourist attraction today. 

Visit Thoi Long Can Tho knitting village to learn about the typical culture of the West River region
Thoi Long weaving village is an attractive destination for tourists to visit

How to move to Thoi Long Can Tho weaving village 

Experience going to Thoi Long Can Tho knitting village , to get to this place first you need to get to Can Tho by many different means of transport depending on the starting point. If you are in the northern provinces, you can take a plane to Can Tho, the ticket price ranges from 1.5 to 2 million VND/time depending on the time. For those who live nearby, it is quite convenient to take a bus or motorbike to Can Tho.  

From Can Tho city center to Thoi Long knitting village is about 31.6km, so if you go from the airport it is most convenient to take a taxi with the price ranging from 300,000 VND to 350,000 VND/way. Or take the initiative to travel by motorbike along the National Highway 9B route, then turn to Ton Duc Thang Street for about 50 minutes to arrive. If you do not know the way, you can look up google maps or ask the locals who will show you specifically. 

How to move to Thoi Long Can Tho weaving village 

Visit Thoi Long Can Tho weaving village

What does Thoi Long Can Tho weaving village have? Visiting Thoi Long weaving village, tourists not only know a typical profession of the people here. But also have the opportunity to learn about the stories associated with this typical fishing tool of the river people and talk with the honest and simple people.    

Thoi Long Can Tho weaving village is a tourist attraction

Currently, in Thoi Long, there are about 300 households doing weaving and becoming the main economic source of the people here. To make the right size jars requires the ingenuity of knitters and long experience. The period from July to October of the lunar calendar (or from May to September of the solar calendar) during the seafood harvest season in the Mekong Delta, the weaving village becomes extremely bustling.

Visiting this craft village, visitors will witness the skillful knitting scene

The lovely knitted jars not only serve the needs of the people of Can Tho, but are also used by the provinces of Soc Trang, Tien Giang, An Giang, Bac Lieu, and Dong Thap to catch eels, fish, shrimp and shrimp. … Every year, Thoi Long Can Tho knitting village produces about 500-600 thousand products of various designs and quality.

Each product is a beautiful woven basket

When visiting Thoi Long knitting village, you can also witness the scene of workers knitting, weaving frames, splitting slats and braiding cuttings to form beautiful jars. Besides, you can also talk with the honest, simple people here who have been associated with the knitting profession for a lifetime. Therefore, if you are looking for a peaceful destination and learn about the unique culture of the West, Thoi Long weaving village is the ideal choice. 

Knitting products made by people in the craft village
Knitted products are exported to all provinces in the Southwest region

Visiting famous craft villages in Can Tho

Besides Thoi Long Can Tho weaving village, visitors can also combine visiting famous traditional villages in Tay Do country such as: 

– Thuan Hung rice paper village: Located in Thot Not district, attracting tourists with famous delicious rice paper making. The main products of Thuan Hung craft village are savory cakes, flat cakes, spring rolls, coconut cakes… Coming to Thuan Hung rice paper craft village, visitors will witness the scene of people doing the craft and enjoying delicious cakes, buy as a gift. 

Combine with a visit to Thuan Hung rice paper village

– Thoi Nhut Flower Village: Specializes in planting famous ornamental plants and flowers in Ninh Kieu such as: raspberry, yellow apricot, chrysanthemum, gerbera, sunflower… Especially, recently, the village has imported more craft villages. Many kinds of famous flowers in the world as if to color the beauty of this place. On each occasion of Tet, Thoi Nhut flower village blooms to attract tourists to visit and take pictures of virtual life. 

– Conical hat craft village: Currently, a conical hat-making village with more than 70 years of experience currently has 36 households following the profession. Coming to the conical hat village, visitors will witness the scene of people here knitting leaves, making frames, and making meticulous hats. You can choose for yourself beautiful traditional conical hats as gifts. 

Famous conical hat craft village in Can Tho

– Thom Straw net village: Specializing in knitting and fishing nets with durable and quality products that are popular with many people. The products meticulously made by the people are popular throughout the southwestern provinces. When visiting Thom Rom net craft village, visitors will enjoy the peaceful village scene. 

Visiting Thoi Long Can Tho knitting village, tourists not only learn about the typical culture of the craft village but also have the opportunity to talk to better understand the people of the western region. Besides, you can also refer to Can Tho travel experience full and detailed for the upcoming trip to be more perfect. 

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