25.11.2022, 10:08

Western standard family restaurant

CAN THO – Diners coming to the restaurant can enjoy more than 30 dishes served in the style of traditional rice trays of families in the Southwest region.

Western standard family restaurant
The rice restaurant with traditional Western dishes located in a small alley on Tran Binh Trong Street, Ninh Kieu District, is the go-to address of many diners who like family meals according to Western tastes. To enjoy meals here, diners can choose to sit in the front yard or inside the house.
The menu of the restaurant is diverse with more than 30 dishes including braised, soup, fried, fried…
Each pan of braised howling fish, braised meat with pepper, braised perch … are placed continuously on the charcoal stove to keep the food hot.
Among the dishes stocked at the restaurant, howler fish with pepper is popular with many diners. The dish is impressed by the harmonious combination of ingredients with fragrant, sweet, tender meat and rich taste.
As one of the specialties of the river region, fried catfish served with ginger fish sauce has a unique flavor, you must try it.
In addition to common ingredients, the shop also chooses seasonal specialties in the West to process into many dishes. In which, crazy cotton sour soup cooked with fish cake is also one of the rustic dishes, bold in the West in the floating season, winning the hearts of many diners.
The meal of the Westerners cannot be complete without rustic dishes such as collected vegetables or boiled vegetables, and crispy fried morning glory. In particular, the restaurant arranges dishes in old-fashioned crockery plates, bowls, and bowls like bringing diners back to years of old memories.
The shop arranges an additional small corner to sell all kinds of tea for diners for dessert after the main meal such as green bean tea, water drifting tea, taro tea, white bean tea, pig skin cake, steamed banana cake…
In another corner, the shop also sells more dishes for diners to take homes such as jams, seasonal fruits, and specialty cakes… Serving customers from morning to night, but the shop is most crowded at lunchtime. . The average price of each dish is 30,000 VND. Diners can call to reserve a table before coming to the restaurant to ensure seats.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)