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Experience going to Ut Phuong fruit garden to have fun, live virtual and eat fruit freely in Tay Ninh

Not only famous for its scenic spots and spiritual sites, but Tay Ninh also attracts tourists with its luxuriant fruit gardens. In which, it must be mentioned Ut Phuong fruit garden, an ideal destination that is loved by many tourists today. Let’s discover what is so attractive about this fruit garden.

Where is the address of Ut Phuong fruit garden?

Ut Phuong fruit garden is located in Cay Da hamlet, Hiep Thanh commune, Go Dau, Tay Ninh. This is a place that attracts tourists to have fun, visit and relax on weekends. Coming to Ut Phuong garden, you will enjoy the fresh atmosphere and relax after a tiring working week. Besides, you can also enjoy playing, virtual living, and eating Western specialties. 

Information about Ut Phuong garden:

– Ticket price: ranging from 30,000 VND to 50,000 VND/depending on the season

– Contact the garden owner: Phone number: 0946721059

– Opening time: 9am – 6pm

– Fanpage:

Experience going to Ut Phuong fruit garden to have fun, live virtual and eat fruit freely in Tay Ninh
Ut Phuong garden attracts tourists in Tay Ninh. Photo: Vinpearl

When should you go to Ut Phuong garden? 

Experience going to Ut Phuong Tay Ninh fruit garden, you should go in the period from May to August. This is the most ripe and blooming fruit season. Or you can also go in other times for sightseeing, fun and specialties. In addition, before going to Ut Phuong garden, you should also check the weather forecast before you go, to avoid sudden rains that affect your trip.

You can go to Ut Phuong garden at any time. Photo: thamhiemmekong

How to move to Ut Phuong garden? 

To discover Ut Phuong garden first you need to go to Tay Ninh. Depending on the departure location near or far, you should choose for yourself the most suitable means of transport. For those of you in the North and Central regions, it is most convenient to take a plane to Saigon, then take a taxi to Tay Ninh. For those of you in the vicinity, you can take a bus or ride a motorbike. 

From the center of Tay Ninh, you follow the route QL22B about 35km to reach Ut Phuong garden. Or take the following route: Tay Ninh Holy See -> follow Hung Street -> Highway 22B -> go about 30km to Go Chua fork -> ask for directions to Ut Phuong garden. Because this place is not located on a specific map, so if you are not sure the way you can ask the locals along the way.

How to move to Ut Phuong garden by bus?

Explore Ut Phuong Tay Ninh fruit garden

What does Ut Phuong Tay Ninh fruit garden have? Ut Phuong garden has a large area and is planted with many specialty fruit trees of the West. In particular, the garden owner is very careful in decorating and planning, so the garden here is very clean, which is an ideal destination for weekend fun for family and friends. The first impression when coming to Ut Phuong garden is the fresh air, you can breathe in relaxation and dispel all the fatigue of daily life.

Most of the area in the garden is planted with rambutan

The large area of ​​Ut Phuong garden grows two main fruits, Thai rambutan and common rambutan. Around the time from May to August, the rambutan season begins to ripen and bloom. If you visit Ut Phuong fruit garden at this time, you will admire the ripe red rambutan gardens. Rambutan in Ut Phuong garden has selected varieties, so the fruit is very wrong, delicious and sweet.

Harvest rambutan in Ut Phuong garden. Photo: vietnammoi

In addition to rambutan, Ut Phuong garden is also planted with many famous delicious fruit trees such as: durian, mangosteen, toads, mulberry, plum, … Just buy an entrance ticket is 30,000 VND – 50,000 VND. will be delighted to eat delicious fresh fruit.

In addition, the garden also grows Ha Chau strawberries
Visitors can buy fresh fruits at Ut Phuong garden

Coming to Ut Phuong garden, you can also enjoy virtual check-in, organize interesting fun activities. In addition, the garden’s restaurant also serves specialties such as: fried red catfish with rice paper, chicken salad porridge, fish hot pot, milk tea and soft drinks. 

The garden is also planted with lotus flowers for visitors to take pictures of
Eating and drinking in the garden of Ut Phuong
Check out the menu at the restaurant of Ut Phuong garden

Other famous fruit gardens in Tay Ninh

In addition, you can also combine visiting other famous fruit gardens near Ut Phuong fruit garden in Tay Ninh such as: 

– Bau Don Fruit Garden : This is a perennial fruit garden in Tay Ninh that attracts tourists on weekends. With spacious and cool space, the Bau Don fruit garden is visited by many tourists today. Coming to Bau Don garden, you will enjoy all kinds of fresh fruits such as: mulberry, durian, rambutan, longan… The entrance fee is 40,000 VND/person.

Combined visit to Bau Don fruit garden

– Trang Bang Fruit Garden : It is the garden with the largest concentration of fruits in Tay Ninh such as: Mangosteen, rambutan, custard apple, durian, jackfruit, pomelo,… After buying a ticket to the garden you will be Pick the fruit then charge and enjoy. In addition, the garden also serves special dishes such as: Chicken salad, chicken porridge, rustic boiled chicken with a country flavor.

Trang Bang fruit garden is also a famous garden in Tay Ninh

– Go Chua fruit garden: This garden is located in Go Chua, close to Ut Phuong garden. The owner of the garden is very enthusiastic and comfortable, so it is loved by many tourists. In addition to delicious fresh fruits, when coming to Go Chua garden , you can also enjoy attractive snacks such as super delicious egg rolls or dishes from naturally raised chickens in the garden. 

Go Chua fruit garden is famous for its famous delicious mangosteen

Notes when going to Ut Phuong garden 

You can refer to some notes below when visiting Ut Phuong fruit garden such as: 

– Do not arbitrarily pick fruit without the consent of the garden owner, because there are some areas that are not included in the ticket price to eat fruit when entering the gate. 

– Do not climb or break tree branches in the garden. 

– You can bring food and water to the garden to rest for lunch. 

– You can buy fruit to bring back as a gift and ask the garden owner to pack a foam box for preservation. 

– If you want to rest overnight, you can move to the center of Go Chua town to rent a motel. 

Ut Phuong Fruit Garden is the ideal destination to “go away” for families and groups of friends on the weekend with many interesting experiences. Don’t hesitate to quickly form a team to explore this fruit paradise! In addition, you should also “pocket” extremely useful Tay Ninh tourism information.

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