30.01.2022, 20:19

Bunch of giant raspberry daisies in Sa Dec

DONG THAP – Flower bouquet made from 400 pots of raspberry chrysanthemum 7 m high, 12 m long, and 12 m wide, outside covered with 1,200 bamboo trees, attracting many visitors.

Bunch of giant raspberry daisies in Sa Dec
The largest recorded bouquet of chrysanthemums in Vietnam. Photo: Ngoc Tai

Mr. Tran Anh Dien (38 years old), an owner of a huge bouquet of flowers, arranges them at his family’s attraction on Cai Dao – Sa Nhien street, Sa Dec city. The man with many years of experience in floriculture took nearly 10 days to complete the bouquet, the purpose of which was to create a highlight from the typical flower of his homeland. In addition to the daisies, he used the eight fairy cactus to make the border of the bouquet and some flower pots to embellish it.

Giant chrysanthemum bouquet is made from 400 pots of chrysanthemums. Photo: Ngoc Tai

To keep the flowers fresh, Mr. Dien watered them twice a day and replaced them with new flowers every 10 days. The total number of flowers used before, during, and after Tet is about 2,000 baskets, just counting the cost of chrysanthemum flowers, he costs about 200 million VND. Besides 400 baskets on the bouquet, Mr. Dien also displayed 800 more pots around the attraction for visitors to take pictures.

The huge flower bouquet attracts many visitors. Photo: Ngoc Tai

Last year, Mr. Dien also made bouquets of daisies, achieving a Vietnamese record with the largest size. This spring, he kept the same texture and shape as last year, only increasing the width of the bouquet. “I went abroad to see them making huge bouquets, so I cherished the idea of ​​doing it,” said Mr. Dien, adding that next year he will increase the number of pots as well as change the style of the bouquet.