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Destinations in Tra Linh Cao Bang are always ‘on top’ searched by young people

There are many destinations in Tra Linh Cao Bang possessing enchanting beauty as a fairy scene that makes visitors remember once and for all. What locations are those? Find out in the following article. 

Destinations in Tra Linh Cao Bang enchanting beauty throughout the four seasons

1. Lake Thang Hen

Thang Hen Lake is the most popular destination in Tra Linh Cao Bang today. This is a freshwater lake complex located in Quoc Toan commune, Tra Linh district. From the city center to here is about 30 km. Although the road is a bit far and you have to go through the pass, Thang Hen Lake is always a very hot coordinate. 

Destinations in Tra Linh Cao Bang are always ‘on top’ searched by young people
Thang Hen Lake is about 30 km from Cao Bang city center. Photo: @linh2506.__

Starting from the city center, visitors follow Highway 3, then continue to go provincial road 205 to reach the left-hand turn to go to the Thang Hen lake eco-tourism area. At this location, you have to cross about 10 km more passes to reach the lake located at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level. 

This is a freshwater lake complex located between the mountains of Tra Linh district, Cao Bang province. Photo: @benz.mind

After a journey of more than 1 hour, visitors will come to the beautiful Thang Hen lake located in the middle of the natural picture of the mountains and forests. Thang Hen lake complex consists of 36 large and small lakes with many names such as Thang Vat, Thang Loong, Na Ma, Thang Hoi,… In which, the large lake located in the central position is the most beautiful, attracting many tourists. most check-in. 

Thang Hen Lake is green all year round. Photo: @huong_com

This beautiful lake is surrounded by mountains, hills, and green forests, creating a dreamlike and dreamlike scene. Coming here, you will be able to see the lake’s calm as lullaby, the water in the lake is always turquoise and clear, and still cool. All blend together, creating a beautiful, captivating picture.

The scene that just standing in, you have beautiful photos to take home. Photo: @thuylinh.99_

Any season is suitable for you to check in at Thang Hen lake. In spring, there are many blooming flowers around the lake. The summer climate is cool and pleasant. Autumn is the time when the trees around the lake change their leaves to yellow, the scene is like the European sky. When winter comes, the lake water recedes low, the air also becomes colder. 

Thang Hen Lake is beautiful in four seasons of the year. Photo: @tinhtungtang_

Having the opportunity to check in this destination in Tra Linh Cao Bang, you will get yourself countless quality virtual live photos. Along the lakeside, there are protruding rocks for visitors to stand in and take pictures of. You can rent a boat to explore the blue lake bed and save beautiful and peaceful moments. 

The peaceful beauty of Thang Hen Lake in Cao Bang. Photo: @chuymxanh

According to the Cao Bang travel experience of many tourists, the best time to admire the scenery of Thang Hen Lake is at dawn when the sun has just risen. The first rays of sunlight penetrated the thin mist, illuminating the lake surface like a beautiful giant mirror appearing in front of our eyes. At this beautiful moment, visitors are spoiled for photography. 

2. Mountain of God’s Eyes

Eye of God Mountain is also a destination in Tra Linh Cao Bang that attracts many tourists to visit. This place is also known as the Thung Mountain, located in Ban Danh hamlet, Quoc Toan commune and in the Thang Hen lake complex. Therefore, visitors can easily combine to explore both places in Cao Bang travel itinerary for convenience. 

God’s Eye Mountain is also known as Perforated Mountain. Photo: @ross_wont_go_home

To facilitate exploring the mountain, visitors should go by motorbike to cross the beautiful roads before coming to the mountain with a partially punctured top. Right on the top of the mountain formed a cave like an “eye” with a diameter of about 50 meters, wide enough for anyone to see from afar. 

The beauty is like the “deep mountain with the cup” of Mat Than Mountain. Photo: @vietnam_travel_media

It can be said that Mat Than Mountain is one of the most unique mountains in Vietnam. Surrounding the mountain is a complex of other low mountains, forests and far away are large lawns, a clear green lake. Because of this beautiful scenery, people fondly call this place “great love cup”. 

Many young people choose to go to God’s Eye Mountain to camp. Photo: @ri_16.03_

Although it is far from the city center about 50 km, the beautiful scenery in Thung mountain makes people fall in love. Regardless of the season of the year, this place is very beautiful and peaceful. Coming here, you will see herds of horses and cows leisurely grazing on the green grasslands, everything is as beautiful and idyllic as stepping out of the movies.

The scenery around Than Eye Mountain is very peaceful and poetic. Photo: @flora_trang37

According to the experience of discovering Tra Linh Cao Bang of many tourists, September – October every year is the most ideal season to come here. In this season, the water around the lake often recedes, revealing more lawns, the natural scenery is also fresh, cool and more poetic. Whether for sightseeing or picnicking, camping is suitable.

This scenery just needs to sit in to have a beautiful photo. Photo: @jellkz

Many young people liken the beautiful scenery at the Eye of God Mountain to a small corner of Mongolia because of the vast green grasslands stretching to the distance. In the distance, the green mountains and forests are beautiful, how poetic. This place to take virtual photos, organize a picnic party is really great. 

3. Ma Phuc Pass

One of the most attractive destinations in Tra Linh Cao Bang today is Ma Phuc Pass. This pass is also located in Quoc Toan commune, about 700 meters above sea level. As one of the most beautiful and famous passes in the Northeast, Ma Phuc pass makes visitors fall in love even while walking on the pass and looking down at the top. 

This is one of the beautiful passes in Cao Bang province. Photo: @gui.tonon

Ma Phuc Pass is also known as the 7-storey pass. Having the opportunity to drive through Ma Phuc pass, you will enjoy the beautiful and majestic scenery of Cao Bang province. One side is a craggy mountain, the other side is a deep abyss before your eyes. Therefore, going on the pass you have to be very careful, focus and keep a moderate speed. If you see a beautiful corner, you can stop the car and enjoy the scenery. 

Blurry scene on Ma Phuc pass. Photo: @gui.tonon

Like many other destinations in Cao Bang , Ma Phuc Pass each season has a different beauty. In summer, there is often fog on the pass in the early morning creating a fanciful picture. Winter here is quite cold. However, in spring, the trees are green, the fresh air is much more pleasant. 

Along the two sides of the road are beautiful natural scenery. Photo: @honghanh.phamnguyen

Basically, the total length of Ma Phuc pass is only about 3.5 km, so the journey on the pass is not too long. In return, you can see the majestic mountains of Cao Bang and feel the difficulty of the pass. In addition, visitors can look to the position above the top of the pass to look back at the whole pass zigzagging like a giant python wandering among the forests. 

If you have the opportunity, try conquering Ma Phuc Pass, Cao Bang. Photo: @d2qleathergood

From a high position, visitors will have a full view of the beautiful, poetic and majestic Ma Phuc pass. To build a beautiful and safe pass like this, it is really a pride of Cao Bang people. Find the right beautiful location, you can also take back great check-in photos. 

About Tra Linh Cao Bang, you remember once conquering Ma Phuc pass. Photo: @tule_ny

The above are the destinations in Tra Linh Cao Bang that if you have the opportunity, you should explore once to see that this is truly a beautiful land of the far northeastern border. Each destination has its own identity, but everywhere is beautiful, every place promises to bring visitors a series of extreme virtual life photos. 

Photo: Instagram

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