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What is special about the great Buddha statue at the top of Fansipan winning the Asian record?

The Great Amitabha Buddha on the top of Fansipan has a special structure with a steel frame that withstands strong winds and harsh climates.

The great Buddha statue on Mount Fansipan has just been recognized 2 world records provided. In 21.4 days, at the 5 year anniversary of the inauguration online slings Fansipan, contemporary works of Amitabha Buddha, district tourism Sun World Fansipan Legend (TX.Sa Pa, Lao Cai province), received 2 records of the Vietnam Record

Organization and the Asian Record OrganizationSpecifically, this work is recognized to reach 2 records, including The bronze Amitabha Buddha is located at the highest height in Vietnam and the bronze Amitabha Buddha is located at the highest height in Asia.

The majestic Amitabha Buddha statue atop Fansipan.PHOTO BY VU BAO NGOC

The great Buddha statue has a height of 21.5 m, is crafted from tens of thousands of copper plates, each 5 mm thick plate with a total weight of 62 tons. The copper plates are machined in place and clad in accordance with the mechanical pressure technique on the iron frame structure with a volume of nearly 1,000 m 3 . On the body of the statue, there are decorative relief patterns bearing the mark of Tran art.

The great Buddha statue shimmering in the purple sun on the top of Fansipan.PHOTO TO BA HIEU

According to the artisans, this is also the most amazing bronze Buddha statue created in Vietnam with techniques applied for the first time. The most special feature of this project is located on the top of a high mountain, a harsh climate. In winter, there is frost and snow, so the frame is made of steel with a special structure to withstand strong winds.

Located in a harsh climate, the Buddha statue on the top of Fansipan is designed and crafted with special techniques.PHOTO CAPTURED

Unlike many Buddha statues in many spiritual works that are often painted white or inlaid with gold, the great Buddha statue on Mount Fansipan is painted in dark color to harmonize with the majestic natural scenery on the Northwest peak. Follow Thanh Nien Online

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