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Cao Bang Sour Pho: sobbing deliciously, culinary devotees can hardly restrain!

With the rich and delicious taste of fried bacon, roasted duck, sweet and sour sauce, fragrant plastic noodle cake, and a bit of crunchy crispy fried potato fiber, Cao Bang sour pho always makes diners crave every day. when it comes to. 

Cao Bang Tourism, if it comes to certain dishes to try, Pho Chua is one of the most prominent names. This is a famous specialty of the Cao Bang land and is also a dish that makes people here feel proud when talking about their homeland’s cuisine. No one knows where Cao Bang sour pho comes from, only knows that this dish has been present in the culinary culture of the people for a long time and has become one of the most typical dishes of this place.  

Cao Bang Sour Pho: sobbing deliciously, culinary devotees can hardly restrain!

Cao Bang sour pho is a famous dish that is loved by tourists. @go_moment

Cao Bang’s specialty pho is memorable thanks to its unique taste 

The dish is rustic but sophisticated in the way of processing 

Pho chua has a very sophisticated way of processing with many ingredients and processing stages. The ingredients of the dish include bacon, Chinese potatoes, typical tubers only in Bac Kan and Cao Bang, pork liver, pork stomach, duck meat, Cao Bang noodle cake, spices and spices. herbs served. 

To have a delicious and delicious pho, it must go through many stages. Photo: @jamaimunich

Cao Bang Sour Noodle is a form of dry noodle so all ingredients are processed separately, when eaten, they are mixed, not cooked like some other types of pho. Specifically, the bacon will be carried away until the golden is crispy beautifully, the potato is cut and deep fried, the pork liver and the pig’s stomach are cleaned and cut, then fried, and the sausage is also fine. to be fried, the duck meat is marinated with various spices and leaves with honey, then roasted until it’s golden crispy and fragrant.

Ingredients for sour pho are also very rich. Photo: @macthanhbinh

The taste of Cao Bang sour pho is determined by the sauce, people will prepare the sauce with the water in the duck’s stomach which is roasted with the honey hook, followed by the scent of onion, garlic, add sugar vinegar, Fish sauce, fresh garlic in the pot together with water to add a little powdered semolina until compared.

When selling sour pho, people will quickly put all the ingredients in the bowl and then pour the final broth. You just need to mix the bowl of pho, then you can add herbs but basil, split spinach, oregano, lettuce … or add lemon, chili and soy sauce according to taste and enjoy. 

The dish features an attractive flavor 

Cao Bang Sour Noodle is famous for its delicious taste, this dish has an attractive taste like the sour pho of Lang Son or Bac Giang, So when exploring Cao Bang , enjoying sour pho is the experience indispensable for many tourists. 

The taste of Cao Bang sour pho is very special. Photo: @ hongkieu88

Taste soup sour Cao Bang is very unique and attractive with duck fat taste of the day, the toughness of noodles, fleshy of peanuts, potato ships and liver mixed with bacon and roast pork. The aroma of the molasses leaves together with the pungent taste of the chili makes the dish have a unique and more attractive flavor. In particular, although there are fried bacon, sausage and duck meat, this pho is not boring thanks to the balanced sourness. 

Even if you eat a lot of sour pho, you will not be bored. Photo: @meigeni_linhlinh

The taste of Cao Bang sour pho is so attractive that diners who have enjoyed it said that this dish can be compared with the pho in Hanoi or the noodle dish of the Southern people. 

As a cold dish you can enjoy sour pho at any time of the day, Cao Bang people will often enjoy this attractive dish in the morning.

Suggestions for the address to enjoy delicious Cao Bang sour pho 

Cao Bang’s sour pho is an attractive dish both in terms of taste and flavor, so not only locals but also tourists coming to Cao Bang will find and enjoy this dish. 

The dish is widely sold in Cao Bang. Photo: @ ng.tpt_

As a regional specialty dish, Cao Bang sour pho is sold in many places, when you want to enjoy it, you will have a very diverse choice. One of the famous sour noodle shops in Cao Bang is the sour noodle shop Quyen on Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Cao Bang City or the sour noodle shop at the head of Song Hien bridge in Hop Giang ward. Xanh market, right near the Cao Bang city bus station to enjoy this dish, there are many delicious sour noodle shops in the Green market so you can freely choose. 

If you are new to Cao Bang for the first time, visit the Green Market to taste sour pho. Photo: @trangpxp

Traveling and discovering Cao Bang cuisine , you definitely have to find and enjoy the famous sour Pho, to enjoy the typical delicious taste of one of the “branded” dishes in this country. Surely, you will be captivated for the first time and will still crave a lot when talking about this delicious dish. 

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