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Going to Cao Bang, do not forget the fragrant, sticky lam sweet soup cake

Cao Bang is known as a land with many beautiful landscapes with vast forests and rivers, still retaining its wild beauty. This place is also home to many ethnic minorities, so the culinary space here is very rich. Combined together are the available ingredients to create delicious dishes including Cao Bang lam Sweet Soup cake.

Cao Bang is the residence of many ethnic minorities, so the culinary space here also has a lot of unique beauty, special taste in great style. In addition to the majestic scenery, visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy dishes that have never been tested before. Delicious dishes in Cao Bang must be mentioned such as gooseberry, ant egg cake, Cao Bang lam Sweet Soup cake, sticky rice cake, Sweet Soup med rice cake or 7 dishes roasted duck, …

Cao Bang green Sweet Soup cake

Going to Cao Bang, do not forget the fragrant, sticky lam sweet soup cake
Famous Cao Bang Sweet Soup cake

Perhaps referring to lam Sweet Soup, people are no longer strangers because in our country there are many places that have this cake such as sweet Sweet Soup, lam Duong Sweet Soup, lam Bac Giang Sweet Soup, Thanh Hoa lam Sweet Soup … But Each place brings its own taste to the eater.

Here Cao Bang lam Sweet Soup dish is often used in the traditional Tet holidays. Gradually things get easier so people can enjoy this cake all the months. Like other lam Sweet Soup cakes, the lam Sweet Soup here is also made from very close ingredients such as roasted glutinous rice flour, roasted peanuts, malt, and ginger.

The ingredients are as close as: roasted glutinous rice flour, roasted peanuts, malt and ginger.

Raw materials for lam Sweet Soup cake 

Ingredients for making green Sweet Soup: Roasted sticky rice powder, roasted peanuts, ginger and malt. However, for the cake to be delicious and supple, the ingredients must be carefully selected. Glutinous rice for making lam Sweet Soup must be a delicious sticky rice with large, firm and even seeds, molasses must be a thick, thick molasses (if replacing by diameter, choose a pure white diameter).

Processing is a very meticulous process and the cook must be patient. Glutinous rice, after being carefully selected, will be put into a roasting pan, this process requires the roaster to have experience in “fire soup”, the fire must be even, neither too big nor too small, the hand Always stir evenly so that the sticky rice is cooked evenly, and will not be embarrassed. After roasting the sticky rice, let it cool and use a mill to create a fine dough. In parallel with that, the ingredients must also prepare peanuts that are roasted and peeled, sliced ​​ginger.

Shredded ginger

Ginger must choose old ginger for small roots, this ginger type ensures that green Sweet Soup has a fragrant flavor. Ginger, after being washed off, peeled, is sSweet Soupmed, then sliced. By doing this, the ginger will be less intense and fragrant. Peanuts also choose the big seeds that are cleaned, then roasted, crushed, crushed, just right.

The most important step is to win the secret. Molasses is a special type of molasses pressed from the stalk of a sharp cane, the small stem of yellow water. For delicious lam Sweet Soup, molasses must be delicious. If the honey is sour or bad because the secretive worker is overpowered, it should be discarded because the lam Sweet Soup at that time will not taste any more.

Honey is put in a cast iron pot and stirring on a low heat until compared. To test the viscosity of honey so that it is correct, the cook will use a bamboo chopstick to pull the honey, when the honey is no longer dripping down and pull the filament bright like a mirror. Nowadays, insSweet Soupd of spending time fumbling molasses, people choose to win sugar. Although it is fast, convenient, but lam Sweet Soup is hard to eat, lose its sweet taste and correct words like the old writers, it “cannot be loved”!

The most important step is to win the secret

When the honey has enough cohesion, the sweetness will add other ingredients. Roasted peanuts, ginger will be added and the glutinous rice powder is also poured at this time. When the fire does not need to be too loud, just hot enough, the baker will stir his hands evenly so that the dough doesn’t stick and doesn’t burn.

At a tray already sprinkled with glutinous rice powder, this time will put green Sweet Soup on it. The layer of dough just now will help keep the cake from getting sticky and create a new layer for the cake to be more delicious. The hands of the baker are kneading the cake until the cake is soft, the Cao Bang lam Sweet Soup dish has been completed.

Delicious lam Sweet Soup cake is a harmonious combination of ingredients; the stickiness of the density, the fineness of the powder. That requires the skill of the baker, the green Sweet Soup is full of flavors so it is very appealing: it is the toughness of the glutinous flour, the sweetness of the honey, a little spicy of ginger, a A little bit of peanuts. All give the cake a passionate taste to ecstasy.

Enjoy the right taste of lam Sweet Soup cake

Cao Bang lam Sweet Soup cake will be eaten while enjoying Sweet Soup

Cao Bang lam Sweet Soup cake, when eaten, will use a knife to cut into small pieces, the cake has a very mild taste that suits everyone’s taste. The cake is very sticky but not sticky, the flour is fine, the honey is fragrant, adding the spicy taste of the forest and the crispness of the roasted peanuts, thereby creating a wonderful cake. Especially in the last days of the year, when the weather has turned frozen, on the table are pieces of blue Sweet Soup and a cup of hot Sweet Soup. Visitors eat the cake while taking a sip of the Sweet Soup, the flavor of the Sweet Soup blends together to create an extraordinarily delicious feeling. Especially in a close natural space with the chirping of birds, the close sound of leaves also creates a wonderful scene.

Cao Bang lam Sweet Soup always has a taste of upland nature

Cao Bang lam Sweet Soup always has a taste of upland nature. All of them leave a deep impression on the heart of visitors when coming here to eat the cake while enjoying the scenery. Sweet Soup specialties here are always the number one choice in choosing gifts for everyone when traveling here.

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