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The profession of making Tay Ninh specialties has just become a “national intangible cultural heritage”: It turns out to be a favorite dish of young people.

Although there is no sea, this shrimp-related specialty has become a specialty of the land of Tay Ninh.

Going to the West, there are many delicious spices that people here have made. From fish sauce, and cooked rice, to spicy salts are loved by many people. Especially the Tay Ninh shrimp salt dish, a specialty passed down through generations of people, is also a profession that has become a “national intangible cultural heritage”.

Shrimp salt – a spicy seasoning that has stuck with so many generations

Besides rice paper, salted shrimp is a familiar specialty throughout the provinces and cities, almost no one is unaware of this dish. Shrimp salt is paired with all kinds of food, which is fruit dipping, seasoning for grilled dishes, served with rice paper, making dipping sauces of all kinds,… That said, this salt is associated with life. in the daily meals of people in southern provinces and cities. This is one of the meaningful gifts that tourists want to bring back as gifts for their loved ones when coming to Tay Ninh.

Photo: @anngoanmoingay

And today, the traditional craft of salt making in Tay Ninh has been recognized as a “national intangible cultural heritage”. That rustic salt dish has become a symbol of this honest, sunny and windy land. This is both the pride of the people who have been making salt for a long time, and the joy of the children of Tay Ninh.

The profession of making Tay Ninh specialties has just become a “national intangible cultural heritage”: It turns out to be a favorite dish of young people.

Photo: Duong Vinh Tuyen, Tay Ninh Newspaper.

Salt making in Tay Ninh is quite old, since the last century, there have been families following salt making to this day. Despite bringing in flavor from simple ingredients. But in the cup of salt, there is enough sour, spicy, salty and sweet, so many visitors can’t forget it.

Photo: Vntrip

The three indispensable ingredients in this specialty salt dish are dried shrimp, salt, and chili powder. Without these three main ingredients, the soul of the famous specialty will be lost. The ingredients for making shrimp salt will be pureed, mixed with salt, and added lemongrass and garlic in a certain ratio. The final stage is roasting on a hot pan, this is also the most complicated stage to complete the delicious salted dish. Roast until the salt is golden brown and has a characteristic aroma, then it will reach perfection.

Photo: diemmytani

Food is extremely “addicted” by young people

Speaking of snacks that young people love, more or less Tay Ninh shrimp salt is present in it. Shrimp salt is a spice that contributes to the flavor of many dishes. From the spicy rice paper that everyone loves, to the delicious fruit shake with a strong taste of salt.

The duo of shrimp salt – rice paper is like a famous snack that is passed on in the hearts of young people everywhere. Salt appears as well as the ingredients that make up the legendary mixed rice paper and rice paper rolls. Can also become the main character in the spicy salted rice paper. Or simply greased onions, fried onions and shrimp salt – rice paper is enough to make the snacking association fascinated.

Photo: Alongwalker

When combined with fruits, especially mango, guava, toad, plum, …, shrimp salt also makes the taste buds more stimulating. Dew is salted in the traditional way, if you want to change it, you want to shake it with sugar sauce. Or more sophisticated, making a sticky shrimp salt sauce with fruits, seafood, and meat is also reasonable.

Photo: Dien May Xanh, MiniSmart

Today, salt production facilities have also become more professional from promotion to packaging. Salted shrimp has become a familiar dish on supermarkets, on e-commerce floors to export to foreign countries. In particular, shrimp salt is still “sold out” many times on the e-commerce platform because everyone in the family wants to enjoy this sweet, savory, and spicy taste.

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