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Amazing nature in Tuyen Quang

TUYEN QUANG – Photographer Le Cao Hai explores the majestic natural scenery of Na Nang lake, Phia Vai cave, Khuoi Nhi waterfall, and Nam Me waterfall.

Photographer Le Cao Hai (commonly known as Hai Le Cao, born in 1984), born in Hung Yen, is the manager of the Born to Wild Fanpage , which currently attracts more than 31,300 members. It is also a page for him and other people who are passionate about trekking and adventure travel to natural spots to post photos after the trips.

In May 2021, Mr. Hai and his group of friends had an amazing trip to Na Hang – Nam Me and recorded a series of memorable photos.

Na Hang in Tay language in Tuyen Quang means “last field”. This is a nature reserve with an area of ​​over 21,000 hectares, of which Na Hang Lake has a surface area of ​​8,000 hectares. On the photo is a view of a charming corner of Na Hang Son Thuy lake, the confluence between the Gam and Nang rivers.

A small corner to make a living on the surface of Na Hang lake without ripples. In the legend, Na Hang Lake is the place where the phoenix bird flies, forming 99 mountains, today is likened to “Ha Long dried up in the middle of a thousand”, of which Pac Ta mountain is the highest.

“I often watch channels and documentaries about discovery and exploration and have 12 years of conquering places with landscapes that are a bit like wild nature across the country. Therefore, the locations and the set of photos I made all follow the wild criteria above,” Hai shared.

Tourists depart from Ben Thuy, Lam Binh and go on a boat to admire the magical scenery of the islands around the lake and especially the emerald green water. You can stay overnight by the lake to wake up early in the middle of Na Hang Lake, feeling a vast and peaceful space.

Khuoi Nhi Waterfall has 2 floors. Climbing from Na Hang Lake up 100m to the first floor of the waterfall, there is a blue lake about 50m2 wide, deep enough for swimming and playing in the water. There is a small “massage” fish with a little finger that pulls to nibble every time a guest relaxes.

According to Mr. Hai, the 2nd floor of the waterfall is more majestic, enjoyable for swimming and taking photos, going in the rainy season the waterfall has a lot of water and green moss clinging to the rocks, so it will be more beautiful.

The boat is parked outside Phia Vai cave, about 20 minutes away from Khuoi Nhi waterfall. Here, archaeologists have discovered two burial relics and a fire stove from the Stone Age over 10,000 years. Due to the rainy season, the water rose so it was difficult for the boat to enter the cave. Mr. Hai and his friends decided to swim in to explore the cave about 15-20 m.

If staying outside the cave, visitors will surely be surprised with the wild, green scenery and large stalactite piles.

One of the not-to-be-missed landmarks on Na Hang Lake is Coc Vai Islet, which in Tay language means “tied buffalo”. This stone pile has been formed for thousands of years, standing in the middle of the lake and on the cliff with green trees.

The most interesting trip Na Hang – Nam Me of Mr. Hai’s group was the day of climbing Nam Me waterfall, in the territory of Khuon Ha commune, Lam Binh district. According to Mr. Hai, the distance to climb the waterfall is about 6 km, there are rapids, streams and rocks continuously and there are 3-4 extremely difficult climbing points with vertical walls, 10-15 m high and slippery moss.

Therefore, this climbing spot is challenging and adventurous, with protective equipment for safe climbing, only for those with good health and climbing skills.

The road to Nam Me waterfall was very difficult, so the group left all unnecessary things in the boat. Going up the waterfall has 2 main directions, one is to cross the forest road, this road is long, far and has many squeezes, the other is to climb straight up the stream.

Hai’s group decided to go to the second direction under the guidance of the local people and the support of the porter (the porter cum guide).

Climbing to the waterfall is also the time when people have time to relax, listen to the breath of the mountains in the middle of the wild nature. Nam Me Waterfall has many floors, strong flowing water and white foam. The tiny water droplets that fly in the wind create a cool space.

“Emotions burst when conquering the waterfall, really lucky to live with nature, where there are no phone waves, no more work and connecting with many friends with the same passion”, Ms. from Thai Nguyen), joined the climbing group with Mr. Hai, took pictures in the wild on Nam Me waterfall.

Mr. Hai shared that while climbing, filming and taking photos for about 2 hours, he reached the main waterfall, the waterfall fell from above, looking like “fairy hair in the middle of a thousand”. However, one of the important things people need to know when climbing a waterfall is that the climb is tiring and laborious, but it is easier than climbing down because the descent is dangerous and requires more skill, especially the need to stabilize the mind. physical.

The campsite of Mr. Hai’s group is located right next to the fanciful dead palm trees under the starry night sky. According to the share of the people here, this palm beach is flooded with water, the upper part is raised high, so it is likened to Bach Dang pile yard. In the dry season, the palm beach will be more exposed and an attractive place for tourists to visit with many beautiful photo angles.

To fully explore Na Hang – Nam Me, you should go 2 days and 1 night. You can take a car, motorbike to park 300m away from Ben Thuy, send fee 50,000 VND/day and then start the journey to explore Na Hang lake bed. Boat rental costs 2.3 million VND for two days, it is recommended to go in small groups to save costs.T

There are many attractions on the itinerary, but notably Khuoi Nhi waterfall, Phia Vai cave, Coc Vai island… You should camp at Bai Coc Chay and spend the next day exploring the green forest, climbing waterfalls. Nam Me. Note, the trip includes trekking and adventurous waterfall climbing, so go with a group of friends to support on the road and hire a guide cum transporter (porter). Follow vnexpress/ Photo: Hai Le Cao

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