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Overwhelmed with beautiful scenery in the largest flower garden in Dong Nai

In the field of brilliant flowers, from residents to traders, they are busy with their work. The car trips filled with pots of Tet flowers left, bringing spring air spread all over the streets and streets.

From around mid-September to early October, many households in Quang Trung commune, Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai province (near Dau Giay intersection) started to temporarily put off growing vegetables and crops to focus on seeding and planting flowers for Tet.

Particularly large chrysanthemum varieties are sown first, while shorter varieties such as marigolds, chicken crests, sand wall … are sown after a few weeks.

Right from the beginning of the season, many traders have come here to order. According to the gardeners, in order to have a source of quality flowers for sale during Tet, in addition to timing the seeding on schedule, it depends on the weather situation.

This year, the weather is favorable, so the people here have a good growing season with high quality.

Overwhelmed with beautiful scenery in the largest flower garden in Dong Nai
Normally, from December 20th of lunar year, chrysanthemum will bloom, stretching the golden color throughout the immense field.
The pots of brilliant yellow flowers alternating, evenly straight, create a picturesque scene.
These days, local people are busy watering, shaping, pruning buds, … for each flowerpot to prepare for delivery to traders.
In order to get the quality, beautiful flower pots and sell better prices, the gardeners have hired more labor to help care for the flowers.
The brightly yellow flower pots prepared to be transported by merchants to everywhere.
Each Tet flower crop, Thong Nhat district provides millions of flower pots to Dong Nai market and neighboring provinces and cities.
However, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, this year, people here only use 10 hectares of area to grow flowers, a decrease of 3 hectares compared to every year.
The output of flowers is small but the demand is still very high, so these days, traders everywhere come to Quang Trung commune early to “have a place”.
Even gardeners do not have enough flowers to distribute in the market.
The busloads of flowers in and out bustling throughout the field, “sowing” spring to all villages and street corners.
The people are excited, radiant for a good year, ready to welcome a decent and lucky new year.

Thao Trinh/Dan trí

Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

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