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Enjoy the panoramic view of Hon Thom on the 120 m high observatory

KIEN GIANG – New game “Eagle eyes” at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park attracts visitors because they can see the whole view of Hon Thom, Phu Quoc at an altitude of 120 meters.

Located in the Exotica Village subdivision of Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park, “Eagle’s Eye” is the second game to be put into operation after the game “Wrath Wood-Snake” launched during the Lunar New Year. With a height of 120 meters, this is one of the first 360-degree observatories (Sky Tower) in Vietnam to date. Cabin with a capacity of 70 people at a time, fitted with large transparent glass made of Acryl material (originated in France).

According to the famous German amusement park supplier – Huss Park Attractions, the “Eagle Eye” has the same height and cabin capacity as the new observatory launched in October 2021 at the theme park. Changsha OCT Window of the World of China.

Enjoy the panoramic view of Hon Thom on the 120 m high observatory
Game “Eagle’s Eye” seen from above. Photo: Sungroup

The game is built according to the idea of ​​​​a ship of the crew on an expedition to the mysterious Exotica aboriginal village, having to overcome 3 challenges: the wrath of the snake, the eagle’s eye and the tornado. Thanks to the help of the sharp eyes of the lord of the sky, the eagle, the crew overcomes the second test. Participants experience the feeling of going up to the sky, watching the whole village of Exotica.

“Like the sharp eyes of an eagle, the cabin of the ship slowly lifts the sailors off the ground, to a height of 80m, the cabin rotates in slow circles so that visitors can fully enjoy the scenery. Hon Thom from above”, a representative of Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park shared.

The cabin can accommodate 70 people. Photo: Sungroup

The “Eagle Eye” has a typical speed of about 1.2 rpm and is capable of serving nearly 1,400 people an hour. Experience Hon Thom from an impressive height with a 360-degree view thanks to the gentle and slow rotation of the cabin, a new game in the Exotica Village themed subdivision suitable for young customers, families and unlimited ages year old.

Launched on the occasion of April 30 to May 1, “Eagle Eye” welcomed more than 3,000 visitors. The first guests to experience the game said they liked this unique experience of Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park because it was quite gentle and interesting.

“I thought the rotation of the game would make players dizzy like many other high-altitude games. But no, Eagle’s Eye offers a beautiful view from above, watching the whole Hon Thom and Phu Quoc”, Ms. Minh Anh – a visitor from Ho Chi Minh City commented.

And Uncle Dieu Ha (70 years old, from Hanoi) is impressed with the spacious cabin, the speed of movement and rotation is slow enough for guests to enjoy the panoramic view of Hon Thom from above.

“Coming to Phu Quoc, it’s already nice to ride the cable car to see the sea and islands from above, the panoramic view of Hon Thom with this tower is even better,” shared Ha.

Visitors see Hon Thom from above. Photo: Sungroup

In front of “Eagle Eyes”, Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park also attracts many visitors with the giant wooden roller coaster game “Wrath Snake”. If the 14 slopes with twisted spirals intertwine or overlap, on the nearly 900-meter winding road, the continuous spiral of “Rage Wood Snake” brings visitors a little fear and excitement. With extreme excitement, with “Eagle Eyes”, players will have a feeling of relief and comfort, on the journey to admire Hon Thom.

According to Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – Director of Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park, after “Wrathful Wood Snake” and “Eagle Eye”, in the near future, the Exotica Village subdivision will complete the journey to explore the mysterious village with games. the last is “Huracan’s fury”. This cruise will help visitors conquer rough seas according to the random route of the gondola along a 43 meter high steel mast. It is expected that “Typhoon” will be released in June.

“Cooperating with the world’s leading entertainment game providers, Sun World will continue to bring Hon Thom and Phu Quoc world-class games. In an effort to bring the world to Vietnam and bring Vietnam to the world. To the world, we expect Vietnamese people to experience the most modern and new things”, Mr. Tuan Anh shared.

The park representative also hopes that new games and rich experiences such as scuba diving to explore the ocean, games on Bai Trao, and 21 slides at Aquatopia Water Park… will help Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park increasingly attract tourists.

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