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What’s funny about Chiem Hoa tourism in Tuyen Quang, why do young people go so much? 

The trip to Chiem Hoa Tuyen Quang will bring visitors many interesting experiences about the beautiful scenery and the life of ethnic minorities here.

Where is Chiem Hoa district?

Chiem Hoa is a mountainous district in the north of Tuyen Quang province, bordering Bac Kan and Ha Giang provinces. From the center of the province to here about 67 km, the road is relatively convenient thanks to many important traffic routes built in the district.

What’s funny about Chiem Hoa tourism in Tuyen Quang, why do young people go so much? 
Chiem Hoa – the beautiful land of Tuyen Quang province. Photo: @chandu539

On the tourist map of Tuyen Quang , Chiem Hoa district gradually becomes a favorite destination. The district has many beautiful natural scenes such as streams, waterfalls, caves, fresh green mountains and forests. In addition, there are 18 ethnic minorities living in Chiem Hoa area, forming a multi-identity community. 

It has beautiful nature, fresh streams and waterfalls. Photo: @_hangdang_

In recent years, Chiem Hoa has been invested to develop community tourism models, attracting a large number of tourists to visit and explore. Coming here, visitors can experience the natural beauty of heaven and earth, stay at homestays and enjoy delicious specialties of local residents.

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Experience of traveling to Chiem Hoa Tuyen Quang

Chiem Hoa district, Tuyen Quang province is located in a low tropical climate. Therefore, in winter, the scenery here is adorned with fog, becoming poetic and lyrical. In the remaining seasons, the fresh and pleasant nature helps visitors have a complete travel journey. Chiem Hoa Tuyen Quang

tour will take tourists to visit a land with many large mountain ranges such as Khau Buon mountain, Cham Chu mountain with an altitude of 900 – 1000 meters, drawing a majestic scene. Along with that are the green, fertile valleys with many agricultural crops planted. 

Pure spring in Chiem Hoa Tuyen Quang. Photo: @lamaihuyen

As a mountainous locality, Chiem Hoa still has a diverse river system. Coming here, visitors can visit the romantic Gam River, visit the Lo River or experience beautiful waterfalls and streams. It is rivers, streams and waterfalls that also contribute to creating impressive beauty, promoting the development of Chiem Hoa tourism in Tuyen Quang.

Winter is really dreamy in Chiem Hoa. Photo: @chandu539

Vi vu Chiem Hoa, visitors cannot ignore the beautiful Ban Ba ​​waterfall, located in Trung Ha commune. This waterfall is created by nature into 3 majestic floors called Tat Gio, Tat Cao and Tat Cum. For many tourists, Ban Ba ​​waterfall has become a destination in Tuyen Quang
 not to be missed because of its majestic and cool beauty. 

Dawn rises in the fields of Chiem Hoa. Photo: @puholii

Coming to Ban Ba ​​waterfall, you will admire the long streams of water flowing through each ravine, pouring down as white as a picture. To conquer the waterfall, visitors have to pass 3 floors in turn by climbing up the rocks and slopes. At each level of the waterfall, there is a small lake for you to bathe and swim to your heart’s content. 

Today, Chiem Hoa is visited by many tourists because of its lyrical beauty and close people. Photo: @chandu539

Traveling to Chiem Hoa Tuyen Quang , in addition to discovering Ban Ba ​​waterfall, visitors can also experience Khuon Hoa waterfall. This is also a beautiful waterfall, made up of 11 streams from the top of Tin Phuc mountain. Around the waterfall are rows of cool and shady trees, bringing a very relaxing experience to visitors. 

Beautiful Ban Ba ​​waterfall in Chiem Hoa district. Photo: @timeoutvietnam

Khuon Hoa Waterfall is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, with beautiful and majestic multi-storey structure. Although not as famous as Ban Ba ​​waterfall, this is also a beautiful destination not to be missed. Not only meaningful for tourism, this waterfall is also responsible for providing domestic water for indigenous people.

This place is very suitable for hiking. Photo: @scorpiwolf_82

Regarding tourism in Chiem Hoa Tuyen Quang, visitors can not only bathe in waterfalls or admire the scenery. This journey is also an opportunity for you to discover more cultural values ​​of the ethnic minorities here. The locality has many Tay, Mong, and Dao people living together in harmony, preserving long-standing and unique customs and habits.

Rivers, hills and plains intertwine, painting a very beautiful picture in Chiem Hoa. Photo: @grant.zheng_

Exploring the villages of indigenous people, visitors will learn more about the craft of knitting bamboo and rattan rings, experience life in a stilt house, listen to Then sing and eat delicious specialties of Tuyen Quang. Surely these will bring back many precious memories.

Note when going to Chiem Hoa Tuyen Quang

Chiem Hoa tourism in Tuyen Quang is still a new thing for many tourists. However, that is why there are many interesting and interesting things hidden. Among the communes of this district, Trung Hoa commune is the place that you should visit. There is Ban Ba ​​waterfall, beautiful Khuon Hoa waterfall, homestay system to serve tourists staying overnight.

It only takes 1-2 days for you to explore all of Chiem Hoa. Photo: @h.pham_0

There are many homestays in the commune, but Tat Cum, Thuon Chang and Phieng Khang are chosen by many people because of their spacious and cool space. Besides, the homestay also integrates a full range of services to give visitors the most complete stay.

Visitors can discover the indigenous culture of the people here. Photo: @vietnamrejser

According to the experience of many tourists, you only need 1-2 days to enjoy an interesting trip in Chiem Hoa district. This journey is not only an escape, a resort but also an opportunity to understand more about the culture and history of the beautiful Tuyen. 

Peaceful roads to Chiem Hoa district. Photo: @vietnamese_photo

If you have the opportunity, try once to visit Chiem Hoa Tuyen Quang to see that each destination in the North contains many interesting and interesting things. Whether it is a short or long trip, it will give you valuable memories of a youthful youth. 

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