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250,000 baskets of raspberries for Tet

DONG THAP – The raspberry chrysanthemum fields are blooming yellow and the garden’s high pace of work brings a very close Tet atmosphere in Sa Dec.

The households growing raspberry chrysanthemum gather on provincial road 848, on the territory of Tan Khanh Dong commune, from Sa Dec to Cao Lanh.

From January 22, the raspberry chrysanthemum fields from green buds have turned yellow. This is also the time when gardeners actively take care of and nourish flowers to sell to traders.

In the case of raspberry chrysanthemum for Tan Suu Lunar New Year 2021, gardeners in Sa Dec provided more than 3 million baskets of flowers to the market, of which more than 250,000 were raspberry chrysanthemums.

Farmers water the flower stump and only lightly spray the top of the bed in the early morning to avoid damaging the flowers.

In Sa Dec, people plant raspberry chrysanthemums in pots placed on trusses, underwater fields, convenient for people to paddle between flower beds to water

The work of taking care of flowers on Tet days is very urgent to promptly sell to traders and transport to big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM City.

Women stand on a rowboat, or pick up the extra flowers from each pot to make the flowers bloom evenly and beautifully.

The remaining blooming flower pots to be sold to traders are expected until December 22 of the lunar calendar (February 3).

Mr. Truong and his wife (photo), Loan, in Tan Khanh Dong, said this year planted about 7,000 baskets of raspberry chrysanthemum, depending on the beauty of the flower pot, they sold to traders for three prices of 150,000 – 170,000 VND / pair. .

“The flower pots for early blooming care are now sold to traders, serving the needs of decoration projects, flower miniatures, Tet flower market and in Sa Dec flower village tourist area”, Truong, with more 20 years of experience in flower growing said.

This year, flowers bloom beautifully, round and round due to favorable weather and gardeners have a lot of experience in flower treatment techniques.

Thuy Duong, a tourist from An Giang, took a commemorative photo at the raspberry chrysanthemum field. In the past few days, the beautiful raspberry chrysanthemum fields here attracted many photographers and tourists to visit and take photos.

Raspberries are difficult flowers to grow, taking about 6 months of care. If the tree is mature, but the canopy is flat, it will lose its value.

This is one of the expensive flowers during Tet holiday but is still favored by people because of its durable flowers, often lasting for more than a month. At the same time, the bright yellow color and radiant design of the flowers symbolize the prosperity and reunion that many people love to enjoy in the new year.


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