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Full range of Thai dishes in Can Tho

In the Western capital, diners can find famous dishes of the Golden Temple country such as salad, Thai hot pot, mango sticky rice…

Full range of Thai dishes in Can Tho

Can Tho River region is famous for dishes such as noodle soup, hot pot with fish sauce, and cakes, but not so that it lacks the taste of international dishes. Here, diners can still experience Thai cuisine with all kinds of dishes, full of special sweet and sour flavors. Photo: Hai Tran

Stir-fried noodle soup (Pad Thai) is a famous dish of Thai cuisine, and the processing method is not too complicated and suitable for many people’s tastes. The noodles used in pad Thai are similar to Vietnamese soft noodles, but smaller, with flat stalks, not chewy, stir-fried with bean sprouts, shallots, eggs, minced meat, and typical Thai sauce. Add squid and shrimp on top. Photo: Hai Tran

Pad Thai can also be used vegetarian by stir-frying with mushrooms and vegetables. When eating, diners squeeze more lemon, add a little chili powder, then mix well to have a plate of pad Thai full of sour, spicy, and sweet flavors. Photo: Nguyen Thu Hang

Squid with Thai sauce is a combination of crispy fried squid and spicy and sour sauce. The chopped squid is marinated with spices, fried with butter, then stuffed into the whole squid, fixed with a small toothpick, and grilled on the stove at high temperature. Thai sauce is an indispensable ingredient of the dish, made up of a mixture of butter, sugar, vinegar, fish sauce, chopped chili, and scallions, sprinkled on grilled squid, when eating, can squeeze more lemon. Photo: Hai Tran

Thai hot pot (Tomyum) of the Golden Temple country has a sweet and fatty taste from coconut milk mixed with a mildly sour, pungent, fragrant aroma of lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaves. Especially indispensable as the main ingredient is shrimp served with vermicelli on the fire, ideal for enjoying with family and friends on rainy days. Normally, Thai hot pots will be less spicy to suit the taste of Vietnamese guests. Photo: Hai Tran

Thai mango sticky rice has ingredients including glutinous rice, fresh mango, and coconut milk. This traditional Thai dish uses the Thanh Ca mango variety, with fresh yellow flesh, delicious, smooth, and low fiber. Sticky rice is steamed with a mixture of coconut milk, and pandan leaves to create a sweet, fatty flavor with a slight aroma. In particular, Thai mango sticky rice is not eaten with peanuts but with roasted green beans sprinkled on the surface, eaten in combination with coconut milk. Photo: Hai Tran

Thai papaya salad (Som tum) has various dishes such as papaya salad with salted egg, papaya salad with North Thao eggs, dried shrimp papaya salad… But when it comes to the characteristics of the land of the Golden Temple, people often think of it. Papaya salad, with the pungent taste of chili peppers with the sourness of lemon and the salty taste of Thai fish sauce. In particular, the salty and fatty substances of salted bacon contribute to the brand name of this famous salad. Ba Khiet is also known as a famous rustic dish of the Can Tho river region. Photo: An An

Some addresses selling Thai dishes in Can Tho:

– Tuk Tuk restaurant: 58A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ninh Kieu
– Kotoba restaurant: 6 Phan Van Tri, Ninh Kieu

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