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One day exploring Lo Go National Park – Xa Mat

TAY NINH  – Loving the fresh air and rare species of flora and fauna, Nhat Minh chose Lo Go – Xa Mat National Park to relax at the weekend.

The situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in the past 2 years has pushed Vietnamese people towards sustainable tourism, avoiding popular and crowded attractions and looking for environmentally friendly places, experiencing healthy activities. as strong as walking, cycling… The travel option of the young man Lam Nhat Minh (born in 1995) is no exception. He and his colleagues visited Lo Go – Xa Mat National Park in Tay Ninh before Vietnam entered the 2020 social distancing period.

Nhat Minh currently works in the field of communication in Ho Chi Minh City. Due to the stressful nature of his work, he often comes to travel, taking photos as a way to relax his mind. “I chose to go to Lo Go – Xa Mat National Park because I wanted to try the feeling of backpacking in the forest, breathing in the fresh air and discovering rare species of flora and fauna. This place is also close to Saigon, so it’s convenient to go back in. The important thing is that Lo Go brings a feeling of love and peace when I set foot on the land of Tay Ninh homeland, “Minh shared.

The guy born in 1995 and his colleagues in the company spent a whole week planning the trip, carefully preparing essential items such as tents, hats, coats… not forgetting the grill and the meat. seasoning for an outdoor barbecue. The group departed from the city center at 5 am, traveling by car along Highway 22 (trans-Asia road) to the national park.

One day exploring Lo Go National Park – Xa Mat
Nhat Minh chose Lo Go – Xa Mat National Park as a weekend destination to return to his hometown and mingle with wild nature. Photo: NVCC

Lo Go – Xa Mat National Park in Tay Ninh has a total area of ​​up to 19,000 hectares, located in the territory of four communes Tan Lap, Tan Binh, Hoa Hiep and Thanh Tay, about 30 km northwest of Tay Ninh town. and about 135 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Minh’s group arrived at more than 8 am, just in time to enjoy the fresh air at the beginning of the day and the early morning sunlight through the forest foliage.

The features of this national park are low hill topography, seasonal wetlands, natural rivers and streams, etc., creating a rich and unique ecosystem. The flora here consists of more than 700 species, with common varieties, such as fenugreek, water oil, honeysuckle, rosemary, cedarwood, linden, sand stilts, etc. Forest animals also possess a large number of mammals. birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects, of which the black-shanked douc langur, Indochinese silver langur, red-faced monkey, sun bear, red wolf and yellow wolf are subject to conservation concern.

At the national park, Nhat Minh has the opportunity to immerse himself in the peaceful, unspoiled beauty of nature at the border while traveling by motorboat on Vam Co Dong river, watching wild flowers and birds on both sides of the river along the river. along the winding current for a length of 20 km upstream. Lo Go – Xa Mat is home to more than 200 species of birds, in which there are many rare water birds such as Giang lotus, Javanese old man, stork, ancient leprechaun… Red-crowned cranes during their migration from the Mekong River to their birthplace, Cambodia.

Nhat Minh’s group had a boat trip on Vam Co Dong River to see the forest landscape and birds and animals. Photo: NVCC

Because the terrain is almost flat and easy to move, Nhat Minh’s group experienced walking through the forest and “mutilated” two ancient trees recognized as Vietnamese heritage trees, including the oleander and the tree. member over 200 years old. The group also took advantage of taking pictures with landmark 132 (2) at the Vietnam – Cambodia border and the scene on the 30 m high fire tower towards Cambodia.

After a long journey with many interesting experiences, a young man from Tay Ninh village chose Da Ha ecological area (belonging to Lo Go – Xa Mat National Park) as a place to rest, set up tents and enjoy lunch with the fields. Karma. Immersed in the wild nature, the whole group had a fun outdoor party with grilled beef with guise leaves, grilled sweet potatoes, grilled corn and rice paper rolls with wild vegetables. “Brilling meat on granite is very quick due to its heat retention and good thermal conductivity, the stone is very hard and not easy to break like tile or brick,” Minh suggested. He also reminded visitors to clean up and put out fires carefully before leaving to avoid forest fires.

The wild and fresh beauty of the forest brings a sense of peace to every visitor when coming here. Photo: KDL Lo Go Xa Mat National Park

For the boy born in 1995, the trip to Lo Go – Xa Mat helped him “wash off” all fatigue and work pressure in the city. Here, Minh feels “like being hugged by mother nature” when traveling on the quiet Vam Co Dong river, immersing in the endless green stretches and listening to the scent of forest flowers in the wind. Nhat Minh said, he will definitely return to visit Lo Go to experience cycling through the forest – something he has yet to try on last year’s trip – after the Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam is under control. Follow vnexpress

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