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130 billion Hung King Temple in the West

CAN THO – After 30 months of construction, the construction of The Hung King Temple funded by Van Phu – Invest on an area of 4 hectares in Binh Thuy district has been completed, will inaugurate the upcoming anniversary.

Hung King’s Temple is funded by Van Phu – Invest to be built in the Administrative Area – Cultural and Sports Center of Binh Thuy district, Vo Van Kiet street, about 2 km from Can Tho airport. The project is now completed, ready for the anniversary of the 10th of March.

Mr. Luong Thanh Son, Director of the Project Management Board (Van Phu – Invest), said that the investment capital of VND 129.5 billion from socialization sources, including the following items: main temple, operator, service house, ritual, brewery, road yard, greenery, air-conditioned lake.

The main temple is 19.5 m high, has an area of nearly 1,300 m2, has a circular shape built on a square background, symbolizing heaven and earth.

“The design is reminiscent of the image of Ngoc Luong bronze drum, surrounded by 18 bows with patterned sculptures, symbolizing 18 generations of Hung King,” said the head of the project management board, adding that the main temple block is located in the middle of the circular air-conditioned lake with a diameter of 90 m, more than 6,500 m2 wide. The lake shows the characteristics of the western river.

The main shrine inside covers an area of 400 m2, placing the altars of Hung Vuong Fatherland, Lac Long Quan Patriarch, Au Co Mother, Lac Hou, Lac General. Drums, bronze bells, and ancient bronze drums are processed from Phu Tho province to settle in this space.

Surrounding the main temple are 54 cylindrical pillar blocks 4.5 meters high, one meter in diameter; formed into a circle in the air-conditioned lake, the pillars symbolize the community of 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam.

The ritual is 9 m high, built with solid stone-clad concrete pillars supporting the roofs. The form of the ceremonial roof has the traditional house appearance of the ancient Vietnamese.

The brewery is built in the middle of the temple yard, more than 300 m2 wide, 11 m high, simulating the traditional house architecture in the South, tile roof, supported by wooden columns. Beer is made of granite 2.05 m high, horizontal 1.1 m, placed in the center, generalizing the history of the Hung King era.

Workers Nguyen Van Nhan took care of the lawn and trees on the grounds of Hung King Temple for more than 2 months with a salary of VND 250,000 a day. “There is a hung king temple in Can Tho, working relatives like us are very convenient to light incense, remembering the gratitude of ancestors who have built the country,” Mr. Nhan said.

Lake worker Nguyen Thanh Nhan (left) is working with colleagues to patch, replacing the last stone bricks that were scratched due to the process of transporting ornamental plants and supplies into the construction site.

“We have been attached to this place for more than 2 years, feel very happy and proud to contribute to this meaningful work,” He said.

Artisans from Thanh Hoa province cast a set of 9 bronze drums to provide the Hung King Temple in Can Tho city on the occasion of the anniversary of The Nest.

Elite craftsman Thieu Quang Tung, 57, commands the copper drum casting team to inspect the newly released product. Each drum has a diameter of 61 cm, a height of 50 cm, a thickness of 6-12 mm.

“The casting of a set of copper drums in about a week consists of 5 stages: kneading the molding ground, depicting the pattern into the drum mold, finishing the thao, cooking copper and pouring copper into the mold, polishing and finishing the product,” tung said.

A bronze drum face is molded, completed in Can Tho.

The main entrance to the Hung King Temple in Can Tho is nearly 18.8 m across, 12.7 m high, inlaid with stones.

On the evening of April 6th (March 6th), Can Tho City will hold the inauguration ceremony of the Hung King Temple. From April 7, the Temple will be open to residents and visitors to visit, visit, offer incense …

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