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Only grows vegetables but the “street farmer” who earns 150 million dong/month.

On average, each day, Mr. Chu Cao Tuan’s hydroponic vegetable garden in Trang Dai ward, Bien Hoa city (Dong Nai) exports about 120 kg of vegetables to the market, helping Tuan earn a profit of about 5 million VND/day, equivalent to 150 million VND/month.($1=25,000 VND)

Growing hydroponic vegetables, earning hundreds of millions per month

Over the past time, Dong Nai province has actively restructured the agricultural sector towards modernity and efficiency, maximizing the potential and advantages of the locality. In particular, farmers are encouraged to promote the application of high-tech science, biotechnology and organic production to improve the value of agricultural products. 

Only grows vegetables but the “street farmer” who earns 150 million dong/month.
Hydroponic vegetables harvested at Mr. Tuan’s garden. Photo: Nha Man

Through that, many farmers in Dong Nai have turned from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture to increase the value of agricultural products, reduce labor and increase income.

Especially in Dong Nai, there is a hydroponic vegetable growing model of Mr. Chu Cao Tuan in Trang Dai ward, Bien Hoa city, with an area of ​​over 3,500 m2. This model of Mr. Tuan has been maintained for many years and is now very successful when the yield is high and the cost is high compared to vegetables grown by traditional methods. 

This model is considered by Dong Nai as a point model for replication because it is in line with the policy of urban agricultural development in the direction of modernity.

With hydroponic vegetables, Mr. Tuan has installed an automatic vegetable care control system, so even though the garden is large, only 2 workers are enough. 

Hydroponic vegetables grow well. Photo: Nha Man

According to Mr. Tuan, vegetables grown by hydroponic method rarely suffer from pests and diseases, good quality vegetables are very popular in the market, supply is not enough demand. Currently, each day this vegetable garden exports to the market over 120 kg of vegetables of all kinds, the profit is about 5 million VND. 

Mr. Tuan said: “The time to harvest vegetables here is only about 15 days and there are vegetables to harvest twice a month. Because the seedlings are planted outside first and then put into hydroponics, they grow quickly. , early harvest time. So growing vegetables hydroponically it’s different from the traditional and more traditional in that place…”.

“Hydroponic vegetables in the garden are harvested in the morning, and in the afternoon, they can be cleaned up so that the seedlings can be brought in tomorrow, quickly reversing, not to rest, but continuously circulating,” Tuan said.

Each batch of vegetables is harvested after about 15 days. Photo: Nha Man

According to Mr. Tuan, his main job is architecture and construction, but due to traveling to many places, he has noticed that in recent years, the model of high-tech agriculture has gradually gained more attention. 

Therefore, Mr. Tuan went to Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh City to visit the hydroponic vegetable growing model to apply on the family’s land.

Hydroponic vegetables thrive in greenhouses. Photo: Nha Man

Having learned the profession, in 2017, Mr. Tuan decided to invest in growing hydroponic vegetables using Israeli technology with a total cost of more than 2 billion VND. Initially, he built a hydroponic vegetable farm according to the model on Da Lat that was grown entirely in a greenhouse. 

However, when the first batch of vegetables came to harvest, the efficiency was not high, the vegetable plants grew and developed poorly, and the yield was low. 

Seedlings are planted outside and then planted in the greenhouse. Photo: Nha Man

Since this failure, Mr. Tuan has worked hard to learn and review the processes, thereby realizing that the use of greenhouses for growing is not suitable. 

Because the climate in Da Lat is temperate, and in Bien Hoa it is tropical. Drawing from experience, he replaced the entire greenhouse system with a modern greenhouse with a ventilation net.

“This is a completely closed vegetable growing model, covered by a net that both limits insects, but creates favorable conditions for sunlight to help vegetables grow green. A watering system for vegetables is installed. set automatically, adjusting to the outside temperature to suit the growth and development of vegetable plants,” Tuan said.

Hydroponic vegetable rack. Photo: Nha Man

According to Mr. Tuan, because the tree uses water directly in the solution container, the amount of water is saved a lot. 

To have good seeds, Mr. Tuan chooses to buy vegetable seeds at reputable seed dealers and maintains a water source with a pH of 5.5-6.5. In particular, the advantage of growing vegetables according to hydroponic method will shorten the harvest time and yield 3 times higher than the traditional way.

Towards high-tech agriculture

Thanks to a closed, safe vegetable production process that does not use pesticides, the farm’s market is quite open and popular with many customers, from retail buyers to restaurants. , restaurant. 

Harvest hydroponic vegetables. Photo: Nha Man

Up to now, Mr. Tuan’s hydroponic vegetables have not only had a foothold in the Dong Nai market but also in many neighboring provinces. In the coming time, Mr. Tuan will also increase the area of ​​hydroponic vegetable growing and combine many other models such as opening a restaurant serving vegetables on site for customers…

According to the agricultural sector of Dong Nai province, the province currently has nearly 150 hectares of crop areas applying high technology, membrane technology, net house with high yield. 

In the first 6 months of 2022, 5 banana growing areas and 2 banana packing facilities have been submitted for recognition, accumulated so far the province has 113 growing area codes and 46 packing house codes for export to the Chinese market. Countries, USA, EU, Australia, New Zealand…

Mr. Tuan participates in packing hydroponic vegetables with staff. Photo: Nha Man

Mr. Vo Van Phi, Vice Chairman of Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee, said that there are many farmers who have done in-depth research and made breakthroughs in the implementation of high-tech and modern agriculture. This has contributed to the application of high technology, biotechnology, then organic application and then associated with processing.

Farmers also actively build brands to meet market requirements, create their own products, and have a foothold. 

In addition, Mr. Phi said that the current movement of self-production and application of probiotic bacteria (IMO) and yeast alcohol (MEVI) to create organic fertilizers, plant protection drugs, treatment of domestic waste At the source into organic fertilizer, which is of interest to farmers, it also partly creates clean agricultural production in Dong Nai.

“The production value of the province’s agricultural sector will reach 45,000 billion in 2021, the production value per hectare of agricultural land will reach 138 million per year. The province’s average income per capita will reach over 66 million per person. / year shows that the implementation of application of science and technology has helped Dong Nai farmers achieve certain achievements.It is expected that in the coming time, the provincial agricultural sector will coordinate with companies to build many models. organic model for rice, pomelo and pig products,” emphasized Mr. Phi.According to 

According to

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