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Mountain Ba Tay Ninh: A new spring spiritual destination 2021

Flowers in full bloom among the immense green mountains, pure space on the sacred top, where the standing Buddha statue stands in the midst of clouds and 300-year-old Ba pagoda, Tay Ninh Mountain is the ideal destination in the South. New Year’s Day.
Mountain Ba Tay Ninh: A new spring spiritual destination 2021

Mountain Ba Den (Tay Ninh) is the most famous spiritual destination in the Southeast. This place is covered with white clouds all year round, is an indispensable destination for Tay Ninh people and Buddhists in the three regions every Tet comes and comes.

This year, the people of Tay Ninh rejoice when Nui Ba Den has more beautiful and beautiful Buddha statue, reaching the record “The tallest bronze Buddha statue in Asia located on the top of the mountain” right on the occasion of the new spring. This is also the Buddha statue work with the highest record in Vietnam so far.

Standing on the roof of the Southern house in the middle of a sea of ​​white clouds, Buddha Lady Tay Bon Da Son directed his compassionate eyes towards the fertile Tay Ninh plain, spread sentient beings, gave blessings and peace to the nature.

Along with Ba Pagoda, the place of worshiping Linh Son Thanh Mau has become a legend for hundreds of years, Ba Den mountain is the sacred spiritual destination and is most sought-after, not only in Tay Ninh but also famous throughout. Southern. In the years before, there were no obstacles because of Covid-19, a lot of tourists in the North and tourists from abroad also came to Nui Ba Den on the occasion of the Lunar New Year to pray for peace and good fortune.

Not only attracts tourists by meaningful spiritual journey, today’s Ba Den mountain is also attractive by the colorful landscape in four seasons. Since the Sun World BaDen Mountain resort was put into operation by Sun Group, Ba Den Mountain “changed new clothes” with multi-colored frames.

You will find free and fresh European corners like this to take free check-in photos with friends and family on the new spring day.

Or freely walk between the cool space of Ba Mountain, breathe deeply into the chest the clear air of plants, roses, herbaceous apricots, glasses, tulips, … are blooming. mid-spring day.

Nearly 100,000 flower pots of all kinds such as rosemary, hydrangeas, elixir, imitation stars, firecrackers, flowers … have been carefully cultivated, tended and created by Sun World BaDen Mountain. blooming into flower streams right on the occasion of Tet to serve tourists.

This year, visitors have a new culinary experience when Van Son buffet restaurant on the top of the mountain came into operation on February 12, with more than 80 famous dishes from different regions, making the journey to explore Ba Mountain more convenient and complete part. The restaurant is open from 10:30 to 15:00 and 16:30 to 20:00 daily.

These days, Sun World BaDen Mountain cable car system is also operating at full capacity to meet the needs of sightseeing, early spring peace of the people and tourists. Accordingly, the Chua Ba cable line operates 24/24, the Van Son cable line to the top of the mountain operates from 5am to 23pm. Round trip ticket price for adults and children from 1.4m is 250,000 VND / ticket, ticket price for children from 1-1.4m is 150,000 VND / ticket, free for children under 1m.

In the beginning of the new spring, together with relatives travel spring in the white clouds, standing in the midst of a multitude of colors, at the foot of the Buddha statue clasp hands to pray for a new year of health, peace, full of love and discover a truly exciting day. taste at Nui Ba, what could be better than that?

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