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Wild sunflowers bloom on the hillside, young people flock to the outskirts of Da Lat to check-in

Many suburbs of Da Lat and surrounding areas such as Don Duong and Duc Trong (Lam Dong) have been covered with the yellow color of wild sunflowers, and the streets are full of picturesque yellow flowers that attract tourists to come and have fun. , take pictures, check-in.

Wild sunflower season in full bloom 

In the early days of November, following the hillsides, the dirt roads on the outskirts of Da Lat, the roads in Don Duong district, Duc Trong district (Lam Dong province) were covered in yellow by wild sunflowers.

Wild sunflowers, also known as chrysanthemums or marigolds, belong to the daisy family, with a dark yellow color. Flowers usually bloom at the end of October, the yellow color of the flowers stretches endlessly, signaling that winter has hit the alley. 


On the hillsides, dirt roads, the fences of houses in Da Ron commune, Duc Trong district, rows of wild sunflowers are in full bloom, warming for the early winter cold of the Central Highlands.

The best time to see the flowers is in the morning around 7:30am – 10:00am and in the afternoon around 2:00pm – 4:00pm because then the dewdrops have melted and the sun is not too harsh, making the wild sunflowers more vibrant and shimmering.

Visitors flock to check-in at the weekend

The road of wild sunflowers in full bloom, attracting visitors to check-in is located about 25 km from the center of Da Lat city, but the road is quite easy to go, motorbikes and cars can move to the wild sunflower viewing point. 

According to local people, about these 2 weeks, on weekends there are many young people and tourists from many places flocking to have fun, take pictures and check-in, watching the hills full of yellow flowers.

Around 7 am, the flower hill begins to become bustling, besides young people coming to check-in to have fun, many couples also consider this an ideal wedding photography location. 

Tran Thanh Tam (21 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) and a group of friends went to Da Lat to travel after months of social distancing due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic. Thanh Tam and his friends rented motorbikes and went from the center of Da Lat to Da Ron commune (Don Duong district) to see wild sunflowers together.

“It’s not too difficult to find the way here, the address is available, so just follow the instructions of google to come. I was overwhelmed because the flowers bloomed a lot, the feeling of walking between the two sides of the road covered with beautiful yellow flowers Just like in the picture,” Thanh Tam shared.

Mr. Pham Minh Tuan (owner of a studio in Da Lat) said that this season, many kinds of flowers bloom in Dalat, couples often choose new and unknown shooting locations to take wedding photos or take commemorative photos.

“Every year, I take pictures of new flower gardens and flower paths for couples, but this is the first time I bring guests to this area to take pictures because this place has also been discovered recently,” said Tuan. good.

Fascinated with the unique pure white wild sunflowers in Da Lat

At this time, it is not difficult to see on the roads of Da Lat and Lam Dong a bright yellow color of wild sunflowers. However, recently a local resident has successfully bred white wild anemone, the pure white color of the flower has made many tourists fascinated.

As a mutant variety from the yellow wild anemone, the white wild anemone was bred in a corner of the garden of the people of Da Lat. At first glance, the white wild sunflower flowers will be confused with many people because the petals are also white and the pistil is yellow, however, the white wild sunflower is larger than the flower and smaller than the yellow wild sunflower.

Wild sunflowers bloom on the hillside, young people flock to the outskirts of Da Lat to check-in
The unique white wild sunflower in Da Lat has attracted many tourists to visit and take pictures

The unique white wild sunflower tree is currently being cared for in the garden of Mr. Doan Van Chinh’s family (52 years old, living on Hung Vuong Street, Ward 10, Da Lat City). This flower has flowers that will bloom for only about 1 month, starting from November to December every year.

Mr. Chinh said that 5 years ago, a friend gave him this flower. After one year of planting, the flowers began to bloom. Seeing beautiful flowers, he propagated them to plant the same species in the garden. This year, Mr. Chinh’s garden has 2 flowering wild sunflowers, one of which is about 5m tall and blooms brilliantly.

White sunflower at first glance looks like a daisy flower because the petals are also white and the pistil is yellow, however, the white wild anemone flower is larger than the flower and the yellow wild anemone flower is small.

It is known that the white wild anemone has a higher life expectancy than the yellow wild anemone, the yellow wild anemone will weaken and die when the flower season ends. Wild anemone white when the flower fades continues to grow, especially in the rainy season.

Since knowing that Mr. Chinh owns this unique white wild sunflower variety, many locals and tourists have come to visit and take pictures. The unique beauty of this white wild sunflower has made many people fascinated.

Let’s see some unique pictures of white wild sunflowers in Da Lat:

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