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Sheep fields at the foot of Ba Den mountain – a brand new virtual living spot in Tay Ninh

Speaking of sheep, we will immediately think of Vung Tau or Ninh Thuan, but few people know that even in Tay Ninh “close to the floor” in Saigon, there is also a sheep field at the foot of the poetic Ba Den mountain that captivates tourists.

About the sheep field at the foot of Ba Den mountain

At the foot of the towering Ba Den mountain, specifically in the Heo mountain strait, about 2km from Tay Ninh shooting range towards Nui Da lake, in Thanh Tan commune, Tay Ninh city, Tay Ninh province, there is a small sheep field consisting of 35 lovely children, as a highlight, make the magnificent scenery of Tay Ninh mountains and heaven become softer and gentler, so they have been called by many people with the dear name ” sheep village “.

Peaceful sheep field at the foot of the mountain (Photo @thuu_huongg)

According to Mr. Nguyen Thai Hau – the owner of the farm, at first, this place was just a wild land, but after the trip to Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan, seeing that his friends raised many sheep were too lovely and noticed the atmosphere. The climate in Tay Ninh was quite similar to Phan Rang, so he decided to learn how to raise and buy 20 sheep to raise for fun.

The capital only comes from a simple personal preference, but because the location of the Tay Ninh sheep field is so convenient, many tourists come to visit Nui Da lake when passing through, and so “good news from far away” and now it has become the most “hot hit” virtual living spot in the Holy Land that everyone who comes to travel wants to visit.

Sheep fields at the foot of Ba Den mountain – a brand new virtual living spot in Tay Ninh
The sheep attract a lot of visitors (Photo @hey_bearbi)

A poetic scene in the sheep fields at the foot of Ba Den mountain

As soon as they set foot in the poetic sheep field in Tay Ninh , visitors will immediately be attracted by the peaceful, very poetic scenery of the mountains, the green grass, the vast fields with streams and rivers. The river meanders gently and the clouds and the sky are full, making all the fatigue and hardships seem to be swept away.

The poetic scene in the sheep field (Photo @dahfrks)

Sheep here are not as many as Suoi Tien sheep field in Ninh Thuan or Gia Hung sheep hill in Ninh Binh, but because the sheep here are taken care of by the owner every day, they are extremely clean, each one is white and smooth. Like cotton, it’s very bold, so you can comfortably create all shapes with them to check in, making sure the sheep will coordinate well.

Live a virtual life of thousands of likes with sheep (Photo @tbong.2n2)

Moreover, to serve the virtual living needs of visitors, the owner of the sheep field at the foot of Ba Den mountain also decorates beautiful miniatures such as: old wooden door, bare tree stump, rustic wooden fence or stacks of straw curled up lying on their sides overlapping each other…allowing you to take 7749 photos without fear of collision. 

Virtual living corner in the sheep field (Photo @phuong_vicent)

The attraction of this sheep field is so great that not only young people but even the bride and groom couples come here to take wedding photos, both cheap and “buy” photos “to “life”, who is not “drunk like a cigarette”.

After taking pictures, reward the lovely lambs in the sheep fields of Ba Tay Ninh mountain with some food such as grass, leaves or a bag of unfinished popcorn in your hand, they will surely will not hesitate to enjoy. Or simply sitting and watching them carefree running around the lawn will also make the traveler’s soul very peaceful.

Just sitting and watching sheep is great (Photo @ly.anh.thu)

In addition, because the sheep here are very friendly, parents can also bring their children to visit and play with them. This will be a great way to both entertain and teach children about the animal world.

Revealing, the wool of the sheep here is very soft, so hugging it will make you fall in love.

Super soft fleece (Photo @domthuy_)

So, even if you can’t climb to the top of the mountain to admire the “fairy landscape” on it, don’t worry, because the sheep field at the foot of Ba Den mountain is enough for you to have 1001 beautiful virtual photos like in Taiwan and Posted all year.

How to move to the sheep field at the foot of Ba Den mountain in Tay Ninh

From Saigon, you can move to the sheep hill at the foot of Ba Mountain by many different means such as: public transport (bus, coach) and private vehicle (motorcycle, car).

With public transport : You go to Ben Thanh market, take bus 703 to Moc Bai, then take bus 05 to Tay Ninh. Or go to An Suong wharf to buy a bus ticket to Tay Ninh. Then, when you get off at the station in Tay Ninh city, take a motorbike taxi or taxi to go to the sheep field.

For private vehicles : You run along Highway 22A to the junction of Go Dau town, then turn onto Highway 22B and go about 60km to Tay Ninh city. From here, you go along provincial road 785 to Ba Mountain, when you are near the gate, you will see a sign pointing to Long Dien Son tourist area, then run in and you can reach the romantic sheep village nestled in the majestic mountains. .

Note : photography fee here is 10,000 VND / person and 50,000 VND / wedding photography team.

This life is inherently busy, especially when the process of urbanization is happening faster, finding a peaceful and poetic place like a sheep field at the foot of Ba Den mountain to relax is not an easy task. Therefore, when traveling to Tay Ninh, do not miss this “fairy place”.

Photo: Internet

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