23.08.2021, 09:26

Da Lat ‘transformed’ into a cartoon scene

LAM DONG – Through the lens of a young photographer, familiar scenes in Da Lat turned into Japanese cartoons.6

Recently, a set of Da Lat photos in the Japanese cartoon style of travel blogger Le Thanh Son caused a community fever. Photographer born in 1994, living and working in An Giang said that in the midst of so many negative things every day on social networks, he wanted to bring something fresher and less gloomy to everyone. people.

Because of the epidemic, he couldn’t go anywhere, so Son decided to find old photos and edit them in Japanese cartoon style for a new look. This set of photos he took 4 years ago during his first trip to Dalat with a group of friends. “I’m a person who loves Japanese cartoons. The pictures I took in Da Lat are commented by everyone as quite different from other sets, so I will think new when I transform them into an animated style. Japanese pictures, to make the series even more interesting”, Son shared about the reason why the series was born.

In each photo, Son has attached a Japanese text. He said this is the name of his favorite Japanese anime. It’s “Crystal Sky of Yesterday” (roughly translated: Blue sky yesterday).

Remembering good memories when reviewing photos taken 4 years ago, Son shared that because it was the first time he came to Da Lat, the whole group of friends was excited. The whole trip was full of happy memories, the most special of which was probably waking up at 4 am for the first time to climb the pass and hunt clouds.

The young man did not think that the series of photos was so well received by everyone. Son is happy when the positive effects from the series are spread, just as his original purpose was to post something new and bright in the midst of a negative time like the present. His photo set has now garnered more than 2,000 likes on his personal Facebook page and nearly 7,000 on Instagram.

“A very poetic Da Lat”, “So beautiful”, “The inherent peacefulness of Da Lat is faithfully recreated, adding a little more dreamy”… These are the comments that netizens left under Son’s photo set. Everyone wants the epidemic to pass quickly so that they can return to Da Lat. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Le Thanh Son

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