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The largest sunflower garden in Sa Dec captivates the people of the West

 With an area of ​​1000m2 including sunflowers and many unique sunflower fields at the tourist destination of Overland Cruise (Sa Dec, Dong Thap), especially attracts tourists every weekend.
The largest sunflower garden in Sa Dec captivates the people of the West
Many young people come to discover the unique sunflower garden of the western flower capital

 The person who came up with the idea to create the first sunflower field at Sa Dec Flower Village is Ms. Le Thi Duy Linh, who is also the author of a tourist product called The Yacht, which has caused a stir in recent months.

Ms. Linh said that since the opening of the yacht, it was more popular to tourists than she decided to invest in building many new miniatures to attract tourists. With a special love for sunflowers and flower varieties available locally, around September 2020, she began planting trials to serve the needs of sightseeing and photography during holidays and New Year.

Sunflower field 1000m2 wide located in Khanh Nhon Hamlet, Tan Khanh Dong Commune, City. Sa Dec, Dong Thap

However, when she started planting, she encountered many difficulties. The seeds she bought were nurtured and nurtured by herself, but the seeds did not germinate much and the loss of trees was quite high. Undeterred, she continued to incubate for the second batch and this time the results were more positive.

” Because this soil is sandy so it is very poor in nutrition, so I planted sunflowers in pots, flowers grow for about 2 and a half months to bloom. The current height of trees is from 1.4-1.6m, some of the more dominant trees are taller over the head “- the owner shared.

In addition to sunflowers, there are many virtual living areas in this flower garden

Mr. Nam Chanh, the staff of taking care of the garden here, said that sunflowers are not difficult to care for, on average, watering them in the early morning and evening on average. Every 10 days, apply fertilizer once. Flowering lasts about half a month, then fades. In order to have continuous flowers for visitors, the garden owner always nurses the baby sunflowers ready in pots.

Flowers are planted in pots, the distance of each pot is arranged just right, making it easy for visitors to move and take pictures. In addition, the sunflower garden also decorated more small scenes such as the love bench, the flower viewing tower, the windmill, the royal bridge … to help visitors freely create check-in designs.

The dreamlike and colorful scene makes visitors feel like lost in the miniature Dalat in the West

It is known that the owner of the flower garden has also consulted many ways to decorate the gardens, tourist spots in Da Lat and other places. When coming to construction, she also changed the decoration in her own way.

From the opening up to now, every day Ms. Linh’s sunflower garden welcomes about 100 visitors, weekends 2.3 times. In addition to visiting the sunflower garden, visitors can also check-in with many other miniatures, the ticket price of 20,000 VND / person.

Currently, Linh is also building a bus cafe, heather flower garden … to serve tourists at the end of the year and the 2021 Lunar New Year.

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