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Enjoy delicious Cai Rang floating market cuisine ‘forget the way back’

Not only fascinates visitors with the poetic river scenery and busy trading scene, but when coming to Cai Rang floating market, visitors also enjoy special cuisine. Follow Vinlove to discover the unique cuisine of the Cai Rang floating market through the following article.

The ideal time to ‘hunt’ delicious dishes at Cai Rang floating market 

The experience of eating at the Cai Rang floating market is to “hunt” the best dishes, you should determine the right time to go to the floating market. Cai Rang Floating Market starts meeting in the early morning until about 8-9 o’clock. Each boat sells different types of goods and has a pole (also known as a pole) hanging the type of goods sold to help buyers easily identify. Around 7 am is the time when the market is most crowded. Cai Rang floating market meets from the early morning around 2-3 am full of boats selling agricultural products and food. 

Therefore, to enjoy the cuisine of Cai Rang floating market, you should go early enough to learn the typical culture of the river and discover the cuisine. The ideal time is 5-6 am, it is best to start going at 4:30 am and be at the floating market at 5 am. 

At about 9:00 a.m. the floating market dissolved, but in fact, around 7:30 a.m. there were only a few small boats selling coffee and the boats selling vermicelli and noodles were also out of stock. Therefore, you should wake up early to go to Cai Rang floating market to enjoy the cuisine here.

Enjoy delicious Cai Rang floating market cuisine ‘forget the way back’
The ideal time to explore Cai Rang floating market cuisine is from 5 to 6 hours

Enjoy the most unique Cai Rang floating market cuisine

Once you have chosen the ideal time to enjoy the cuisine of Cai Rang floating market , it will be time for you to freely choose for yourself delicious specialties here such as:      


The most famous dish is the delicious Western specialty noodle soup that every visitor wants to enjoy. Visitors can choose from many different types of noodles according to their taste. A delicious bowl of noodle soup with noodles, pork, green onions, bean sprouts and broth. Let’s slurp a bowl of delicious hot noodle soup and admire the poetic river view. 

Hu Tieu famous dish in the Cai Rang market

Noodle soup 

Along with noodles, vermicelli is also a dish that once caused a lot of memories when visitors had the opportunity to come to the Cai Rang floating market. The attractive flavor of vermicelli in the Cai Rang floating market is the typical shrimp paste flavor. Enjoy a bowl of vermicelli with beautiful colors, the red color of the tomato blends with the green color of the onion. Along with the spicy taste of chili and the fragrant fish sauce, eat once and remember forever.

Delicious bowl of vermicelli at Cai Rang explosion market

Rice noodles with barbecue

Grilled pork vermicelli is one of the attractive dishes that you should not miss when enjoying Cai Rang floating market cuisine . It is not a delicious dish, but the bowl of grilled pork vermicelli at Cai Rang floating market fascinates many tourists everywhere. A bowl of vermicelli with rustic ingredients like fresh vermicelli, grilled meat and raw vegetables. The meat is finely chopped and marinated with spices, then lightly grilled. When a customer orders, the meat will be grilled until tender and fragrant and then put in the box. Vermicelli served with delicious grilled meat, add a little fresh vegetables to the intestines.

Enjoy grilled pork vermicelli at Cai Rang market


If you still don’t know what to eat at Cai Rang floating market, porridge is an attractive breakfast dish that you should not ignore. Although the bowl of porridge prepared under the boat is not special, when enjoyed in a special river setting, it is even more delicious. A bowl of hearty porridge with full meat, liver, blood and green onions must be praised by everyone.

A delicious bowl of hearty porridge is hard to resist at Cai Rang market


It would be a big mistake to enjoy the cuisine of Cai Rang floating market but ignore the attractive sandwiches. Bread is baked warm from the brazier, adding meat, fried egg and cucumber. Each loaf of bread in Cai Rang floating market is very cheap, only from 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND, affordable for both sellers and tourists to enjoy.

Bread is a favorite breakfast dish at Cai Rang floating market


Not only famous for the delicious and attractive breakfast dishes above, when coming to Cai Rang floating market, visitors can also enjoy super delicious snacks such as: pork skin cake, pepper cake, coconut leaf cake, silkworm cake. , grilled glutinous banana…

Enjoy cool Siamese coconuts at Cai Rang market and live virtual. Photo: thamhiemmekong


Drinks at Cai Rang floating market are very diverse with all kinds for visitors to enjoy. After breakfast, you can order cool drinks such as soy milk, coconut water, tea, coffee, tea… 

The most impressive is iced milk coffee, a very familiar drink of people in the West in the morning. When you come to the floating market, you will see there are small boats with drums, hot water thermos and all kinds of bottles to make milk coffee to serve the needs of locals and tourists.

Many attractive drinks at Cai Rang connecting market

Notes when going to Cai Rang Can Tho market 

To fully explore the cuisine of Cai Rang market , you should also “pocket” the following notes:

– How to get there: The market is about 6km from the center of Can Tho city , you can take a boat from Ninh Kieu wharf about 30 minutes to reach Cai Rang floating market. The market is located on National Highway 1A or you can go from An Binh market at the foot of Cai Rang bridge (Ninh Kieu district) to the market conveniently. 

– The most ideal time : With mild and cool weather all year round, so you can go to Cai Rang floating market at any time. However, it is necessary to check the weather forecast in advance to avoid going on rainy days. 

– Buy specialties : To buy gifts at the Cai Rang floating market, you can refer to all kinds of Western agricultural products such as: Rambutan, durian, mangosteen, orange, Phong Dien strawberry… Or other products such as tet cakes, dried solids, dried imitations.

– Buying experience : It is recommended that you do not buy fruit from boats running around the market or boats offering customers by train, because the price is often expensive and does not guarantee quality. Should ask the price before eating and negotiate with the driver not to move to shopping places. 

Hopefully, the above sharing will help you have the most enjoyable experience when discovering Cai Rang floating market cuisine to the fullest. Don’t forget to save useful Can Tho travel information for your upcoming trip.

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