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Discovering fresh Muoi Cuong Can Tho cocoa garden in the West

Phong Dien district, Can Tho is famous for its lush fruit gardens full of fruits of all kinds, such as: strawberry, orange, tangerine, breast milk, mangosteen, apple, guava … In which Muoi Cuong garden houses are a destination loved by tourists. This place is not only famous for many kinds of Southern fruits but also famous for its Cocoa. Coming here, you can both enjoy the fresh air of the cocoa garden, experience how to process, enjoy and buy cocoa products as gifts for relatives and friends.

Cacao tree

Muoi Cuong cocoa garden is located in My Ai hamlet, My Khanh commune, Phong Dien district, Can Tho city. If you want to go to the cocoa garden from the center of Can Tho city, you go towards Cai Rang bridge, down Provincial Road 923 for more than 10km, ask Muoi Cuong cocoa garden in My Ai hamlet, everyone knows.

Tall ripe pods are harvested

Mr. Muoi Cuong’s garden is over 1.2 hectares wide, green with cocoa leaves. More than 2,000 cocoa trees, including over 15 varieties of cocoa of all kinds, including those planted 2-3 years ago give fruit, some trees planted for a long time are 30 to 40 years old. Open space, lush green trees spread throughout the garden with features of toads, mango, mangosteen upstairs, creating shade for cocoa trees to grow.

Fresh cocoa beans in the fruit

In addition to enjoying cocoa products, you also have the opportunity to learn and work with the owner to manually brew the cocoa beans, dry it with a cast iron pot, grind into powder, and process finished products.

Cocoa beans are dried

Don’t forget to buy some cocoa products like: cocoa wine, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, chocolate candy, and pure cocoa for ice cream or cake as gifts. In particular, cocoa wine (fermented cocoa water) is very delicious, an aperitif wine is very popular with foreign tourists.

In order to have such rich and diverse products as mentioned above, Mr. Muoi Cuong spent months and days studying and learning from documents, books, friends, scientists, businesses. From there, he made cocoa by himself at home.

Here you have the opportunity to learn about and work with Mr. Muoi Cuong in processing cocoa beans

Cocoa is a delicious and nutritious food that is very good for the body, according to research by scientists showing that 1 cup of cocoa each morning will help you reduce the risk of cancer by 15% ( especially cancer of the intestine and stomach), helps alertness at work, reduces fatigue syndrome, stabilizes blood sugar, is beneficial for the heart …

Don’t forget to buy some cocoa products as gifts

Under the cool green cocoa tree, sipping a cup of warm and pure cocoa, you will feel more clearly the essence of the product, which is taken from the passion and enthusiasm of the old farmer Muoi Cuong. The feeling of relaxation suddenly spread in the cocoa garden space, cultivated with clean technology, and experienced the true lifestyle of the residents.

Here visitors not only feel the peaceful life of the countryside, outside the garden with cool wind and delicious fruits, but also feel the idyllic and hospitable nature of Mr. Muoi Cuong who owns the cocoa garden.

Tourists enjoy visiting the cocoa fruit garden of Mr. Muoi Cuong

In addition, there are 2 homestay rooms that are full of Western gardens so that visitors can stay overnight and serve more Southern specialties. In particular, the garden owner can communicate in English and French quite well to welcome foreign visitors. This makes foreign visitors feel very excited when visiting the garden because not only is it fun and entertainment, but also learn more about customs, habits and activities. as well as traditional dishes of the Southern people. 

Not only that, his cocoa garden has long been an internship for many groups of students at universities, colleges, and intermediate schools in the city. Many schools also invited him to teach classes to teach students how to grow and care for cocoa trees and how to process cocoa.

Muoi Cuong cocoa garden destination should not be missed

Currently Muoi Cuong cocoa garden is a tourist attraction every day, most of them are foreign tourists. You can visit the garden during the period from 7 am to 12 pm every day. How to see, the Mekong River Delta is rich and rich in fruit trees. 

Besides the famous and popular gardens, there are also gardens that quietly bear fruit, like the cocoa garden of Mr. Muoi Cuong. These gardens are like special features, beautifying the colorful pictures of Can Tho tourism, creating an unforgettable impression in the hearts of visitors.

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