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Wild sunflowers at the beginning of the season in Da Lat

LAM DONG – wildflowers have begun to bloom on the roads of Da Lat, especially in the suburbs and neighboring districts like Don Duong.

When the heavy rains at the end of the season have subsided, making way for the gentle sunshine to start the dry season, it is the season of wild sunflowers, showing off their golden colors throughout the Central Highlands.

This season in Da Lat, the yellow color of wild sunflowers like the sun warms every corner of the city, from the hillsides along the ancient villas to the corners around the small road, on the lakeside, on the shore. fence, next to the pine forest.

Far from the city center, large yellow wild sunflowers race to bloom, such as the way to Don Duong, along the banks of Tuyen Lam lake, or the road to Cau Dat tea hill… One of the famous wild sunflower viewing paths In the foggy city that attracts tourists every year is Da Lat – Cau Dat – Don Duong – Chau Son pine hill – Phi Nom – Tu Tra.

Wild sunflowers at the beginning of the season in Da Lat
Girl with wild sunflowers. Photo: Hai Le Quang

Le Quang Hai, 41 years old, a tourist from Gia Lai, said that he loves the flower seasons of Da Lat, every year peach blossoms, white banyan flowers, purple phoenix flowers bloom, he is present in the foggy city to enjoy the flowers, This year’s wildflower season is no exception. According to him, wild sunflowers have a wild character, they are beautiful in every situation in their own way, sometimes they are nestled in the heavy rains at the end of the season, the color of the flowers is a bit dark and sad, sometimes they shine brightly. under the morning light.

“Every year, I go to Da Lat in the right season of wild sunflowers, this year the flowers are new in the crop, so they have not bloomed yet, but they have bloomed quite a lot. This time the flowers are at their most beautiful, the flowers are very fresh, perhaps because this year there are few flowers. It rained more than last year. Last year, it rained a lot, making the petals lose, not as beautiful as this year,” said Mr. Hai.

Wild anemone blooms by the roadside in the Don Duong district. Photo: Uyen Trinh

Le Thi Uyen Trinh, 30 years old, from Ninh Thuan, has been working in the tourism industry in Da Lat City, Lam Dong for 3 years now. Recently, Trinh often shares photos of wild sunflowers taken with her friends on Da Lat love groups and receives many positive feedbacks from viewers, most of them giving compliments for the beautiful flower season, besides many words. I regret not being able to come to the tourist city on this occasion.

“This season in Da Lat, almost everywhere you go, you can see wild sunflowers blooming, you can go to take pictures, see the flowers in the morning from 7 o’clock, you can choose clothes with light tones, yellow earth, white, light brown. to take better photos,” Trinh suggested. Visitors can travel by motorbike to travel around the roads with blooming wild sunflowers.

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