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Strawberry garden covered with fruit from root to branch in Can Tho

Strawberry garden with more than 200 trees in Phong Dien district is in season, the fruit is wrong from root to branch, bright yellow.

In May, the fruit gardens of the West are also in season, durian, mulberry, sand mango … colorful, sold along the route in O Mon district, Phong Dien district. If you are a lover of green space, like the fresh and sweet taste of fruits, the Western fruit garden is the ideal destination, located about 4 hours from Ho Chi Minh City by car.

The garden that is visited by many tourists on the last holiday is 9 Hong fruit garden in Phong Dien district. This place is in the mulberry season, the fruit is laden from root to branch, bright yellow, burning the whole garden, intertwined with the green of the cool leaves.

Strawberry garden covered with fruit from root to branch in Can Tho
Fresh yellow strawberries cover the fruit from root to branch. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Ms. Ang, a gardener, said that 9 Hong garden grows many fruit trees such as milkweed, mulberry, rambutan, durian, mangosteen… All year round, there are seasonal fruits. Visiting the garden, picking fruit to eat on the spot, playing folk games, enjoying garden dishes.

“Now is the strawberry season, and the rambutan season is about 2 months away. On the occasion of the festival, there are a lot of visitors, the strawberry road is full of people’s footsteps, over 500 visitors a day”, Ms. Ang added, the ticket price to visit from 50,000 VND to 100,000 VND.

Visitors to the garden can take pictures of the mulberry road with more than 200 trees entering the wrong level. Compared with other types of berries such as Ha Chau, Siamese mulberry, and Gia Bao strawberry (blue strawberry), the skin strawberry has a lot of sour taste, less sweet, but the tree has the wrong fruit, the beautiful fruit looks very eye-catching.

Tourists take pictures at Phong Dien strawberry garden. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Thanh Duy from Hau Giang visited the strawberry garden on the occasion of May 1, saying that this place is quite crowded, to take good photos, you have to wait. “I bought a ticket for 100,000 VND, including picking fruit to eat in the garden. If picking and bringing outside, the garden owner will charge extra. However, strawberries are quite sour, can’t eat much, mainly take pictures. This is my first time. Seeing that the garden has so many fruits, I like it,” he said.

As for Y Lan from Soc Trang with him to the strawberry garden, he was disappointed that the 50,000 VND ticket to visit the garden was not too attractive. “The garden is divided into two zones, I see that the 100,000 dong area has more fruit trees, but the price is quite expensive, and the 50,000 dong ticket is sparse,” she expressed.

Each bunch of dangling strawberries makes guests excited. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Phong Dien also has many eco-tourism sites, and fruit garden houses, some other suggested spots are Vam Xang, Giao Duong, and Tuan Truong fruit gardens…

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