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Trekking ‘roof top’ Lang Son

Phia Po Peak (Mountain Cha), 1,541 m high, still has a pristine beauty, is a new trekking point for many tourists.

Phia Po Mountain is called Mountain Cha by local people, located in Mau Son mountain complex, Lang Son province 30 km from Lang Son city, nearly 200 km from Hanoi. Located at an altitude of 1,541 m above sea level, the Phia Po peak is also the “roof” of Lang Son. This is a new trekking spot on the tourist map, so it remains untouched.

From Hanoi, tourists often choose a 2 day 1 night schedule, take a car or motorbike to close to the foot of the mountain and hire a guide, porter to carry things such as tents, food to climb to the top.

The journey to conquer Phia Po is divided into 2 stages. The first day trekking 3.5 km from the foot of the mountain to the campsite, setting up a dining tent and overnight. Day 2 continues to move to the highest peak of the same length. The total trekking journey for 2 days is about 14 km.

The road is not too long but steep. The trail has just opened, people with good fitness can go for a day, those who want to trek and take a break from recovery should go for 2 days.

The first day, visitors travel from Hanoi to Loc Binh, Lang Son for about 3 hours, have lunch in the district before entering the foot of the mountain to start the climbing journey in the early afternoon. Initially you will pass through dense forests with narrow paths nestled alongside ancient tree roots and precarious boulders. Next is through the gentle hills, covered with low grass.

In the autumn, the green grassy hills turn into the color of burning yellow grass, and in the spring, the old grass is covered with mist and clouds. Currently, in April, there are always clouds in Phia Po, covering the valleys, making the landscape even higher and more magical.

The journey from the foot of the mountain to the campsite takes about 2 – 2.5 hours, it may take longer for people who are physically weak or like to stop for landscape photography. You will rest here. At night, the temperature here ranges from 19 to 22 degrees C, possibly with negligible drizzle. Guests should bring an extra set of clothes and socks to change the room when wet.

On the second day of the trip, the journey was about 3 – 3.5 km in the forest, but the terrain was steep and the primary forest was denser. Especially in the rainy and humid season, there will be many mosquitoes, so visitors need to prepare closed clothes, hats, towels, long clothes and use insect repellent.

Even if it’s a weekend, visitors won’t meet too many climbers. The landscape, vegetation here is diverse and the change of clouds makes every step a surprise.

Trekking Phia Po peak in April, visitors can also see pink azaleas, dig bells, orchids … and forest flowers blooming along the way.

The last stretch to reach the top of Phia Po looks like a giant dinosaur spine, covered by low shrubs, tall grass, to trees. During rainy days, visitors will see the sea of ​​clouds from here and enjoy the feeling of clouds falling down the path.

Next to the mountain is a forest of ancient rhododendron trees with intricate roots and trunks, covered with moss and lichen.

On the second day, tourists climb to the top in the morning, then return to the campsite for lunch, clear the tent and go down to the foot of the mountain in the afternoon to return to Hanoi in the evening.

Tour 2Nights camping trekking price of 1.5 million / person. The price includes a tour guide, a porter carrying things from the foot of the mountain, tents, and food for the sessions. If tourists are self-sufficient for food and tents, the price is 500,000 VND / person/day for tour guides and porters. Currently, Mr. Dinh Van Hong (1989) has more than 3 years of experience in instructing, is the only one officially making a tour of Phia Po climbing. Follow vnexpress

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