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Discover Bac Son flower valley – the largest flower field in Vietnam

Bac Son Flower Valley was opened in 2017. After more than 3 years of operation, this place has been increasingly expanded and become an attractive tourist destination in Lang Son.

Where is Bac Son flower valley?

Bac Son flower valley is located in Tran Yen commune, Bac Son district, Lang Son province. This is the largest flower field in Vietnam with more than 20ha and many different species of flowers. In which, the largest area is rape flower. From Hanoi, take Highway 3 to Thai Nguyen City. At the intersection of National Highway L3, 37, 1B, continue to move along National Highway 1B about 80km. Go to Nga Hai, then turn onto provincial road 241 to Tran Yen commune. Then ask the people here the way to the flower valley. It will take you more than 3 hours for 170km of road.

Discover Bac Son flower valley – the largest flower field in Vietnam
Beautiful Bac Son flower valley

Bac Son is also known as the ” golden valley of Lang “ . In the past, this valley was used by people to grow corn to earn extra income. However, realizing the low value, a local travel company decided to plant flowers to develop tourism. Since then, Bac Son flower valley has gradually become beautiful and famous. 

When it first opened, the flower field was only 6 hectares wide. Thanks to the super beautiful and attractive virtual living corners, this place gradually attract more tourists to visit. Up to now, the flower field has expanded more than 3 times and welcomes more than 60,000 visitors each year.

The flower valley is more than 20 hectares wide, attracting a lot of tourists

Check-in at Bac Son flower valley

Bac Son flower valley is located in an extremely beautiful location. Surrounded by majestic limestone mountains. These mountain ranges help to form a valley in the “concave” with super-beautiful photography angles like the photo below. 

Surrounded by super beautiful mountains and hills
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Referring to Bac Son valley, it is also indispensable to have the typical flowers of the Northwest such as buckwheat flowers, white cabbage flowers, butterfly flowers, … All create a vast and enchanting scene full of emotions. . Imagine you are lying in the middle of a flower field up to 20ha wide. Underneath are fragrant flowers. Above is the high blue sky. Enjoy the fresh air, away from the city smog. Oh, what could be more wonderful and romantic than that!

Purple butterfly flowers

Well, it’s not just flowers. The valley is also decorated with many beautiful miniatures such as bamboo pinwheels, giant wooden bridges, love seats, … for you to freely check-in virtual living.

Photo: @irjstrangtuyet

In addition, coming to Bac Son Flower Valley , visitors can also enjoy the delicious specialties of the Northwest. Take pictures, but still don’t forget to eat your stomach, right? During the festival season, there are also very special cultural and artistic programs such as singing then, dan dan.  

Photo: @chanchan_sco

The best time to visit Bac Son Flower Valley?

With a cool climate all year round and flowers blooming in 4 seasons, Bac Son flower valley is always an attractive destination for flower lovers across the country.

Spring from February to April is the spring when flowers bloom. This is also the most beautiful time of the year to take beautiful photos for a lifetime.

Bac Son flower valley in spring

From June to October is when the butterfly flowers bloom. The whole field is a “heart-melting purple” color. This is also a beautiful time to travel to Bac Son because this season is always sunny and cool, with almost no rain. 

Purple flower season is heartbreaking

Buckwheat flowers usually bloom around October-December. And November – December is the most beautiful time when the mustard flowers bloom. These are also the two flowers with the largest planting area in Bac Son flower valley . However, the winter here is quite cold, so you should pay attention to bring warm clothes and hats.

Photo: @tuyetphuongggg

The buckwheat season is coming. Take advantage of scheduling a trip to Lang Son for yourself and your loved one and explore this flower valley.

Photo: Internet

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