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Come to Hon Trong Hon Mai Sam Son to hear the legend of a faithful love affair

Hon Trong Hon Mai Sam Son is located on Truong Le mountain, belongs to Sam Son town, associated with the legend of a faithful love affair from ancient times.

Travel to Trong Hon Mai Sam Son island

On the way up Truong dependent mountain Sam Son town, Thanh Hoa province, you will encounter two large stones, stacked on a large stone pedestal. A pointed rock lay on top of a large rock that resembled a rooster; The opposite is smaller, shaped like a hen. These strange-shaped rocks seem to be precarious, but very certain, have endured through the time between the blue sky and the sea breeze. It is associated with the legend of a fidelity love between a couple who lived and died together in a great flood. The image of Hon Trong Hon Mai island in Sam Son is the symbol of hard-earned love and the loyal love of couples.

Come to Hon Trong Hon Mai Sam Son to hear the legend of a faithful love affair
Hon Trong Mai – attractive sights in Sam Son

Follow the shady path running up the mountainside and between the pine trees you will reach the ruins of Truong Le mountain. This place has romantic scenery with green pine forest, the sound of waves crashing the shore … There are many mountains on the mountain, but especially the Hon Trong Hon Mai Sam Son is a photo-taking place. Traveling or stopping on the way to the top of Co Tien mountain.

Any guest visiting Sam Son would like to check-in Hon Trong Hon Mai

In 1962, Hon Trong Hon Mai was recognized by the Ministry of Culture as a national-level monument and scenic spot that needs to be protected and preserved. According to the people here, the reason for the name Hon Trong – Hon Mai and is handed down from generation to generation because they look like rooster and hen, overlapping in a very odd way but are attached results with a faithful love affair – a tragic love story passed from generation to generation.

Hon Trong Mai is a symbol of loyal love

In the past, there was a hardworking guy living with his wife in this area, the couple’s feelings were very close. Until one day, a cataclysm brought sea-level rise, making the village submerged in seawater. With nothing to eat, the young man decided to use the last of his strength to go up the mountain to find food to bring to his wife, but he never returned. The wife then went up to the mountain to look for her husband and found that her husband had unfortunately died here and that his wife had died. 

This fidelity, life and death together touched the gods and they were transformed into two birds wrapped together. When they got back to heaven, the gods wanted to bring the birds together, but because of their love for their homeland, the birds wanted to stay. Then they are turned into two rocks together forever and stick with their homeland and villages.

View from the top of Truong Le mountain to Sam Son beach

Places to visit near Hon Trong Hon Mai islet

After visiting Hon Trong Hon Mai, you can continue to climb Truong Le Mountain and go to Co Tien Temple , an ancient temple, with a beautiful view of the rocky beach at the foot of the mountain. This temple is also famous for its sacredness and attracts many visitors to pray. In addition, the temple is also honored to be the resting place of Uncle Ho when coming here in 1960 and is being restored and repaired many times.

Co Tien Sam Son Temple

Doc Cuoc Temple was established in the Tran dynasty (1225 – 1400) is a temple located at the foot of Truong Le mountain range, before going to Hon Trong Hon Mai Sam Son, you can stop here to see the temple and pray for peace. . The temple is located near Sam Son beach and you have to go up to the temple through a 40-step stone staircase. In the temple, there is a wooden statue of Doc Cuoc god with only one arm and one leg. This temple is associated with the legend of a giant man who ripped his own body to both fights the enemy sea demon and the mainland enemy to save the villagers.

Entrance to Doc Cuoc Temple

Sam Son Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam and is always the busiest beach in the North. This long beach about 6 km from Lach Hoi estuary to the foot of Truong Le mountain is divided into 4 beaches A, B, C and D. Come here, you should once watch the sunrise on the sea, the beauty of dawn on the sea. At this time, it was like the beauty of a dreamy girl after a very warm and impressive sleep.

Sam Son Beach

In addition, if you want to buy fresh seafood, you can go to  Cho Vo which is a unique market in Sam Son beach. You should get up early to go to this market once, there are fishing boats selling fresh caught seafood, this is also the place where you can learn and feel about the life of the people here. The special thing is that you will see firsthand the scene of fishermen pulling nets on the expansive beach.

Seafood market on the beach

In addition, visitors will immediately find the busy night market, which is also a Sam Son tourist destination . All kinds are fresh seafood, street food, sidewalks selling a lot of snacks. With more than 200 booths and 2 entertainment areas, it is also an ideal destination for visitors who want to have fun, visit and buy Sam Son gifts.

Sam Son Night Market

With its historical values ​​and profound human significance, Hon Trong Hon Mai Sam Son is a cultural destination that you should visit when coming to Sam Son.

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