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Visit the sacred Buddha Tay Bon Da Son on Ba Den mountain

The statue of Buddha Tay Bon Da Son with a height of 72m in Tay Ninh is becoming the most attractive spiritual destination because of the outstanding beauty in the Southeast sky.

Where is the Lady Buddha statue of Da Son?

The Da Son Tay Bon Buddha is also known as the Lady Buddha on the top of Ba Den mountain or the tallest bronze Buddha statue in Asia . This famous project is located at the top of Ba Den mountain , Tay Ninh province. Since ancient times, Ba Den mountain has been the most famous spiritual place in the Southeast. 

This place is associated with the legend of Ba Den and attracts hundreds of thousands, even millions of tourists to visit each year. Anyone who has a chance to travel to Tay Ninh does not want to miss this special destination.

Visit the sacred Buddha Tay Bon Da Son on Ba Den mountain
The majestic statue of Buddha in the midst of heaven and earth. Photo: Bach Tran Vietnam Oi.

From the moment you set foot to the foot of the mountain, from a distance, visitors have realized that Ba Den mountain stands out against the deep blue sky. If you have the opportunity to visit the mountain on a clear day, especially early in the morning, you will realize that the top of the mountain is sometimes hidden among thin clouds when it appears so high and stands out against the deep blue sky.

Many tourists come to Ba Den mountain to admire the statue. Photo: Nguyen Linh

Not only has the beautiful landscape but the place where the Buddha statue on the top of Ba Den Mountain is located also serves as a place with the architectural style of Buddhism in harmony with many other folk beliefs. According to Tay Ninh tourist experience of many tourists, if you go from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, you will be able to admire with your own eyes a unique and diverse set of cultural – beliefs – religious works. 

From electricity, temples, pagodas, towers, … all have enough to show the typical spiritual imprint of Tay Ninh land. That is why this place attracts a large number of Buddhists in particular and visitors in general to pilgrimage, worship, especially Tet holidays, festivals, weekends.

The statue of Buddha Tay Bon Da Son represents the quintessence of Vietnamese Buddhist culture and architecture. Photo: baotintuc

Especially since the statue of Buddha Ba Tay Bon Da Son , also known as the 72m high Buddha statue in Tay Ninh was completed, Ba Den mountain has been more and more noticed by tourists.

The tallest bronze Buddha statue in Asia. Photo: Thanh Tam

The magnificent beauty of the tallest bronze statue in Asia

After traveling to Tay Ninh, visiting Ba Den pagoda and visiting the mountain, many young people recorded many pictures depicting the majestic scenery of Buddha statue on top of Ba Den mountain . The giant statue, standing out between the windy and sunny natural landscape, overlooks the lush green plains that reinforce the beauty of the mountainous region known as the roof of the South.

The majestic view of the Buddha statue on top of Ba Den mountain. Photo: LamNhatMinh

The statue of Buddha Ba Tay Bon Da Son was inaugurated right before the New Year’s Eve, quickly became a symbolic work of Ba Den mountain and attracted many visitors from near and far. This religious building has a height of 72m and is cast by more than 170 tons of bronze.

Marvelous when standing in front of a proper spiritual work. Photo: ST

The entire Buddha statue includes the lotus, the 5-storey podium and the main statue. With such impressive height and material, up to the present time, this is the tallest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam in particular and Asia in general.

The work is 72m high, cast by more than 170 tons of red copper. Photo: vntrip

In order to create a standard and perfect 72m statue of Buddha in Tay Ninh as if carved into the sky and earth of the Southeast, the artisans had to be extremely careful and careful to achieve all the elements that make up the picture. Vietnamese Buddhist standard statues.

The work will be a prominent highlight not only for the relics of Mount Ba Den – Tay Ninh. Photo: baotintuc

According to many experts, the “Tay Bon Da Son” statue is crafted based on the prototype of Buddha statues in the pagodas of the Le dynasty. Therefore, architectural elements also contain many different meanings. Accordingly, the statue of the Buddha on the top of Ba Den mountain has firm lines, decorated with rich motifs and patterns, creating a beautiful and bold Vietnamese image. 

More specifically, the crown of the Buddha’s head is carved in the image of Amitabha to honor the Buddha’s wisdom, diligence, compassion, understanding, and universal sentient beings.

The statue is surrounded by thin clouds. Photo: thuonghieucongluan

Another advantage of the Buddha statue of Tay Bon Da Son  is to achieve the harmony of many factors, while ensuring the observance of the rules and spirit of ancient Vietnamese Buddhism, with the refinement of robes and robes. hats, patterns, jewelry, both achieve the magnificence of a Great Buddha project and at the same time make a spiritual mark on the model of Quan The Am statue, especially when placed in a unique place. with a separate position like Ba Den mountain.

The statue of Buddha is sculpted to stand majestically on a bronze lotus. Photo:

The meaning of the bronze statue of the Buddha, Ba Tay Bon Da Son

According to many artisans, the Buddha statue work on Ba Den mountain contains a lot of the quintessence of Vietnamese Buddhist culture and architecture as well as clear spiritual meaning.

The statue honors the intellectual beauty and compassion of the Buddha for the world. Photo: Hoang Lam Phan

The first is the patterns and motifs from the statue’s lotus. All are modeled on the shape of a lotus petal on the Le Buddha statue. With the shape resembling a cloud and three drops of water, symbolizing prayers for good weather. Next is the image of the Buddha wearing the crown with the image of Buddha Amitabha. This demonstrates the Buddha’s respect for the Buddha’s complete wisdom and compassion.

Every detail is exquisitely and meticulously carved. Photo: 24iinews

The detail of the statue’s left hand holding the orange vase slopes downwards is meant to be the act of giving blessings, saving mankind from suffering and separation. Finally, the right hand of the statue is raised to shake Karana Mudr’s Cultivation seal corresponding to the meaning of leaving evil karma, ending the creation of karma, suffering.

The Buddha is wearing a crown engraved with the image of Buddha Amitabha. Photo: Thanh Tri

The Buddha Lady in ancient folk beliefs always represents the eternity of wisdom, demonstrating immense virtue and spirit of charity with sentient beings. So after being completed, Buddha Ba Tay Bo Da Son became tourist attractions Xining favorite of many visitors, next to the national park Lo Go – Xa Mat area of ecotourism Long Middle or Chop Mat tower.

Eternal symbol of wisdom, virtue and charity. Photo: baotintuc

Many visitors, after visiting this place, are extremely excited because they have just admired the grandeur of the statue, admired the Buddha’s worship, admired the beautiful scenery on the roof of the Southern House, everyone feels gentle and more pure, temporarily forget the troubles behind. Many young people have “rushed” to plan to check in Ba Den mountain to pilgrimage and take many beautiful pictures with this unique statue.

Many young people also quickly took pictures of the lovely check-in. Photo: 24iinews

Visit the 300-year pagoda on Ba Den mountain

To Tay Ninh, visitors can choose to climb 1,500 steps or take the cable car of Ba Den mountain and visit the statue of Buddha Ba Tay Bon Da Son . After that, do not forget to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery like a fairyland with clouds and mountains, cool wind and especially visit Ba Den pagoda. This is considered one of the holiest religious works in the Southeast with a history of 300 years. 

The ancient temple has harmonious architecture in the style of ancient temples in the country. Although the space inside and outside the pagoda has been restored many times, it still retains the ancient and solemn features.

People can visit Ba Den pagoda to visit and worship Buddha statue. Photo: 24iinews

The early days of spring – the beginning of the year are the most appropriate occasion to travel to Ba Den mountains, conquer the roof of the Southern house, visit the pagoda, go on pilgrimage, admire the Buddha statue with majesty but from marbles. Moreover, visitors can also walk between the beautiful scenery and enjoy the culinary quintessence with the famous Tay Ninh delicacies . So do not hesitate, but immediately plan to check in this place.

300 years old temple on Ba Den mountain. Photo: checkinvietnam

A small note when going to Tay Ninh and visiting the pagoda and visiting the Buddha statue is that visitors need to strictly abide by the requirements of Covid epidemic prevention such as wearing a mask, using antiseptic water, … as well as being vigilant and conservative. Careful jewelry when arriving in crowded places to avoid robbery, pickpockets. Have a happy and safe trip.

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