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Five specialties of Sa Dec

DONG THAP – noodle soup, silkworm cake, grilled snakehead fish… are specialties visitors should try when they have the opportunity to come to Sa Dec city.

Sa Dec is a small, peaceful city in Dong Thap province. This place is not only famous for many beautiful landscapes, and is the largest flower basket in the Mekong Delta, but is also remembered for many delicious dishes. If you visit Sa Dec, you must definitely enjoy the following specialties.

Sa Dec noodle soup

Hu Tieu is one of the most famous dishes in Sa Dec. In particular, the ingredients that make up this dish are indispensable for noodles made from rice flour, soft but not friable. According to locals, the secret to a delicious bowl of Sa Dec noodle soup is that the noodles should be boiled quickly in boiling water, not too long, it will be mushy and broken.

Raw materials such as liver, kidney, and meat … should rub salt thoroughly, and clean to not smell. The broth is cooked from the bones of the stewed tube and removed the foam immediately to keep the broth clear. In order for the broth to have a characteristic and sweet smell, there must be a few more dried squid and dried shrimp.

Five specialties of Sa Dec

Sa Dec bowl of noodle soup with clear soup, white bread, some indispensable ingredients are pork liver, meat, kidney, quail eggs… are arranged plumply on the layer of noodles; accompanied by chives, bean sprouts and a few stalks of lettuce combined with fresh chili, satay… for a more rounded dish.

Silkworm cake

Silkworm cake is also one of the specialties not to be missed in Sa Dec. In particular, silkworm cake is the secret to making the dish unique, with a very elaborate process of rice flour and tapioca flour, then kneading and turning into fibers and then steaming. The skin is cut finely mixed with spices (some places have added shumai or spring rolls), herbs, bean sprouts, cucumber, sweet and sour fish sauce and greasy coconut milk.

The silkworm cake will be placed on a plate, on top are herbs, bean sprouts, cucumber, extra skin, spring rolls and coconut milk, sweet and sour fish sauce on top. Each strand of silkworm cake is mixed with sweet and sour fish sauce, adding the fatty taste of coconut milk, the aroma of hearing loss, for an unforgettable taste.

Grilled snakehead fish

As one of the specialties of Sa Dec, grilled snakehead fish is loved by many diners. This dish has a simple preparation with easy-to-find ingredients such as snakehead fish, herbs, cucumbers, lotus buds…

Grilled snakehead fish with dried straw until golden brown is fragrant, soft, and sweet. When eating, take meat rolls with vegetables, vermicelli dipped with tamarind fish sauce, add spicy chili for a balanced taste.

Crazy fish hotpot

This is a typical dish of the floating season in Sa Dec with two main ingredients: Linh fish and Dandelion cotton. Linh fish tail was removed, washed, drained and marinated with garlic, monosodium glutamate (main noodles), sugar. Next, the cotton buds are removed from the stalks, washed with water and dried. This hot pot is cooked with fresh coconut water, seasoned with fish sauce, sugar, tamarind, chili, garlic… seasoning to taste.

When eating, put the fish in the hot pot and quickly take it out to enjoy. Where ever you go to eat the crazy cotton, put it in the hot pot to go there. This rustic, simple dish is dipped in salty fish sauce and chopped chili.

Water lily braised sauce

Another rustic dish in Sa Dec is braised fish sauce served with water lily. This type of cotton also appears most during the floating season. Cotton when picked, washed, and cut into stalks. In particular, this dish uses fish paste or fish choke to cook the fish sauce with ingredients including lemongrass, bacon, snakehead or goby… and then season to taste. When eating, just put the water lily in and take it out immediately to keep the crispness fresh.

For the people of Dong Thap, the braised fish sauce must be eaten while it is still hot to be delicious. The aroma of fish sauce and rich taste let diners fully feel the essence of the domestic wind in Sa Dec.

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