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Enjoy the famous Sa Dec noodle soup at the right places to eat

Sa Dec noodle soup together with Nam Vang noodle soup and My Tho noodle soup make up a trio of famous Western delicacies from near and far.

Before each trip to any place, most diners look up and find out information about the typical dishes in that locality. Each region of the country has countless delicious dishes, regardless of the sophisticated or popular, familiar way of processing. Eating a bowl of Hue beef noodle soup or a plate of Hoi An chicken rice, Nam Dinh noodle soup, or Gia Lai dry noodle will make you feel like you are a resident and imbued with the characteristics of that locality. 

Sa Dec town in the past, Sa Dec city today lying peacefully on the river of the same name in Dong Thap province is a place with many delicious dishes that have been handed down for generations. From the beef hot pot, spring rolls, spring rolls, or especially noodle soup … are all typical dishes that have long been associated with the people living in this land. Let’s go with LuhanhVietNam today Discover the delicious taste of Sa Dec’s famous noodle soup at some delicious noodle shops in the Dong Thap region.

Hu Tieu is a dish not to be missed when coming to Sa Dec Flower City. Photo: vntrip

What’s special about Sa Dec noodle soup?

Each famous noodle brand has its own secret to choosing ingredients and cooking methods for each region. However, Sa Dec’s water and dry noodles have characteristics that make it even first-time diners difficult to forget.

The first thing that must be mentioned when enjoying traditional noodles, especially dry noodles of Sa Dec people, is that the dish is presented on a round plate of crockery or ceramic instead of a bowl-like other places. Next to it is a rich broth of stewed pork bones.

Enjoy the famous Sa Dec noodle soup at the right places to eat
Sa Dec dry noodle soup. Photo:

The second special feature is that the noodles are big, square in shape, when eaten, they have a chewy texture that adds a sweet taste to the tip of the tongue. Locals often use fresh noodles bought from bakeries, noodle soups near their homes to process to retain the typical flavor of the dish. The topping part served with noodles is usually a few slices of meat, 1-2 shrimp, thinly sliced ​​liver, quail eggs and if it is a special bowl, there will be pork bones. Dried noodles will have a delicious broth and a little soy sauce, lemon and chili served.

A portion of dry noodles is delicious. Photo:

Revealing the top 8 Sa Dec noodle shops and the best places to eat.


1. Phu Thanh noodle soup

Address: 75 Tran Hung Dao, Hamlet 1, Ward 2, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province

Phone: 0277 3863 528

Opening hours: 06:00 – 22:00 (note that the shop may close earlier if sold out early, especially on weekends).

Reference price: 20,000 – 35,000 VND/normal bowl

Phu Thanh noodle shop is located at 75 Tran Hung Dao street, near Sa Dec market area of ​​the city of the same name. The space of the restaurant is located in an old house, but is spacious, with low plastic tables and chairs that exude simplicity and popularity like most other noodle shops in the area.

Phu Thanh noodle soup. Photo: vntrip

But what makes this restaurant famous is the dry noodle soup with long life, with sweet and sour sauce sprinkled on top. When eating, diners will use chopsticks to mix well so that each strand of noodles is blended with each piece of the small intestine, heart, liver, kidney, lean meat, fresh squid in the plate, soaked in sauce. This delicious Dong Thap dish will be served with a cup of clear and sweet broth because it is carefully stewed from pork bones, squid, and dried shrimp and removed the foam immediately, in the cup there are also two red-cooked shrimp floating beautifully. and some fragrant green onions.

2. Miss Dau’s noodle soup

Address: 92 Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward 1, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province.

Sale time: Morning sale from 5 am to 10 pm, afternoon from 3 pm to the end (about 8-9 pm).

Price: 20,000 VND/normal bowl

Hu Tieu Ms. Dau Sa Dec is a delicious and affordable noodle shop. Photo: Foody

This is a delicious noodle shop and especially suitable for many people’s pockets because of its extremely affordable price. With its location right near Kim Dong primary school, in the middle of the intersection, a plate of dry noodles or a bowl of water noodles is very affordable. The bread here is big and cooked just enough to be tough, so it is very strange to eat with other diners from other regions. Dish noodles Sa Dec is also tasting taste western cuisine so slightly sweet, especially here also kind of homemade spicy satay.

Sister Dau’s satay noodle soup is very spicy. Photo: langhoasadec

3. Ba Sam noodle soup

Price: 6,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours: all-day

Address: 188 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hamlet 1, Ward 1, City. Sa Dec, Dong Thap Province.

Phone: 067 3869 430

Currently, the shop also has a branch, which is Ba Sam 2 noodle soup (VND 8,000/bowl) located on the slope of Tan An bridge, provincial road 848.

With the age of more than 50 years, Sa Dec noodle shop named Ba Sam is considered a reliable dining address in Dong Thap and has also been honored many times in foreign newspapers. Because this is a restaurant that makes bowls of noodles that are both delicious and cheap.

Each string of tough noodles is arranged on thin slices of meat and a few onions and chives are cool. When eating with a cup of sweet soup, don’t forget to add the super-delicious “pagoda soy sauce” in the Chinese style of the restaurant. With the price from only 8000 VND a bowl, it can be said that this place is one of the cheapest noodle shops in Vietnam.

Ba Sam noodle soup has been sold for more than 50 years. Photo: langhoasadec

A small note is that the restaurant will be super crowded in the early morning and evening, so if you go to eat at this time, customers often have to wait quite a long time. Remember to take advantage of traveling to surrounding spots such as Huynh Thuy Le ancient house , Sa Dec flower village first and then come back to enjoy delicious food when the shop is not too crowded for comfort. Another point to remember is that cooked noodles have a slightly darker MSG flavor.

4. Tan Quang noodle soup

Price: 13,000 – 14,000 VND/bowl.

Opening time: morning.

Address: 196 Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward 1, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province.

Phone: 0673.864.884

Tan Quang noodle soup is located quite close to the address of Mrs. Sam’s noodle shop, just a few houses away and is considered to have a relatively good taste of noodle soup with a reasonable price. When eating, diners are also given a glass of iced tea. The point to note is that the space inside is a bit tight and hot, so when you come, remember to sit at the outside tables.

In addition to noodles here, they also sell wing cakes, wontons, farming and some other dishes. Photo: vntrip

5. Hu Tieu “Electricity”

Price: 25,000VND/bowl in the morning, 17,000VND/box in the afternoon.

Opening time: Morning, afternoon, lunch break.

Address: 76 Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 1, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province.

Called “Dien Luc” noodle soup because this Dong Thap specialty finger shop has no name. Although it is only located on a corner of the sidewalk next to Sa Dec electricity headquarters, the noodle soup here is highly appreciated because both the bread and the broth are quite delicious, and the soy sauce served is also very special.

Electric Gu Tieu Hu Tieu. Photo: bazantravel

Not only locals but also Dong Thap tourists also consider this a delicious noodle shop to visit and enjoy. Along with Phu Thanh noodle soup, Ba Dau noodle soup, Dien Luc restaurant is also very popular among netizens.

According to the owner, a normal bowl of noodle soup at the restaurant will have lean meat, liver, etc. If you add bones and sausages, the price will be more than 40k. The point that pleases the people is the taste of the broth with the ingredients chosen by the owner, which are fresh and delicious, sold during the day. In addition to noodle soup, diners coming to the restaurant can enjoy other dishes such as Banh Chung, noodles, noodles, wonton.

6. Co Lien noodle soup

Price: 20,000- 30,000 VND/bowl, 35,000 VND for the bone alone.

Opening time: from 4pm to 9pm.

Address: 111 Tran Phu Street, Ward 1, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province.

Another Sa Dec noodle shop that should also be on your list of delicious restaurants in Dong Thap is Co Lien. The shop is located opposite Di Mai Siamese ice cream shop which is also quite famous here. A portion of delicious noodle soup from soup to bread, adding a bit of rich “soy sauce” to eat with a few pieces of pickled garlic melon has won the hearts of many visitors. Unlike many other restaurants that cut meat thinly and put only a few slices in the bowl, Ms. Lien’s restaurant puts a lot of bones, meat, and heart into the bowl of noodles. The broth also adds all the ingredients and is cooked in a large pot of broth, so the flavor is naturally rich, so you don’t need to add much flavor when eating. In addition to noodles, the shop also sells banh chung, wonton, noodles and some other dishes.

Co Lien noodle soup also has more than 40 years of experience. Photo: langhoasadec

Co Lien noodle soup as well as Mrs. Sam’s noodle shop have more than 40 years of history in Sa Dec. Besides young people, there are many elderly people who come here to fully enjoy the delicious taste of Western noodles and remember the old taste.

7. Thuy Huynh noodle soup

Address: 481 Hung Vuong Avenue, Ward 1, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province.

Sale time: from 6am to 8pm.

Price: 25,000 VND/normal portion.

Sa Dec rice noodle soup is another famous eating place not to be missed when coming to the city with Sa Dec flower village. The bowl of noodle soup has a delicious taste with the broth carefully stewed from the large pork bones with vegetables, eating very well with the tough and bigger noodles than My Tho or Nam Vang. In addition to noodle soup, the shop also has guest dishes such as Banh Chung, fresh noodles, and instant noodles… The shop is not too large but has a comfortable space and especially the owner is very hospitable.

Thuy Huynh noodle soup has a large bone and is well stewed. Photo: langhoasadec

8. Phoenix tree noodle soup

Address: Opposite Thuy Huynh noodle shop.

Sale time: 5am to 10am.

Selling price: 12,000 VND/normal portion.

Phuong tree noodle soup is located opposite Thuy Huynh noodle soup and is also a reliable dining address with good quality and quite affordable prices. Here, both dry and water Sa Dec noodles are sold. One serving is also more than enough for people who eat little, but for some people, it may not be enough, so diners can order an extra piece of cake. Later at night, the broth will taste a bit salty due to the sharp water, but this is also the feature here. The shop sells from 5 am to 10 am every day of the week except Sunday.

Phuong tree noodle soup is popular but delicious. Photo: bazantravel

If you have the opportunity to go to the West and visit Dong Thap , remember to enjoy the famous Sa Dec noodle soup – a dish with a strong riverside flavor with delicious food addresses above. Wish you have a happy trip to the West and eat well.

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