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The abandoned monastery as beautiful as in Europe in the heart of Da Lat

The Franciscaines chapel on Hung Vuong Street has been abandoned for several decades. The dust of time covered the broken glass windows, the dark corridor was full of weeds.

Not the winding roads next to the soaring pine forests, not the brilliant colors of thousands of flowers…, Da Lat captivated me by its beautiful architecture with ancient villas and churches.

An article accidentally brought me here – the Franciscaines chapel on Hung Vuong Street has been abandoned for several decades.

The sediment layer of time with mossy tiled roofs, dark corridors, paths full of weeds… have made this place covered with ancient colors.

The chapel is located on a small hill, surrounded by green pine trees. The old architecture makes people come here as if they are lost in the Middle Ages.

Statue of Our Lady on the side of the chapel. This place has been abandoned, but people still come to put fresh flowers under this statue.

The chapel is located in the old Tran Phu high school campus, so the people here still call this place with such a generic name. Former student Tran Phu used to tell us mysterious stories.

Since the chapel closed, the place has become dark. The people of Da Lat told each other about the tragic story of a young girl in a bride’s dress who ended her life here. Since then, people have been visiting less and less.

Like pine hill with two graves, Da Lat is always a dreamland for sad love stories. That story aside, this place still has a strange attraction to nostalgic people because of its ancient and unique architecture.

The chapel has a combination of Western and Eastern architecture. The oriental-style tiled roof system is pulled from the steeple through the dome to the main and auxiliary spaces.

The windows and the main door are bold with the typical Gothic silhouette of the West with the dome.

The main door still retains the original architecture. You can find similar structures in churches across the country.

The architecture of the Franciscaines chapel as well as other architectural works in Da Lat has in common the design lines that harmonize with the natural scenery, creating complete beauty.

Local people recount that this place was first a religious house, then it became Lam Vien hotel, then Thang Long specialized school, later Tran Phu high school.

Up to now, this place is under the management of the University of Architecture, but the school has not been repaired and put into use, so that the dust layer of time continues to cover the broken glass windows over time, the dark corridor. full of weeds…

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