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Thanh Hoa specialties: All 21 most famous specialties in Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa land in the past is now famous as a land of “masterpieces of the gods”. So Thanh Hoa tourism is not only about enjoying poetic beauty, hospitable people. It is also an opportunity for people to embrace historical relics. And if you ever visit, you can hardly ignore the uniqueness of Thanh cuisine.

Thanh Hoa specialties fascinate all culinary devotees

Harrowing gear
Thanh Hoa specialties: All 21 most famous specialties in Thanh Hoa

These cakes have a rather strange name derived from their appearance. Each name alone is enough to see how qualified the baker is.

Harrow gear (non-glutinous cake) is wrapped from rice flour, pork and banana leaves. The simple ingredients, but through skillful hands, the Thanh native has brought to life a delicious cake that is unmatched. The difference of Thanh Hoa harrowing gear is using banana leaves through the fire to achieve enough softness.

Hitch teeth eat best when still hot. The peanut wafers have a quick bite, and the flavor of the cake will bring about a very appealing experience for visitors.

Sour meatball

Thanh Hoa Nem chua can be said to be the most famous of all kinds of spring rolls.

People still remember the sweet and sour taste of each long roll. To achieve this, Thanh Hoa people have to choose pigs that have just been slaughtered which are still hot and smelly. Seasonings are often added with a spicy variety to balance and enhance flavor. Then pack all in banana leaves or banana seeds wait 1-2 days to be able to enjoy.

Of the rolls Thanh Hoa red roses hidden in thick blue green banana leaves very attractive. Perhaps because of the mind that people put into each spring roll, every bite of a spring roll, people can feel a unique taste that only in Thanh Hoa.

Shrimp rolls

Shrimp cake is a unique specialty and has a very characteristic flavor of Thanh Hoa land.

To have delicious chewy shrimp rolls, people choose shrimp in Sam Son beach. Hand-pounding is not too fine so that the shrimp still has its flavor. Then when I just mixed with fried meat, minced onions and spices that made it attractive.

The special shrimp cake is that you use thick noodle rolls to roll well and then clip the grill over the embers. When cooked, the prawns have a crisp yellow crust, the fat inside is absorbed into the noodle cake, so it’s crispy but not dry.

Prawns served with pickled sauce mixed with papaya thinning and supplemented with two. In order to reduce the appetite, people also eat raw vegetables such as perilla, fish lettuce, cheeks …

Saigon Phi Bridge

Phi is a marine species living in both salt water and brackish water, but there are many in the coastal areas of Cau Sai – Thanh Hoa. Few people know that this very strange species of seafood was once a product of advancement. So what’s so attractive?

Phi is shaped like a sea boy, with a thick white intestine. In which, the Sai ball is the most delicious and richest. The prodigy lives in the sand and has to rely on water cells to dig. The job of digging is very arduous but brings delicious food to the world, it seems that the Thanh people do not care much.

Phi can be processed into different dishes. If you want to enjoy the pure flavor, you can eat it under. In addition, dishes such as cooking soup, frying when combined with spices increase the flavor of the phi. Especially, not to be soaked in sand and processed raw, the new dish is considered to be the right taste.

Grapefruit Luan Van

Local people also tell how to use wine to clean grapefruit can preserve fresh grapefruit for up to a month.

Referring to Thanh Hoa, people cannot help but think about the sweet and delicious grapefruit Luan Van. Luan Van grapefruit has been crowned king thanks to its sweetness and outstanding red color when ripe.

Young Luan Van grapefruit are no different than normal grapefruit. Around October, November of lunar calendar begins to dye red from the peel to the pomelo shrimp. Luan Van grapefruit is also a symbol of luck and fortune, so it is very popular.

Not all of us have many opportunities to visit Thanh Hoa. So having the opportunity to travel to this place, do not forget to bring some red grapefruit as gifts.

Way to go

Difference or salad is a dish made from a very famous fish in the North, including Thanh Hoa.

The small fish are prepared and marinated with a rich aroma. The soft parts are the skin and the fish bones deep fried, the dried tangerine peel is cooked to compare. This is also considered the soul of this dish. When eating the salad, roll the wild vegetables into a funnel for the fish and pour it into the water. Cover with a piece of rice cake and enjoy once to all the funnel to see all of their poems.

Ditch is present in many places, but each region has a unique culinary feature waiting for you to explore.

Shrimp sauce

Not suddenly, but the dishes from the countryside are always strangely delicious. From the close ingredients and the authentic taste of the country, it makes the countryside more attractive. Speaking of which, I remember that Thanh Hoa shrimp paste, although tiny, delicious, is not inferior to the delicacy.

Shrimp fish sauce must choose very fragile shrimp. Then mixed with hearing with the appropriate rate incubation for 1 month is used. The fluffy shrimps, but not losing their toughness, have a sour smell and a seductive red glow.

Porridge soup

Soup porridge is a dish only available in Thanh and carries bold culinary features of the land of the spirit.

People choose delicious chewy soup fibers with a layer of rice flour. When dipping the cake soup in will just cook until and create a consistency for the broth. The bowl of banh canh is even more attractive when the broth is cooked from a delicious bone somewhere with some red shrimp. Ladle into the cup for more sate, cilantro is ready to enjoy.

Soup porridge is an unforgettable dish for those who have ever traveled to Thanh Hoa . Along with other specialties, porridge soup is contributing day by day to this local cuisine more beautiful and unique than ever.

Nam Ha’s bread

Nam Ha Bread Truong Thi Street is a brand associated with a family of traditional stores. The attraction for the past 20 years of Nam Ha bread is that the taste has not changed.

To have delicious cakes, the owner is very delicate from the selection of fresh ingredients. The cake has a lot of filling for guests to choose from. Along with a little family sauce makes the cake different from many places.

Nam Ha bread is quite cheap, so anyone can enjoy it without thinking about the price.

Sauce molded cake

The sauce casting cake is a popular dish and is associated with the childhood of many Thanh people.

Same name, but the sauce cast has its own flavor and beautiful emerald green color. The cake is made from rice flour, when eaten, spread the green beans and beat them. As the name suggests, the cake must be eaten while it is still hot and smelly. The seller even has to wrap the pot over a layer of cloth and plastic to keep the heat.

The sauce cake can both eat and rub because it is “hot” and you just love the taste of the rice flour and the sweet fat of the beaten green beans.

The loads of burdens bouncing around on the street, making people remember that the childhood with silver chips had run out to the alley to watch the girl selling hot cakes pass by.


The rice roll is a dish crystallized from the diligence and creativity in the moisture to create the delicacy of the people in the Ma River delta.

The cake crust is made from non-glutinous rice flour. The rice is selected from the famous rice growing areas of Thanh Hoa. The cake pouring process also requires the employee to be very dexterous. So that the layer adjoins the layer without tearing. The cake is both thin but not too thick. The cake filling includes bacon, shrimp, and dried onions in a layer of white rolls.

The rice rolls are often served with the dipping sauce made from the second best fish sauce in Thanh’s seas. Or you can eat with crispy minced meat, silk rolls without fear of losing the characteristic flavor of the cake.

Four Pillar Hemp Cake

Tu Tru gai cake or Lang Sugar gai cake is a specialty that attracts many people when they arrive in Thanh Hoa.

This cake looks simple, but it is processed quite meticulously. People mix glutinous rice flour, hemp leaf powder and molasses until they are sticky. The filling usually includes green beans, pork, roasted coconut and banana oil for flavor.

Tu Tru hemp cake wrapped in banana leaves and dried pepper and wrapped around. Hemp cake steamed for 10 hours is edible. The smooth black cake has the aroma of glutinous rice, banana oil, the fatty taste of the meat and the mild aroma of dried banana leaves.

The cake likes shrimp

Banh xeo at first glance looks like pancakes in the south. However, when enjoying, there is a very unique style of Thanh origin.

Cake filling is a combination of cabbage, celery and shrimp. Shrimps also jump a little is a part of the appeal of this dish. When the cake is just cooked, fold it right back on the plate.

Shrimp delight cake with sweet and sour fish sauce. When eaten, the sweet taste of celery vegetables and cabbage. Unlike other specialties , cakes must be eaten while still hot and not greasy when eaten.

Bitter leaf soup

Bitter leaf soup is a unique dish of Thanh Hoa people. The bitter taste of vegetables cannot be confused with bitter or bitter vegetables. Very unique and very strange bitterness of this land.

Depending on the region, people cook soup with chicken, chicken, pork or beef. However, definitely indispensable two kinds of lemongrass and batch. This helps to rebalance the taste and appetite.

The bitter leaves are often bitter but sweet. The Thanh people often use bitter leaf soup to relieve boredom to help improve their appetite during the meal.

Minh Chau Banh Mi

Minh Chau craft village has been famous for more than a hundred years for its aromatic rice cakes. The village is always bustling all year round with hands gently rolling the cake to dry the cake all day.

Banh Da is usually made of rice flour, there are other places using tapioca, green beans, corn … And with the exclusive mixing ratio of flour has created the cake unmistakable. When rinsing, add a little black sesame to create an irresistible fatness.

Depending on the thickness, people use banh mi with different dishes. But no matter what appears with any dish, Minh Chau rice cake always retains its famous delicious flavor.

Fish sauce

Although it is just a rustic dish, Mam Cay is also a Thanh-built specialty that everyone wants to taste once.

The plant is usually shaped like a crab but is smaller. The fish sauce-making machine is usually the red plant . They started to clean, crush and mix with hearing. It takes longer than a month to incubate to enjoy it.

Sprouts incubation time red au, sometimes even snoring flavor of the field. But do not be afraid because the first taste is the sweetness that gradually spreads in the mouth. Mam Cay is used as an indispensable dish in Thanh Hoa cuisine.

Dam Clay perch

In Thanh Hoa, perch lives a lot in the lower Chu river. The perch Dam Lightning when cooking with this sweet sound was the second quarter to carry the king. In addition, because of its unique natural flavor, Dam Set anabas always has a separate position than the fish of the same name.

The sweetest perch is the most fatty in the rainy season. Depending on the creativity that the chef can process into many different dishes. But it must be skillful that the fish is not fishy and does not get punctured by the fish’s fins.

Cuisine with Dam Set perch attracts customers in the same place, but the taste is completely different. From anabas to grilled straw, deep fried, cooking cabbage soup … every dish will satisfy the most demanding diners.

Phu Quang green tea

Tea lam in the past was used as a delicious dish only used for ancestor worship or Tet holidays. Today visiting Thanh Hoa, you can enjoy green tea in all seasons of the year.

Phu Quang lam tea is a perfect combination of the ratio of sticky rice, malt, molasses…. Molasses must be what has been imprisoned in Kim Tan sugarcane land. The honey of the slug has just started, then add the ingredients and stir well so that all of them are evenly blended. The next step is to cut the tea into bite-sized pieces and wrap it in dried banana leaves or plastic to preserve.

Thanh Hoa lam tea has a yellow color if enjoyed with green tea, the fruit is no longer comparable.

Chi Ne Wine

Chi Ne wine is the second best specialty in the North. People love wine so much that in the whole village of Chi Ne – Cau Loc, 95% of households cook this wine.

Chi Ne wine has a special taste thanks to the exclusive rice, water and yeast brewing. Water is usually taken from groundwater so it is very sweet and pure. Thanh Hoa people also skillfully created a combination of wine yeast from 36 medicinal herbs. All these things have brought to life a kind of aromatic and spicy wine, but it is easy to fall in love with people.

Chi Ne wine is not only a drink for occasions but also brings very high nutritional value.

Sweet cake

In Thanh Hoa it is called banh Nho, particularly in Nghe region it is called sweet cake

The pastry is something that is classified as a popular and inexpensive street vendor. However, if you have once enjoyed this dish, you will never forget this dish.

The cake is made from glutinous rice flour, filled with green beans and coconut fiber. The broth is cooked from molasses and some ginger slices. The soft pastry has a sweet molasses taste and the elegant aroma of ginger. The baguettes are usually sold in the afternoon when the belly is gone. Blame everyone looking for her to sell pastries to drop by once.

Leaf Broth

Brown leaf is the kind of tree that grows wild in the forest and produces many leaves from April to July. This is also the best time, so people compete to pick them to dry for the whole year.

The broth soup has a bitter taste and then gradually sweetens the throat. Hot summer days just need a small cup of soup to cool down how much.

Brown leaf broth is usually cooked with tomatoes and copper shrimp. This soup is not overly sophisticated, but the harmonious combination makes people want to eat it forever.

Brown leaf is a popular dish but indispensable in the meals of Thanh Hoa people. If you have a chance to visit, do not miss the chance to enjoy this delicious dish.

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