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Temple of Hung King works 130 billion VND in Can Tho

After nearly 2 years of construction, the temple project of King Hung in Can Tho, with an investment of 130 billion VND, on an area of ​​4 hectares, has been completed 90%.

The Temple of Hung King was built in the administrative area – Sports and Cultural Center in Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City, from the capital of socialization. The items include: main temple, operator, service house, ritual house, beer house, yard, greenery, lake …

Mr. Luong Manh Son – Director of Project Management Board said that the whole project is expected to be completed in early September.

The main entrance to the temple is painted in white on top; the pillars are inlaid with stone. The construction unit is completing auxiliary items such as decoration, trees, entrance gates, fences, lighting …

Worker Nguyen Xuan Hung, 18 years old, is painting the middle gate at the entrance to the main shrine room.

The main temple block is 19.5 m high, an area of ​​nearly 1,300 m2, located in the middle of a circular air-conditioned landscape lake with a diameter of 90 m and a width of more than 6,500 m2. The lake brings the river characteristics of the Mekong Delta.

The main temple block has a circular structure on a square background, representing heaven and earth. The design reminds the image of the Ngoc Lu bronze drum, surrounded by 18 arches with ornate patterns, representing the 18 Hung Kings.

The circle surrounding the main temple is 54 cylindrical pillars 4.5 meters high, one meter in diameter, representing 54 ethnic groups in the country.

“Over the past year, I was hired here as a temple. This work is very meaningful,” said Do Van Tam – a mason in Phu Tho province.

The 400-square-meter main time is the place to worship the Fatherland Hung Vuong, the Father Lac Long Quan, the Mother Au Co, Lac Hau, Lac General. Along with the chau drums, bronze bells, and old bronze drums are brought from Phu Tho province to the main altar of the Temple of Hung King in Can Tho.

“The main shrine at the temple has been completed, ensuring the death of the Patriarch on March 10 of the lunar calendar”, said Mr. Luong Manh Son, Director of the Project Management Board.

The spirit of 18 liters of water was taken from the temple well to worship two princess Ngoc Hoa and Ngoc Han in the Hung temple area in Phu Tho and brought to the throne of Hung King Temple in Can Tho. In addition, the spirit of 18 kg of land was also brought back from the Thuong Temple in Phu Tho.

“The procession of spiritual aura from Hung Temple includes land, water and incense to show the continuation and inheritance of the Hung kings”, said author, cultural researcher Nhan Hung in Can Tho.

Reliefs 3.5 m high, 9.5 m wide about the legend of Lac Long Quan and Au Co are placed on the left of the main hall. To the right of the altar is a relief of the legend of Mai An Tiem.

Leaders of Can Tho city and functional branches inspect the death anniversary of the Patriarch at the Temple of King Hung.

The main road in the temple area is prepared to decorate the anniversary of the Patriarch’s death. Since 2007, the 10th day of the 3rd lunar month every year is the anniversary of Hung Vuong’s death.

UNESCO recognized “Worshiping beliefs of King Hung” as “the oral masterpiece and the human intangible” on December 6, 2012. Follow vnexpress

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