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Black Lady – a new destination of spiritual tourism experience

Together with the locality, Sun Group will diversify tourism, resort, and experience products at Ba Den Mountain National Tourist Area (Tay Ninh).

Tay Ninh tourism in the years 2020 and earlier is usually pilgrimages to the top of Ba Den mountain, enjoying specialties of heifers, famous rice paper… But a year ago, Tay Ninh has “changed new clothes”. ” becomes an attractive destination in the South. It does not have a strong climate like other famous tourist cities, but Tay Ninh has many resources in terms of topography, culture and spiritual experiences. 

In which, Cao Dai religion and Tay Ninh Holy See are still the research topics of many domestic and foreign culturalists and tourists. Tay Ninh also converges conditions for developing discovery tourism when owning Lo Go – Xa Mat national forest, Ma Thien Lanh valley, the largest artificial freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, Ho Dau Tieng …

In order to promote the available tourism potential, Tay Ninh has recently launched a strong tourism development plan, choosing Ba Den Mountain as the development center with many policies to attract investment, including houses. Strategic investment Sun Group.

In January 2020, a modern cable car line with Ba Den station that achieved a Guinness record for “the largest cable car station in the world” was put into operation. This is the first item of Sun World Ba Den Mountain Resort invested by Sun Group. The cable car route helps shorten the travel time to the “roof of the South” and Ba pagoda, bringing a safe and new way to travel to Nui Ba. Less than 10 minutes, the cable car takes visitors across the mountainside, watching the whole scenery of Ba Den mountain.

On the top of the mountain, Sun Group and sculptor Pham Ba Dua created the Tay Bo Da Son statue of Buddha that achieved the record of “Asia’s tallest bronze Buddha statue located on the top of the mountain” in the middle of a blooming flower garden. four seasons. The investment and quality planning at the foothills and the top of the mountain, along with the Sun Group’s investment in expanding the Chua Ba yard for tourists from all over the world, also create a positive tourist culture. pole for the destination of Ba Den Mountain.

Visitors can also experience rich cuisine with buffet restaurants and stalls with dozens of Asian, European and vegetarian dishes… to meet the needs of all audiences.

The harmonious and delicate combination of hands, human intelligence and nature here has made Tay Ninh – a new destination attracting leading customers in the Southern region.

In 2020, despite the impact of Covid-19, the number of tourists coming to this locality still reached 4.7 million. Of which, 2.1 million visitors came to visit Ba Den mountain tourist area. The province predicts that by 2025, this destination alone will attract about 5 million visitors per year and continue to grow to 8 million by 2035.

A representative of Sun Group said that the group is working with Tay Ninh province to create a new face for local tourism, promoting the development of diverse experiences at Ba Den Mountain National Tourist Area.

Tieu Gu/vnexpress
( Photo: Sun Group )

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