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‘Lost’ in the flower village of Ba Bo Can Tho check-in virtual life and watch the flowers show off their ‘heartbreaking’ beauty

As one of the most famous and largest ornamental flower villages in the Southwest region, Ba Bo Can Tho flower village has become a destination to attract tourists to visit and check-in virtual living.

Locating the coordinates of Ba Bo flower village in Can Tho

Ba Bo flower village , also known as Pho Tho flower village or Thoi Nhut flower village, is located in An Khanh ward, Binh Thuy district, Can Tho city . Exploring Ba Bo flower village in Can Tho , visitors will admire hundreds of blooming flowers. Let’s learn about the floriculture village, the process of caring for and harvesting flowers. In particular, when you come to Thoi Nhut flower village, you will be able to freely check in a beautiful virtual life.

‘Lost’ in the flower village of Ba Bo Can Tho check-in virtual life and watch the flowers show off their ‘heartbreaking’ beauty
Ba Bo Flower Village is a famous place in Can Tho attracting tourists to visit and live virtual

If other famous flower villages in the West such as Sa Dec (Dong Thap), Cai Mon (Ben Tre) only bloom in spring, then Ba Bo flower village you can go to at any time of the year. In particular, the period near Tet is the time when many flowers bloom and attract tourists the most. The ticket price to visit Thoi Nhut flower village is free, you just need to ask the garden owner’s permission to see the flowers and take pictures. 

Fresh air and poetic beauty in Ba Bo flower village

How to move to Thoi Nhut flower village

Experience going to Ba Bo flower village in Can Tho said that with a distance of 3km from the city center, you can come here by many different means such as motorbikes, cars or taxis. Take a look at the two closest routes to Ba Bo flower village below: 

Option 1: Depart from Mau Than Street -> fork 4, then turn left in the direction of Nguyen Van Cu Street -> at the 4th intersection, you will see a bitter cafe -> turn right onto Nguyen Van Linh Street -> go straight through Ba Bo Bridge -> Quoc Trang furniture store -> turn right and continue for about 1km to Ba Bo flower village. 

Option 2: Follow the 30-month central road -> the intersection turns right on National Highway 91B or Nguyen Van Linh Street -> continue straight across Ba Bo bridge, you will see a furniture store, then turn right -> continue 1km next.

How to move to Thoi Nhut flower village

What does Ba Bo flower village have to play? 

Thoi Nhut Flower Village has a long history in the Southwest region, initiated by Mr. Tam Hoai. As a native of Dong Thap, famous for his ornamental flower country, Mr. Hoai came to Can Tho to establish a business and brought many beautiful flower seeds with him. After a while, his flower garden became lusher and lusher and the size it is today. 

Ba Bo flower village has a large area with all kinds of flowers. Photo: danviet
All kinds of marigold flowers, typical Western raspberry chrysanthemums

What to do in Ba Bo flower village in Can Tho ? You will admire thousands of beautiful flowers blooming at the Thoi Nhut flower garden such as: Marigolds, raspberry chrysanthemums, yellow apricots, bougainvillea, sunflowers, gerberas, carnations… You will be delighted. virtual check-in with beautiful flowers here as a souvenir. 

Learn about the flower care process of the people in the flower village
Or the scene of flower harvesting near Tet is extremely bustling

Besides watching flowers, taking pictures when coming to Pho Tho Can Tho flower village , you can also learn about the flower growing process of the people here. The flower village has about 250 households that grow flowers and are invested in seeds and meticulous techniques step by step. Talking with people growing flowers in the village, farmers in Pho Tho village are very hospitable and rustic, always ready to welcome and introduce flowers to visitors.

Check-in beautiful virtual living in Ba Bo flower village. Photo: danviet
Take pictures with blooming flowers at the flower village. Photo: thamhiemmekong

Famous tourist destination near Ba Bo flower village

If you have time, you can combine visiting famous places near  Ba Bo flower village  in Can Tho such as: 

– Binh Thuy ancient house: This is a typical architectural work of the people of the South in the past. Binh Thuy ancient house is the top tourist attraction when coming to Can Tho. Visitors will admire the East-West architecture and unleash virtual check-in. 

Check-in Binh Thuy ancient house near Ba Bo flower village. Photo: vinpearl

– Binh Thuy Communal House : Is a tourist attraction in Tay Do country with unique architecture. Binh Thuy’s communal house is over 200 years old, built on large and majestic land. Visiting Binh Thuy communal house, you will learn about the typical culture of the river region and check-in virtual living as a souvenir.

– Cai Rang Floating Market : From Ba Bo flower village, it is very close when moving to Cai Rang floating market, so you should combine visiting these two places. Exploring Cai Rang floating market, you will learn about the bustling living and trading scene of people in the West. Go to the market to buy agricultural products, fruits and eat specialties right on the boat. Cai Rang Floating Market meets from 3:30 a.m. to about 8 a.m. to welcome customers.

Cai Rang floating market is a favorite destination of many tourists when coming to Can Tho. Photo: Pham Hoai Thuong

Notes when traveling to Ba Bo flower village in Can Tho

Traveling to Ba Bo flower village in Can Tho , you should also understand the following notes:

– Because the Southwest has quite severe weather, so you should bring an umbrella to block the sun. 

– Around the flower village area, there are many shops selling water at reasonable prices. So you don’t need to bring too much food and water. 

– Do not arbitrarily pick flowers, step on people’s trees in the flower village.

– Bring a camera, clothes, skirt to take virtual pictures with flowers here. 

– If you want to stay overnight in Can Tho, you can move to the city center area, there are many hotels and motels for you to choose from. 

Can Tho Ba Bo Flower Village is an ideal destination that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit Tay Do, hopefully the information shared above will help you have the most complete trip. In addition, you can refer to super detailed and complete  Can Tho travel experience .

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