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Abandoned places in Da Lat are divine check-in places for traveling believers

Not crowded, located in prime locations or iconic landmarks, but abandoned places in Da Lat still have a strong attraction to tourists because of the magical scenery on beautiful pictures and quality. It drives many people crazy. 

Da Lat tourism in addition to the iconic check-in points, splendid tourist areas, poetic cafes are very familiar if you want to find new inspiration for check-in photos of the land of fog. you can visit the abandoned places in the city. The place abandoned in Dalat is less frequented but looks moss brought over time to create a very personal matter that many people fascinated. 

Da Lat owns many beautiful abandoned destinations. Photo:@ltrunghieu

Discover the abandoned places in Da Lat to drop a virtual life 

1. Train Tunnel

Although it has been abandoned for a long time, the Hoa Xa tunnel is still a favorite name for many traveling believers when coming to Da Lat. This place is located 20km from the city center and used to be the famous cog railway connecting Thap Cham and Da Lat, people often call this place the railway connecting “sea and flowers”.

Abandoned places in Da Lat are divine check-in places for traveling believers
The railway tunnel was a route connecting “sea and flowers” in the past. Photo:@Minthy130996

The railway tunnel has an old appearance with weeds covering the path, mossy walls creating a fairy but also very magical space. This tunnel is a great “set” for you to produce nostalgic-style photos, here there are many beautiful angles that just need a little hard work, you will easily get photos to look at. life. In addition to visiting and checking-in virtual living to this abandoned place in Da Lat , you can also enjoy a peaceful space with very fresh air. 

The check-in corner is enchantingly beautiful in the railway tunnel. Photo:@chinnn.chinn_
The space is ghostly but also very fresh. Photo:@ngt.trungg

Address: Highway 20 area, Da Tho village, Xuan Tho commune, Da Lat city


2. Franciscaines Chapel

This abandoned site in Da Lat is located on a hill full of green pine trees, inside the old Tran Phu high school campus. This work is a harmonious interference between the typical Gothic architecture of the West and the tiled roofs imbued with Western influences, creating an impressive beauty.

The Franciscaines Chapel has an ancient Western-style space. Photo:@quydanh.tran

Over time, after being abandoned this place appeared paths full of weeds, ancient arches were mossy and degraded quite a lot, but it is that appearance that creates a unique attraction that makes this place very attractive. Visitors can hardly take their eyes off. Check-in here you can choose a nostalgic, deep style with earthy brown or wine red tones to bring back the photos of a lifetime. Don’t forget to visit and offer flowers to the statue of Our Lady on the side of the chapel. 

The chapel has many check-in corners with ancient style. Photo:@tonghongvinh

Address: Road to Palace 1, Ward 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

3. Cam Ly Airport

Cam Ly Airport is also an abandoned place in Da Lat that is loved by many tourists. Due to the limited runway area, this place has long since ceased to operate and the people in the region have used the place for production. nurseries and livestock grazing. However, the scenery here still attracts many devotees, especially in the wild sunflower season, where the land turns into a romantic flower garden with bright yellow flowers filling the path.

Cam Ly Airport has been abandoned for a long time, but is still visited by many people. Photo:@ty_dulle

The best time to check in at Cam Ly airport is from 7am to 9am or from 4pm to 6pm these are the golden times for you to own the most sparkling frames. Cam Ly airport is located right next to Van Thanh flower village, so you can also combine visiting this famous tourist attraction in Da Lat. 

Wild sunflower season is the most beautiful time at Cam Ly airport. Photo:@iammeo.meo

Address: Ward 5, Da Lat City, Lam Dong near Van Thanh flower village 

4. Central Highlands Biology Sub-Institute

This tourist attraction in Da Lat  is located on Tung Lam hill, built in the 50s of the last century. Featuring a unique architecture with a classic French touch, it looks like an ancient castle attracting tourists to visit.

The Central Highlands Biology Sub-Institute is magical in the check-in photo of the followers. Photo:@metrip.app

Over time, the mossy walls and nostalgic look of this building make many visitors love and come to check-in. In particular, at the Central Highlands Institute of Biology, there is also a unique tunnel with beautiful pictures, an ideal virtual living place for you to bring back beautiful check-in photos. 

The space is murky, with ghostly colors. Photo:@metrip.app

Address: No. 116 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Ward 7, Da Lat City.

5. Prenn Pass Ghost House

Referring to the most famous abandoned places in Da Lat , the Prenn Pass ghost house is definitely the top place. This is an interesting place to attract tourists located separately on a hill with quite a large space but has a gloomy and ghostly appearance that makes many people falter. The white villa blends in with the mountain scenery and impressive French architecture. Although it has a wild and mysterious appearance and is also somewhat scary due to rumors, the haunted house of Prenn Pass is always loved by travel followers and curious to choose to visit every time they go. over the Prenn Pass.

The Prenn Pass Ghost House is an abandoned but very famous place. Photo:@phuonghuyen316
Many curious tourists come to check-in this haunted house. Photo:@mr.tun28

Address: Prenn Pass, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.

6. Iron bridge of Tuyen Lam lake 

This bridge became famous after appearing in the 2 million View MV series of singer Den Vau or “Do you know what I’m thinking” and “We still love each other” by singer Duc Phuc. The ancient appearance tinged with time and the poetic scenery with mountains and forests at this bridge make many tourists excited and come to explore.

The iron bridge of Tuyen Lam lake appeared in many famous MVs. Photo: CMH MV 2 Million Years

In fact, this is not really an abandoned place in Da Lat because it is still used for travel needs, but the number of people circulating is not much. Although the picture is very beautiful, when you check in here, you are also very careful not to be in danger because the terrain is quite complicated. 

Shine beautifully. Photo: @bao.boo

Address:  On the way to Tuyen Lam Lake, towards the Sculpture Tunnel 

The land of fog has hundreds of romantic and shimmering check-in places for you to check-in in virtual life, and abandoned places in Da Lat are like a very personal highlight on the tourist map of the city.

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